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Headlines 24 February

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Apostolova: Rule of law, SAA foundation (Zeri)
Delawie condemns threats of MPs on demarcation (Bota Sot)
Mustafa: I am ready to face those who oppose demarcation (Tribuna Channel)
Hoxhaj: EU should reward Kosovo (Klan Kosova)
Five persons charged for attack on Turkish consulate in Prizren (dailies)
Bota Sot: KFOR’s list of SHIK members

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Headlines 23 February

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• Quint countries support ratification of demarcation (Zeri)
• Kosovo-Montenegro border residents warn of tensions (Koha Ditore)
• Selimi: Border demarcation could return teargas in Assembly (Zeri)
• Veseli on meeting Trump: We sent message to Serbia (Lajmi)
• Auditor identifies abuses in the north’s development fund (Koha Ditore)
• Kosovo, UNESCO and Serb heritage to be discussed today in Pristina (RTK)
• Two Serbs accused of assaulting an Albanian youth in Mitrovica (dailies)
• Lumezi requests prosecutors to enlighten murders of public figures (Epoka)

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Headlines 22 February

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• General Scaparrotti: KSF transformation, Kosovo’s internal issue (dailies)
• Haley: Kosovo deserves to be UN member (Epoka e Re)
• Border demarcation could be put to vote on Thursday (Klan Kosova)
• Veseli: Demarcation to be endorsed as soon as possible (Lajmi)
• Government hails findings of commission for territory measurement (RTK)
• Mogherini to visit Kosovo on 3 March (Koha)
• Serbia seeks Greece’s help against Kosovo’s UNESCO membership (Koha)

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Headlines 21 February

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• Fajon: Vote against demarcation to delay visa liberalisation (Koha Ditore)
• The only geographer at State Commission for Demarcation resigns (dailies)
• Haxhiu warns of tensions if demarcation is resubmitted to Assembly (Koha)
• AAK: Government behavior, dangerous (Epoka e Re)
• “Demarcation unjustly imposed as condition for visa liberalisation” (Epoka)
• MEP Fajon meets Serbian List leader Simic (Zeri)
• Hoxhaj: Croatia, important partner for Kosovo (dailies)

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Headlines 20 February

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• Thaci: Kosovo fulfills conditions for Interpol membership (Epoka e Re)
• Thaci urges Spain to recognise independence of Kosovo (Kosova Sot)
• Mustafa: Border is defined by argument, not teargas (Epoka e Re)
• U.S. requests unity on the matters of national interest (Epoka e Re)
• Albania calls for a “reevaluation” of Kosovo-Serbia dialogue (Koha Ditore)
• Serbia keeps hostage €2 billion of Kosovo pensioners (dailies)
• Hoxhaj informed Zannier about the achievements in Kosovo (dailies)

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Headlines 18 February

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• Lunacek: Ratify demarcation and travel freely (Lajmi)
• Thaci meets Mogherini at the Munich Security Conference (Lajmi)
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns removal of Turkish flags in Prizren (Lajmi)
• “At the time of major doubts, trust in Kosovo” (Lajmi)

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Headlines 17 February

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• Thaci: Unite in the interest of our state (media)
• Veseli: Our state was created with allies, we’ll form army with them (RTK)
• Mustafa: Association will not be created if Serbs don’t show interest (Lajmi)
• Delawie: Dialogue must continue (Koha)
• Avramopoulos: Demarcation will bring visa liberalisation (Tribuna Channel)
• Demarcation could soon be returned to the Assembly (Gazeta Metro)
• Haradinaj: No one in the Balkans can play games with Albanians (RTK)
• “New Customs director and the British company are illegal” (RTK)
• Shots fired at police officer’s home in Mitrovica (media)

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Headlines 16 February

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• Thaci: Kosovo has made remarkable progress in nine years (Epoka e Re)
• Veseli: We can go to elections only with an agreement (media)
• Papadopoulou: Kosovo must prosecute crimes outside Special Court (Koha)
• Assembly endorses European Reform Agenda (dailies)
• Kurti: Serbia is trying to create another Bosnia in Kosovo (media)
• Konjufca: Intelligence chief did not resign but was dismissed (Zeri)
• Albanian PM talks about joint embassies with Kosovo (Koha)
• Albania, Croatia write to NATO about Serbia’s threats to Kosovo (Telegrafi)

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UNMIK Headlines 15 February

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• Kosovo Assembly requests to form Army of Kosovo (dailies)
• “U.S. supports transformation of KSF into Armed Forces” (Epoka)
• Gecaj: Sanctions in case of failure to establish Association (Telegrafi)
• U.S. congratulates Kosovo on independence anniversary (RTK)
• Rohan: Serbia cannot join EU without recognising Kosovo (Koha)
• Ahmetaj: Demarcation should be concluded ASAP (Epoka)
• Missing persons’ families against truth and reconciliation commission (KTV)
• Norway supports Kosovo’s European perspective (dailies)
• AAK’s Lekaj indicted on abuse of power charges (Kosova Sot)
• Calls to suspend Serb “military NGO” (Koha)

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UNMIK Headlines 14 February

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• President Thaci sets up Truth and Reconciliation Commission (media)
• Veseli assures U.S. official that border demarcation will be ratified (dailies)
• Lekaj: Plans to pass demarcation deal while Haradinaj is away (Telegrafi)
• Rasic suggests Serbian List could end boycott soon (RTK)
• KP director denies presence of armed men in the north (Kosova Sot)
• Lawsuit filed against PDK MP Shukri Buja and 8 Lipjan officials (Koha)
• Government playing “games of millions” with war veterans (Koha)

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UNMIK Headlines 13 February

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• Mustafa: Pace of dialogue to be stepped up (Telegrafi)
• Mustafa: Let us vote the demarcation (Zeri)
• Kurti: Border demarcation agreement is dead (Bota Sot/Zeri)
• Serbian List to return to institutions over the Association (Koha)
• Some PDK MPs speak about elections in May or June (Zeri)
• Haradinaj to Dacic: I was freedom fighter not invader like you (Kosova Sot)

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UNMIK Headlines 11 February

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Thaci: No visa liberalization without border demarcation (Telegrafi/RTV21)
Karpusin: Resolution 1244 does not permit creation of Kosovo army (Koha)
Haradinaj argues for reciprocity with Serbia on arrest warrants (RTV21)
PM Mustafa promises 25,000 new jobs this year (Koha)

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