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OSCE Broadcast 23 February

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• Eleven cases of killed journalists in Kosovo remain unsolved (KTV)
• Stojanovic: Srpska List to return after establishment of Association (RTK1)
• Delawie condemns threats toward MPs about their vote on demarcations (RTK1)
• Hoxhaj: EU should reward Kosovo for its compromises with Serbia (RTK1)
• Beqiri: No KSF transformation without consent of Serbs (KTV)
• Northern Serbs facing hard living conditions (KTV)
• Pavlovic: Kosovo’s membership in UNESCO inevitable (www.kultplus.com)

- Safety of journalists in Kosovo (Summary of Life in Kosovo show)

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OSCE Broadcast 22 February

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• EU confirms Mogherini’s visit (RTK1&KTV)
• Veseli: KSF will soon become an Army (RTK1)
• Three communities say they were never honoured by Kosovo President (KTV)
• Hoxhaj: Kosovo will establish Association of Serb Municipalities (RTK2)
• Kosovo MP receives death threats about demarcation (RTK1)
• Law on RTK to be put at public hearing (RTK1)
• Lumezi requests from prosecutors to review murder cases of public figures (RTK1)
• Online Platform for Public Consultations presented (Most monitored broadcasters, RTK1)
• Kroi i Vitakut resident beaten up by two young Serbs (TV21)
• Parish house burglarized (RTK2)

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OSCE Broadcast 21 February

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• Braathu: All should contribute in the fight against radicalism (All monitored broadcasters, TV21)
• Commission: Kosovo does not lose territory due to demarcation (All monitored broadcasters, KTV)
• Thaçi: Demarcation to be proceeded to Assembly as soon as possible (All monitored broadcasters, KTV)
• NATO: Transformation of KSF an internal issue of Kosovo(Most monitored broadcasters, KTV)
• Albanian and Serb journalists discuss cooperation (RTK2&RTK1)
• Government to pay expenses of potential indictees of Special Court (Klan Kosova)

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OSCE Broadcast 20 February

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• Thaçi: Kosovo MPs hold visa liberalization key(All monitored broadcasters, RTK1)
• Fajon: No visa liberalisation without ratification of demarcation (RTK1)
• Humolli resigns from Government commission on demarcation(All monitored broadcasters, KTV)
• Gashi: Non-ratification of demarcation might produce early election (RTK1)
• Government will not put pressure on Srpska List to return in institutions (KTV)
• Simic and Fajon emphasize the importance of Brussels dialogue (RTK2)
• Ministry of Finance responds to President Thaçi (RTK1&KTV)

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OSCE Broadcast 19 February

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• US has not changed its stance toward Kosovo (Most monitored broadcasters, KTV)
• FM Hoxhaj meets OSCE Secretary General Zannier (Most monitored broadcasters, TV21)
• Opposition sees “Sunny Valley” neighbourhood as re-colonization of Kosovo (KTV)
• Thaçi requests from INTERPOL to cancel all Serbian arrest warrants (All monitored broadcasters, TV21)
• Haradinaj: Albanians do not have a hand in my detention (Most monitored broadcasters, TV21)
• Mustafa reacts against announcements for return of teargas in Assembly (TV21)

- President Hashim Thaçi – A year of loneliness (RTV Dukagjini – Summary of Express Zone show)

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OSCE Broadcast 16 February

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• Kosovo Assembly celebrates Independence Day with solemn session (All monitored broadcasters, KTV)
• Thaçi: MoU with UK violates the Law (RTK1)
• No mass grave found near Ibër Bridge (Most monitored broadcasters, KTV)
• Haradinaj: More needs to be done for a better future of Kosovo (RTK1)
• Court of Appeals orders Ivanovic’s retrial (Most monitored broadcasters, KTV)

- Delawie urges MPs to ratify demarcation with Montenegro
(Summary of KTV show – Rubicon)

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OSCE Broadcast 15 February

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• Simic: Parallel institutions should be incorporated into Association (RTK2)
• Assembly adopts European Agenda (Most monitored broadcasters, KTV)
• Apostolova: Demarcation a condition for visa liberalisation in 2017 (TV21)
• Rex Tillerson congratulates Kosovo on ninth anniversary of independence (Most monitored broadcasters, TV21)
• Kosovo with many expensive and inefficient councils and committees (KTV)
• Resolution on KAF does not tell if Kosovo will have an Army (KTV)
• Simic: KFOR, only legal army in Kosovo (Klan Kosova)
• Hateful graffiti against Kosovo Serbs appear in Gjilan/Gnjilane (RTK2)
• Activities of “AirSoft Vukovi” and “AirSoft Club Kodak” NGOs suspended (RTK1)

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OSCE Broadcast 14 February

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• OSCE organised conference on protection of journalists (All monitored broadcasters, RTK1)
• Association shall be established even without Prishtinë/Pristina’s support (RTK2)
• Assembly passes Resolution on Army (RTK)
• US supports establishment of Kosovo Army (Most monitored broadcasters, TV21)
• War survivors consider reconciliation premature (KTV & RTK1)
• Arifaj: Commission’s goal is to have reconciliation within Kosovo, not with Serbia (RTK1)
• Indictment filed against Pal Lekaj and two others (Most monitored broadcasters, TV21)
• GIZ supports Kosovo Assembly with 7.8 million euros (Most monitored broadcasters, TV21)
• KJA: Municipalities should be open to media (KTV)

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OSCE Broadcast 9 February

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• Thaçi urges Assembly to immediately take decision on KAF establishment (Most monitored broadcasters, RTK1)
• French court postpones ruling on Haradinaj (All monitored broadcasters, KTV)
• Mustafa: Institutions have demonstrated their strength (All monitored broadcasters, KTV)
• Nikolic: Keeping Kosovo a top UN priority important (RTK2)
• New round of Kosovo-Serbia talks expected soon (RTK2)
• Prosecutors show little interest in joining Special Prosecution (Klan Kosova)

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OSCE Broadcast 8 February

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• Opposition believes that Association and Demarcation will destabilise situation (KTV)
• FM Hoxhaj concerned that Serbia is getting armed by Russia (All monitored broadcasters, KTV)
• MPs to discuss Kosovo Army on Thursday’s session (All monitored broadcasters, KTV)
• Government’s building in Kosovo north still not functional (KTV)
• KJA wants to be included in drafting of Law on RTK (KTV)
• Protection of Serbian cultural heritage remains KFOR’s priority (RTK2)
• Jevtic informed CoE Commissioner for Human Rights on situation of IDPs (RTK2)

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OSCE Broadcast 7 February

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• Announcements for establishment of Association add up (KTV)
• Kosovo leaders discuss Association, Demarcation and KSF (All monitored broadcasters, RTK1&Klan Kosova)
• ASMM might be established on Kosovo’s Independence Day (KTV)
• RTK refuted three times within 10 days for false news (Insajderi)
• Hoxha: RTK management not accountable for anything (KTV Interactive)
• RTK unionists concerned about debts of millions (TV21)

- Mustafa: Association cannot take any decision that is not in conformity with Kosovo laws (Summary of KTV Rubicon show)

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OSCE Broadcast 6 February

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• Authorities applaud demolition of wall in north, opposition calls it a circus (KTV)
• Shala: No new wall in north (Most monitored broadcasters, RTK1)
• Gecaj announces sooner resumption of talks for establishment of ASMM (RTK1)
• No census for Serbs of Kosovo north (KTV)
• Military exercises carried out in Kosovo north (RTK1)

- Lauka: Russia is threat number one for the Balkans
(Summary of Klan Kosova – Zone B show)

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