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UNMIK Headlines 16 May

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• U.S. does not want corrupt officials on election lists (Koha)
• Avdullah Hoti believed to be LDK’s candidate for prime minister (dailies)
• Deadline for pre-election coalitions to expire today (Epoka)
• Kosovo has 1.7 million inhabitants and 1.9 million voters (Zeri)
• Alternative may not be able to enter any pre-election coalition (Zeri)
• Yee: Russia is trying to increase its influence in the Balkans (Koha)
• Serbian Minister Vulin threatens with “heads of Albanian children” (Koha)

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LDK is negotiating a pre-election coalition with three parties (Indeksonline)

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The news website reports that the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) is negotiating a coalition with three political parties for the 11 June early parliamentary elections. A source within LDK reportedly told Indeksonline that Isa Mustafa’s party is holding talks with the New Kosovo Alliance (AKR) led by Behxhet Pacolli, the Justice Party and the […]

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Daka: CEC ready for early elections (media)

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Valdete Daka, chairperson of the Central Election Commission (CEC), said today that they are ready to organize early parliamentary elections in Kosovo. “As part of its constitutional competencies, the CEC will organize the early elections and we expect cooperation from all political parties and institutions. I also call on all political parties to respect the […]

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Thaci: General elections on 11 or 18 June (media)

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All news websites report that following his meeting today with representatives of political parties, Kosovo President Hashim Thaci said that early parliamentary elections will be held on 11 or 18 June. “I listened to the opinions of 20 political parties and in my capacity as President I will respect it. In the next couple of […]

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OSCE Broadcast 10 May

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• U.S. Embassy: Assembly has spoken (All monitored broadcasters,TV21)
• Apostolova: Assembly’s dissolution postpones visa liberalisation (TV21)
• Johannes Hahn regrets Kosovo Assembly’s no confidence vote (Klan Kosova)
• Kosovo Assembly ousts Government (All monitored broadcasters, KTV)
• LDK does not rule out new coalition with PDK (Most monitored broadcasters, KTV)
• Veseli throws accusations against Mustafa, latter responds (Most monitored broadcasters, KTV)
• LDK does not recognise President (Klan Kosova)

- Haziri: PDK biggest rival to LDK (Summary of KTV Rubicon show)

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UNMIK Headlines 11 May

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• Source: General elections on 11 June (Epoka e Re)
• CEC ready for elections (Zeri)
• Mustafa: My government attacked crime and corruption (media)
• International reactions to decision for early elections in Kosovo (dailies)
• Haradinaj: AAK with red lines for PDK and LDK (Zeri)
• Albanian President to visit Kosovo today (media)

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OSCE Broadcast 9 May

By   /  10/05/2017  /  OSCE broadcast report  /  No Comments

• Ambassador Delawie calls on Kosovo MPs to vote Demarcation (Most monitored broadcasters, KTV)
• Veseli: Demarcation prior to no confidence motion (KTV&RTK1)
• Mustafa: No elections in June (RTK1)
• PDK without clear stance on opposition’s no confidence motion (TV21&Klan Kosova)
• “People’s Eye” calls on Mustafa and Veseli not to give away Albanian lands (Klan Kosova)
• OSCE supports health care providers improve response to cases of domestic violence (RTK2)
• MFA Hoxhaj reacts against statements of top Serbia leaders (TV21)
• Serbia does not give up arrest warrants against KLA members (TV21)

- Ymeri: Vetëvendosje’s stance on Demarcation unchanged (Summary of KTV Rubicon show)

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UNMIK Headlines 10 May

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• Mustafa not keen on Kosovo heading to elections in June (Telegrafi/RTK)
• U.S. official: Demarcation vote before no-confidence motion (Kosova Sot)
• Prime Minister Mustafa makes last efforts to save government (Koha)
• Government to be tested today (Epoka e Re)
• President could announce new elections on Thursday (Tribuna Channel)
• Arben Gashi: Demarcation cannot be voted prior to the motion (Lajmi)
• Kosovo FMA clarifies: Djuric was permitted entry to Kosovo (Klan Kosova)

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Arbana Xharra joins Democratic Party of Kosovo (media)

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Most news websites report that Arbana Xharra, former editor-in-chief of Zeri daily newspaper, has joined the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK). Xharra announced her decision today at a joint press conference with PDK leader Kadri Veseli. Xharra said she joined the PDK without any conditions. “This party promised me room and I joined without any […]

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Djuric not allowed entry into Kosovo (Koha/Tanjug)

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Marko Djuric, director of the Serbian Government’s Office for Kosovo, was not allowed entrance into Kosovo today, according to Serbian media. Belgrade-based Tanjug news agency reports that Djuric was sent back at the Jarinje border crossing point in northern Kosovo. The agency also reported that Djuric was scheduled to attend the celebration of the Victory […]

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Serbian List: There are 100 Albanians in the Assembly, why don’t you find a solution? (Indeksonline)

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Serbian List MPs told the news website today that no politician from Belgrade has pressured them on the issue of the border demarcation agreement between Kosovo and Montenegro. Slavko Simic, head of the Serbian List parliamentary group, said all institutions in Kosovo are concerned with the matter which according to him is politically difficult and […]

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PDK-LDK coalition to reach agreement on early elections tonight (Tribuna Channel)

By   /  08/05/2017  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

Kosovo’s political landscape has entered a deadlock. Prime Minister Isa Mustafa was expected to send the demarcation agreement with Montenegro to the Assembly today. Even though, PDK leader Kadri Veseli officially requested Mustafa to send the demarcation deal to the Assembly before the vote on the motion of no confidence against the government, Mustafa decided […]

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