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UNMIK Headlines 25 April

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• Haradinaj: Kosovo committed to good neighbourly relations (media)
• President to have absolute power on dialogue and Brussels agreements (Koha)
• Opposition doesn’t want Thaci leading the dialogue (Zeri)
• PDK doesn’t support LDK’s roundtable idea (Zeri)
• Sherifi: NISMA to attend LDK-hosted roundtable (Zeri)
• Hoti: If we want, we can take the country to new elections in 30 days (RTK)
• Avdyli: We need four more votes to bring the government down (RTK)
• Jeremic: Thaci, Vucic agreed to exchange territories, U.S. didn’t allow it (media)
• Belgian PM in Belgrade with new proposals on Kosovo (Kallxo/RTK)
• Women’s network concerned with Thaci’s pardoning decision (Koha/KP)
• Prosecution investigating Kosovo telecom failure (Zeri)
• “Pronto” to be tried by serious crimes department (Koha)
• Brnabic: There is no movement on investigation of Ivanovic’s murder (RTK)

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UNMIK Headlines 24 April

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Government acknowledges 254 drawbacks from EC report (Koha Ditore)
“Visa liberalisation recommendation expected in June” (Zeri)
LDK calls political parties to a roundtable to discuss “key” issues (Koha/Zeri)
Thaci: Kosovo is a success story (Epoka)
Pacolli: Kosovo wants to normalise relations with Serbia (RTK)
Spain to put veto on EU-Western Balkans joint statement (Zeri)
Tahiri: EULEX to leave June 15 (Koha Ditore)
Government: Serbian List has not left definitely (RFE, Bota Sot)
Investigation opened into police officers that arrested Djuric (Zeri)
Delawie requests more determination on increase of security level (Epoka)
North’s residents owe over €13 million to Mitrovica water company (Koha)

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UNMIK Headlines 23 April

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Veseli proposes “consensual” and “inclusive” platform (Koha)
Government expects dialogue platform to pass at the Assembly (Epoka)
Opposition against dialogue being led by President Thaci (Koha Ditore)
Dacic: Kosovo’s platform of discussions, a worthless paper (RTK)
Haradinaj: Visa liberalisation by end of year (Koha Ditore)
Maxhuni appointed new head of Kosovo intelligence agency (Telegrafi)
Gashi: We are in a delicate phase, political unity required (RTK)
LDK does not have power to bring down the government (Epoka e Re)
Djuric: An association with Serb municipalities leading the way they want (Lajmi)
Kosovo marks Missing Persons Week (RTK)

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UNMIK Headlines 21 April

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Five non-recognizing countries agree to Kosovo’s participation at summit (media)
Tusk: EU, most trusted partner of the Balkans (media)
Independent MPs: “If 49 votes in favor, we will support no-confidence vote” (Zeri)
US State Department: Kosovo faced with corruption and interference in judiciary (media)
Hoxhaj: Hahn told me about firm determination for visa liberalization (RTK)
Police officer in north in critical condition after beaten up (media)

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UNMIK Headlines 20 April

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• Assembly unlikely to adopt platform on dialogue (Koha)
• Hoxhaj: Dialogue platform aims to achieve binding agreement (Epoka)
• President Thaci not afraid of special court (Gazeta Express)
• Thaci: Kosovo needs neither Erdogan nor Gulen supporters (RTK/T7)
• Serbian List returns to government over Association/Community (Koha)
• Visa liberalisation assessment team to visit Kosovo in May (Zeri)
• Hoxha: Visa liberalisation for Kosovo, this year (Epoka e Re)
• Deda: No motion of confidence until visa-free travel is granted (Zeri)
• Kosovo Assembly to discuss progress report today (Bota Sot)
• “Higher awareness at UN about sexual violence during Kosovo conflict” (Epoka)
• PM Haradinaj appoints two more deputy ministers (Zeri)

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UNMIK Headlines 19 April

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• Haradinaj urges Hahn to include Kosovo in visa liberalisation regime (Zeri)
• Haradinaj to Mogherini: Kosovo has met all visa liberalization criteria (media)
• “Kosovo has excellent relations with Montenegro,” Haradinaj says (media)
• “Kosovo and Macedonia, good example of cooperation” (RTK)
• Kosovo and Bosnia discuss visa-free travel (Koha)
• European Council president Tusk to visit Western Balkans (Kosova Sot)
• Djuric: Pristina to change law and form Association/Community (Zeri)
• Djuric to visit Kosovo on Friday (Kallxo)
• KSF transformation bill to be sent to government on 30 April (Zeri)
• Rama: Kosovo must have its armed forces (Epoka)
• Progress Report highlights many flaws in the Assembly’s work (Koha/Zeri)
• Hoxhaj: UNMIK is an obstacle to Kosovo (RTK)
• Vetevendosje: Government has turned Kosovo into Serbia’s trade colony (media)
• Ilic: Kosovo gets UN seat, Serbs get Association/Community (Zeri)

