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UNMIK Headlines 27 May

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Draw determines order of parties in election ballot (Koha Ditore)
“President Thaci has joined PDK’s election campaign” (Koha)
Mustafa accuses public broadcaster of serving PDK interests (Koha Ditore)
Jahjaga to speak about sexual violence victims at Belgrade event (Telegrafi)

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UNMIK Headlines 26 May

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• Risk of increased incidents during election campaign (Koha Ditore)
• Haradinaj: Serbia won’t exist in Kosovo if I am Prime Minister (media)
• Serbian Minister reacts to Haradinaj’s statement (media)
• Police arrest four persons suspected of planning terror attacks (Koha)

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UNMIK Headlines 25 May

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• Mustafa: Kosovo committed to European perspective (Bota Sot)
• EU chief in Pristina responds to President Thaci’s criticism (Koha)
• Analysts: Visa liberalisation in 90 days, impossible (Zeri)
• Demolli: Serb representatives had four conditions for army creation (Klan)
• Supreme Court acquits NISMA leader Fatmir Limaj (dailies)
• Yee in Belgrade: U.S. will defend its allies in the Balkans (Koha)
• Vucic: Haradinaj most probably Prime Minister, problems for Serbia (Koha)
• Kosovo man believed killed in Syria (dailies)
• Decision to apply at UNESCO, in hands of new government (Epoka)

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UNMIK Headlines 24 May

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• U.S. and OSCE call on parties to stop political intimidation (Kosova Sot)
• LDK publishes election ballot (Zeri/Bota Sot)
• Thousands of Kosovo immigrants could be unable to vote (Kosova Sot/RFE)
• Simic: We serve neither Thaci nor Haradinaj (RTK)
• President Thaci: Commissioner Hahn cares only about Serbia (Koha)
• EU diplomats concerned over destruction of Prizren cultural heritage (Koha)
• PAK endorses study report on Trepca’s feasibility (Epoka)

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UNMIK Headlines 23 May

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• PDK and LDK did not envisage pay raise until 2020 (Koha Ditore)
• Competition is done by political programs not by war or peace wings (Epoka)
• CEC does not extend deadline for Diaspora voters (Koha Ditore)
• Political parties do not respect official terms for election campaign (Epoka)
• IMC bans media from airing election debates (dailies)
• Haradinaj: We will create the army during the first 90 days of work (RTK)
• Thaci in Vienna: We do not seek confrontation with EU (Koha Ditore)
• O’Connell: I would not vote candidates with indictments (Gazeta Metro)

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UNMIK Headlines 22 May

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Parties don’t heed appeals to ‘clean’ election ballots (Koha Ditore)
PDK and LDK continue to keep their ballots under wraps (Zeri)
Daka: Problems with diaspora voters due to snap elections (Koha Ditore)
Veseli: Elections called because of government’s lack of vision (Zeri)
Kurti presents Vetevendosje’s political programme (dailies)
Haradinaj promises visa liberalisation in three months’ time (Kosova Sot)
Pacolli: With Vetevendosje after elections (Zeri)
“Serbian List would prevent creation of Kosovo’s army” (Lajmi)
Apostolova: Kosovo decides on whether to renegotiate demarcation (RTK)
Thaci travels to Austria to meet President Van der Bellen (RTK)

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UNMIK Headlines 20 May

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• 26 political entities to participate on 11 June elections (RTK)
• Ymeri: Acceptance of election results depends on their flow (Lajmi)
• Hoyt Yee writes to Arbana Xharra (Lajmi.net)
• The chaotic western Balkans take sudden turn for the better (The Economist)

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UNMIK Headlines 19 May

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• Hoyt Yee: Kosovo needs a strong leadership (RTK)
• Die Welt: Early elections in Kosovo, games over power (RTK)
• Scott: Kosovo can have its army in the future (RTK)
• Albin Kurti, Vetevendosje’s candidate for Prime Minister (Epoka)
• AAK finalizes election ballot (Kosovapress)
• “I will not vote for corrupt politicians” campaign launched (media)
• OSCE with “monitoring” role in 11 June elections (Koha)
• Kosovo Police arrest two Serb youths on inciting hatred allegations (Bota Sot)

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UNMIK Headlines 18 May

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“Guns vs. Roses” election battle (Koha Ditore/Epoka e Re)
“War wing” aims over 50 percent of votes (Epoka e Re)
No coalition agreement reached between LDK and Vetevendosje (dailies)
U.S. reiterates: Support uncorrupt candidates (Zeri)
100 observers from the EU will be monitoring elections (Epoka e Re)
IMF advises parties not to promise pay raise during election campaign (Koha)

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UNMIK Headlines 17 May

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• UN Security Council discusses quarterly report on Kosovo (media)
• PDK, AAK, NISMA reach pre-election coalition (dailies)
• LDK signs pre-election coalition with AKR and Alternative (dailies)
• Kosovo Police mediators asking for bribe to close investigations (Koha Ditore)

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UNMIK Headlines 16 May

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• U.S. does not want corrupt officials on election lists (Koha)
• Avdullah Hoti believed to be LDK’s candidate for prime minister (dailies)
• Deadline for pre-election coalitions to expire today (Epoka)
• Kosovo has 1.7 million inhabitants and 1.9 million voters (Zeri)
• Alternative may not be able to enter any pre-election coalition (Zeri)
• Yee: Russia is trying to increase its influence in the Balkans (Koha)
• Serbian Minister Vulin threatens with “heads of Albanian children” (Koha)

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UNMIK Headlines 15 May

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LDK against the idea of a broad pre-election coalition (Koha Ditore)
Veseli: Elections came as consequence of Mustafa’s failure (Epoka e Re)
Haradinaj: Internationals to settle Kosovo-Serbia outstanding issues (Koha)
Xharra in a stable condition following assault (Koha/Insajderi)
Hoyt hopes new Kosovo prime minister will ratify demarcation (Lajmi)
Rakic blames EU for murders in the north (Zëri)

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