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OSCE Broadcast 31 July

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• Mustafa: PAN has neither votes nor people (RTK)
• PAN convinced it has numbers (All monitored broadcasters, RTK1)
• PAN does not know date for Government’s formation (RTK)
• Germany supports any parliamentary majority that forms future government, VV says (KTV)
• Constitutional Court 2014 judgement contains obscurities for constitution of Assembly (KTV)
• Kosovo Serbs support Vucic’s idea (RTK1)

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UNMIK Headlines 1 August

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• Stavileci: We have secured enough votes for new institutions (Epoka e Re)
• Mustafa: PAN doesn’t have enough votes (media)
• Contradiction over votes within PAN (Koha)
• Kurti: Vetevendosje to heal peoples’ wounds (Epoka e Re)
• Collaku: Dacic’s ideas, dangerous to regional stability (Epoka e Re/RFE)
• Non-profit foundation gives USD 1.5 million for prevention of extremism (Zeri)

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Thaci: U.S. presence in the Balkans, crucial for peace (media)

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Kosovo President, Hashim Thaci, met today in Pristina with U.S. Congressman Devin Nunes, who chairs the U.S. Congress Intelligence Committee, and George Pappas, senior advisor to the Intelligence Committee, and the U.S. Ambassador in Kosovo, Greg Delawie. President Thaci thanked Nunes for the U.S. continuous support for Kosovo. “We are partners and friends, we have […]

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Ramush Haradinaj meets key Kosovo Serb representative (Gazeta Express)

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Citing sources, the news website that Ramush Haradinaj, PAN coalition’s candidate for Prime Minister of Kosovo, met today in Pristina with Milan Radojicic, one of the leading figures of the Kosovo Serb community. Sources said Haradinaj and Radojicic discussed the inclusion of the Serbian List in a new government that would be led by Haradinaj […]

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UNMIK Headlines 31 July

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• PAN: Assembly President and Government to be voted on same day (Koha)
• Mustafa: Resolving Serb issue in Kosovo, knot in our European future (Koha)
• Vucic: Serbs and Albanians must live like friends (media)
• Palokaj: No normalization of relations without mutual recognition (Koha)
• Hoyt Yee: Balkans must be very careful from Russian influence (Kosova Sot)
• Kucan: Western Balkans remains a powder keg (Epoka e Re)
• “We have lost €90 million!” (Zeri)

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OSCE Broadcast 26 July

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• Veseli: Institutions will be established on August 3rd (RTK1)
• PDK believes that Veseli will be elected in first round (KTV)
• Kosovo meets more requirements for UNESCO accession (KTV)
• Embassies of Germany and France back Apostolova’s decision (Klan Kosova)
• Russian Humanitarian Mission operating in north Kosovo (Klan Kosova)

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UNMIK Headlines 27 July

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• Veseli: Haradinaj to be elected prime minister on 3 August (Kosova Sot)
• Haradinaj: We won’t waste time in forming new government (media)
• Haliti: PAN has more votes than some consider (Epoka)
• “AKR MP plans to vote for Veseli as Assembly speaker” (Kosova Sot/RTK)
• Pacolli: People like Vulin are narrow-minded (Bota Sot)
• Thaci: Everyone in Kosovo will feel equal (media)
• Germany, France support decision to suspend €7.8 million project (media)

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Thaci: Everyone in Kosovo will feel equal (Lajmi)

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Kosovo President, Hashim Thaci, assembled today the Consultative Council for Communities to discuss problems faced by minority communities in Kosovo. Thaci said he would continue to support minority communities and guarantee equal rights and opportunities for all. He said Kosovo is home to all its citizens. “I assure you that you have the support of […]

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UNMIK Headlines 26 July

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• Election of Assembly President could block entire process (Koha)
• Veseli: Candidate for Assembly President to be known on 3 August (Epoka)
• Mustafa: LDK MPs would not vote Kadri Veseli (Zeri)
• Stavileci: Mustafa should not pressure MPs (RTK)
• Haliti: Veseli will be elected during first round of voting (Zeri)
• Kurti: I have support of Ambassadors for new government (Zeri)
• Rakic: Serbian List will consult Belgrade (Kosova Sot)
• Surroi: And now seriously? (Koha)
• Janjic: Vucic’s call for dialogue is manipulation (Koha)
• Thaci: July 25, the day of Kosovo’s unification (media)
• Surroi “no comment” on possible appointment as Albanian FM (Koha)
• “Expectations for Kosovo’s membership at INTERPOL are realistic” (Zeri)
• Serbs keep usurped 29 PAK properties in the north (Zeri)

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OSCE Broadcast 24 July

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• Thaçi sets constitutive Assembly session on August 3 (KTV)
• President Thaçi accused of bargaining with numbers (KTV)
• Rashiti reserved about Vucic’s proposal (Klan Kosova)
• Petrovic: SLS represents Kosovo Serbs, Srpska List Serbian Government (RTK)
• Tahiri presents report to EU on implementation of agreements (KTV)
• Young MPs: Regional cooperation one of biggest problems (KTV)
• D4D calls on political entities to submit their financial reports (TV21)

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UNMIK Headlines 25 July

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• Kosovo Assembly to hold constitutive session on 3 August (media)
• Thaci to go to court if second-time mandate not given to Vetevendosje (Bota Sot)
• Haziri: LDK has no votes to spare for PAN (Zeri)
• Sejdiu: Progress in talks between LAA and Vetevendosje (Zeri)
• Hoxhaj: Change of Serbia’s policy should start with recognition (BIRN)
• Tahiri: Opposition should be involved in third phase of dialogue (Epoka)
• Petrovic: Serbian Lists represents Serbian government (RTK)
• Hyseni visits Interpol headquarters (Zeri/Indeksonline)
• Rakic “disappointed” with EU’s decision to cancel €7.8 million aid (Zeri)
• Results lacking even in sixth anniversary of police intervention in north (Koha)

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Ymeri: PAN government cannot bring positive changes (Lajmi/Danas)

By   /  24/07/2017  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

Vetevendosje leader Visar Ymeri said in an interview to Belgrade-based Danas daily that “the people leading the PAN coalition [PDK-AAK-NISMA] do not care about policies, programs or principles; PAN is rather the unification of parties that want to save themselves by maintaining the current status quo”. Ymeri said Kosovo “needs to embark on a new […]

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