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UNMIK Headlines 18 April

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EC adopts enlargement package and progress reports for Western Balkans (dailies)
Mogherini: Kosovo needs to make more progress (Zeri)
Apostolova: More efforts required for EU integration (Koha Ditore)
Thaci: Kosovars are tired of reports, visa liberalisation as soon as possible (Zeri)
Haradinaj: Kosovo has work to do to fully join EU (RTK)
Opposition requests extraordinary session and elections (Kosova Sot)
Hoxhaj on EU report for Kosovo (Lajmi)
Soltes hopes Kosovo will be granted visa liberalisation (Telegrafi)
Haziri: Motion to bring down the government is not priority at this phase (Epoka)
Skopje removes Haradinaj form the list of wanted by Interpol (Bota Sot)
Pacolli promises new recognitions (Zeri)

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UNMIK Headlines 17 April

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• EC Progress Report: Kosovo with limited progress (media)
• EC to confirm in June if visa liberalization criteria are met (Koha)
• Borissov: Kosovo and Serbia cannot join EU without settlement (dailies)
• Assembly session continues today (Koha)
• MePs concerned over deportation of Turkish nationals (RTK)
• Assembly fails to establish commission for expelled Turkish nationals (Epoka)
• Serbian List ultimatum to run out in three days (Zeri)
• Serbs want executive powers for Association/Community (Zeri)
• NATO against Association with executive competencies (RTK)
• DPM Hoxhaj accuses Serbian media of fuelling tensions in Kosovo (Bota Sot)
• Pacolli: KSF will soon become an army (RTK)
• Two MPs threaten to leave ruling coalition citing discrimination (RTK/Telegrafi)
• Istog mayor Haki Rugova indicted (Koha)
• Rikalo sends millions to the north (Koha)

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UNMIK Headlines 16 April

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• Kosovo Progress Report: Reforms have slowed down (Koha Ditore)
• Government to submit draft law on Kosovo army by late April (Koha)
• LDK seeks agreement on extraordinary elections (Epoka)
• Pacolli urges Israel to reconsider decision on Kosovo’s independence (Bota Sot)
• Djuric’s arrest clashes Veseli with his Serbian counterpart (Epoka)
• “NATO commends Kosovo Police on Djuric’s arrest” (Bota Sot)
• Dacic: Kosovo at UN only with Serbia’s acceptance (Zeri)
• Lunacek: Association should not have an executive mandate (Zeri)
• WB: Stability and decrease of corruption, key for tackling unemployment (Koha)

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UNMIK Headlines 14 April

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Thaci convinced there will be visa liberalisation this year (RTK)
Ahead of Balkans visit, Mogherini says it’s time for change (Koha)
Bejtush Gashi appointed new interior minister (dailies)
LDK: Kosovo army cannot be formed without international backing (Zeri)
“Appointment of new specialist court chief prosecutor being delayed” (Zeri)

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UNMIK Headlines 13 April

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• Haradinaj: Constitutional Court must confirm Association’s statute (media)
• Haradinaj leaves appointment of intelligence chief to Thaci (Koha)
• AKI deputy chief to report today on deportation of Turkish nationals (media)
• “Internationals against the prospect of early elections” (Zeri)
• Greece pledges assistance to Kosovo (dailies)
• Hoxhaj: Serbia continues to abuse with INTERPOL (RTK)
• Arifi: Association in accordance with Constitution (Klan Kosova)
• Bulgarian PM to visit Kosovo (dailies)
• Ymeri: We will create a new political party very soon (TV Dukagjini)
• Kosovo authorities to take over case of UNMIK police officers’ murder (Bota Sot)
• Special prosecution raises charges against Pal Lekaj (Epoka)

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UNMIK Headlines 12 April

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• Haradinaj: Association/Community only in line with Kosovo constitution (Zeri)
• “Association/Community statute to be drafted in Pristina not Brussels” (Bota Sot)
• EU expects implementation of agreement on Mitrovica bridge reopening (Telegrafi)
• “Government providing shelter to indicted people” (Koha Ditore)
• FH highlights Kosovo’s problems with corruption, rule of law (Koha Ditore)
• “Greece will not be recognising independence of Kosovo” (Zeri)
• Hoxha hopes for visa liberalisation by end of year (VOA/Telegrafi)
• Vetevendosje accuses former MPs of “hijacking” referendum bill (Koha)

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