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UNMIK Headlines 3 December

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• Ahmeti: Yes to cooperation, no to coalitions (Koha)
• US Embassy: Kosovo is fully able to conduct trustful elections (Koha)
• Parliamentary elections not before mid-2014 (Tribuna)
• Zbogar: Elections a great success (dailies)
• International officials congratulate and advise Ahmeti (Tribuna)
• Nine municipalities against Kosovo (Zeri)
• DnV: Election process in line with high democratic standards (Koha)
• Brussels: Two days discussions on police and justice (Tribuna)

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Headlines – 03.12.2013

Ahmeti: Yes to cooperation, no to coalitions (Koha)

The paper carries a front-page interview with Vetevendosje deputy leader Shpend Ahmeti, who recently won in the run-off municipal elections in the capital city of Pristina. Ahmeti told the paper that he would be open to cooperation with every political party that is part of the municipal assembly of Pristina, but that he would not share the government with them. Ahmeti said he does not mind that another political party has the majority of seats in the municipal assembly.

Ahmeti said that in his first day in office he would stop illegal constructions and those without permits, and that he would issue decisions for demolition on everything that is built against the law and not in accordance with rules.

Ahmeti promised that in his first mandate he would conclude the legalization of buildings. He also added that people under investigation will not perform public functions in the municipality.

US Embassy: Kosovo is fully able to conduct trustful elections (Koha)

The United States Embassy in Pristina issued a statement on Monday congratulating all Kosovo citizens who voted on Sunday to ensure that their voice has been heard in the democratic process. “The United States expects to work with elected leaders, while they are concentrated in their important work of governance and in the implementation of policies and programs that serve the needs and interests of Kosovo municipalities. We remain committed to help the development of Kosovo municipalities, including functioning and investments in communities in the northern part of Kosovo,” the statement said.

Parliamentary elections not before mid-2014 (Tribuna)

The paper notes that Kosovo will not hold parliamentary elections soon. The lack of election reforms, the government’s engagement in dialogue with Belgrade and the unexpected results of political parties in municipal elections have led to a decreased enthusiasm for early national elections. As a result, Prime Minister Hashim Thaci will continue his full mandate.

The paper also notes that the blockade of the work of parliament over the PTK privatization and budget approval had created the impression that the country would soon go to early parliamentary elections.

Zbogar: Elections a great success (dailies)

European Union Special Representative in Kosovo, Samuel Zbogar congratulated Kosovo citizens for their participation in the municipal run-off elections on Sunday “I also want to congratulate all newly elected mayors and mayors who have been reconfirmed for a second mandate. I hope to start working very soon with all elected officials to accelerate the future of European Kosovo. The fact that elections were organized throughout Kosovo for the first time is a great success,” Zbogar added.

International officials congratulate and advise Ahmeti (Tribuna)

The paper reports that newly-elected mayor of Pristina, Shpend Ahmeti, has received congratulations from international representatives in Kosovo, who also reminded him that previous actions by the Vetevendosje Movement would not help him in governance. U.S. Ambassador Tracey Ann Jacobson was the first one to send signs of reconciliation after Ahmeti’s election. Former German Ambassador to Kosovo, Ernst Reichel, who is now representative of the German Government for Southeast Europe, wrote in his Facebook profile that throwing stones at institutions would not work anymore. “Interesting experiment, criticism about everything and scandals, waving flags and throwing stones will not work anymore. The time has come to take over practical responsibility,” Reichel wrote.

Nine municipalities against Kosovo (Zeri)

Immediately after being elected mayor of northern Mitrovica, Krstimir Pantic, sent a message to the Government of Kosovo that the Serbian List has nine mayors who support the Government of Serbia and don’t recognize the independence of Kosovo. Pantic said the new mayors will not recognize Kosovo institutions and they are acting under direct orders coming from Belgrade. “We have won 9 municipalities, where Serb citizens will never recognize the independence of Kosovo,” Pantic told the paper.

DnV: Election process in line with high democratic standards (Koha)

The network of non-governmental organizations – Democracy in Action (DnV) – on Monday published the preliminary results for the progress of the voting process. KDI representative Shqipe Pantina said that in general, according to 1,600 monitors the election process was regular and in line with high democratic standards.

“Democracy in Action evaluates the civil maturity of citizens, political parties and the professionalism of law enforcement institutions in safeguarding the integrity of the election process and accepting in dignified fashion the preliminary results,” Pantina said.

Brussels: Two days discussions on police and justice (Tribuna)

Belgrade and Pristina teams held during the last two days final talks on integration of police and justice bodies in northern Kosovo, reported Serbian media. These discussions were confirmed by a Beta agency source, and a participant in these discussions stated that discussions have progressed significantly, and there is no doubt that the result of the recent round of local elections  had impact on this. Serbia’s delegation was headed by the Defense Minister of this country, Nebojsa Rodic. According to Serbian media, discussions determined the road of complete integration of Serbian bodies, with all mandatory elements for Pristina administration, and defined use of the institute for appeals in the processes held at Kosovo’s judicial bodies.

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