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OSCE Broadcast 17 May

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• Use of information technology in elections discussed (Klan Kosova & RTK1)
• Vetëvendosje runs alone in elections (KTV)
• VV: If our program is accepted, there can be cooperation with LDK and AKR (KTV)
• EU to send 100 observers for 11 June elections (Klan Kosova)
• Three civil society activists join LDK (KTV)
• LDK takes revenge against Bulliqi (RTK1)

– Veseli: PDK-AAK-Nisma coalition at citizens’ interests (Summary of RTK – Monitor show)

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Use of information technology in elections discussed

(Klan Kosova & RTK1) 

Advancement of Information Technology is also an advantage in electoral processes. This was the conclusion of the conference of Regional Electoral Management Bodies on technology in elections.

On this occasion, the Central Elections Commission chairperson, Valdete Daka, and Head of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, Jan Braathu, spoke about the importance of technology in elections.

“These days Kosovo is in elections for the Assembly of Kosovo, and I hope that use of technology will also find applicability in these elections. As usually, you know that over the last years we have used the K-vote Project, which is no longer a project but rather a standard procedure that we used for announcement of results. It has demonstrated great efficiency in increase of public’s trust in these results,” CEC chairperson Daka said.

“New technologies might facilitate holding of simultaneous elections. They can lower the human error, so the issue of invalid ballots, it can improve the accuracy of counting, and it might speed up calculation and publication of results,” Ambassador Braathu stated. 

Vetëvendosje runs alone in elections


Through a press release, Vetëvendosje has stated that it will run alone in 11 June election and that tomorrow, Thursday; it will declare the list of its candidates for MPs at the Assembly. This is the full text of Vetëvendosje’s press release:

Vetëvendosje Movement held the meeting of its Presidency today where it discussed preparations for 11 June elections and preparations for holding the Movement’s General Council meeting that will be held tomorrow, where we will vote the candidates’ list of Vetëvendosje Movement for these elections.

The deadline for coalitions has already ended and the Movement is making the necessary preparations to run alone in these elections. During the day we have received dozens of requests for meeting by the LDK/AKR coalition.

Although we are at the final hours before submission of lists, the Movement’s Presidency decided to accept them to a meeting.

Vetëvendosje Movement’s programme and political consistency of stances and actions make us the most trusted entity for transformation of the Republic, with fight of crime and social progress. We are ready to accept to a meeting all those who are ready to join this battle for radical change,” Vetëvendosje’s press release ended.

VV: If our program is accepted, there can be cooperation with LDK and AKR


A senior Vetëvendosje official told KTV that this party accepts to cooperate with LDK and AKR if these two parties accept VV’s programme.

During the day it was reported that parties are trying to find a common language among them for cooperation in order to respond to PDK-AAK-Nisma coalition.

“We would accept to enter a joint list with LDK and AKR if they accept our programme,” the Vetëvendosje official told KTV.

It is learned that Vetëvendosje has requested the Prime Minister’s post in order to enter a joint list.

Bajram Gecaj of LDK also expressed readiness to cooperation. He says that PDK-AAK-Nisma should not govern the country.

“We do not want this coalition to triumph because I see darkness for Kosovo,” he said.

“I have been qualified as their biggest critic, but I have never said that we have red lines with Vetëvendosjen,” Gecaj concluded.

KTV portal also reported that Vetëvendosje and LDK-AKR coalition is expected to meet on Wednesday night for a potential pre-electoral cooperation.

EU to send 100 observers for 11 June elections

(Klan Kosova)

The Central Elections Commission chairperson, Valdete Daka, reported that 100 European Union observers will arrive in Kosovo for 11 June elections.

She said that this was confirmed to her by the Head of European Union Office in Prishtinë/Pristina, Nataliya Apostolova.

According to her, the observers will arrive on Saturday.

Three civil society activists join LDK


The Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) confirmed that civil society activists Driton Selmanaj, Dardan Veliaj and Visar Berisha have joined the party led by Isa Mustafa.

“LDK welcomes their engagement and strongly believes in its indisputable victory in early general elections,” the announcement of this party reads.

LDK takes revenge against Bulliqi


Former LDK MP, Shpejtim Bulliqi has been removed from LDK’s list of candidates for Members of the Assembly, RTK portal reported.

“LDK branch in Podujevë/Podujevo decided not to nominate me as an MP candidate from this branch,” Bulliqi said.

According to him, the decision came because he constantly opposed the agreement on demarcation with Montenegro. Nevertheless, he said that on Thursday, LDK General Council will have the final say on this issue.

Veseli: PDK-AAK-Nisma coalition at citizens’ interests

(Summary of RTK – Monitor show)

PDK chairperson told RTK Monitor show they reached pre-electoral coalition with the AAK chairperson, Ramush Haradinaj, having citizens’ interests in mind.

“This coalition is for a Western-oriented Kosovo. I have said in the past and I am saying it again, citizens and the improvement of their lives are the main interest of PDK,” Veseli said.

Veseli said that he consulted PDK structures before taking this decision. “My decision has been adequately understood by my colleagues,” said Veseli, thanking PDK structures for supporting his idea for a pre-electoral coalition with AAK and Nisma për Kosovën.

He said that the reason behind the coalition agreement is the need for significant decisions that Kosovo needs to take.

“The country needs unification. I call upon our citizens to join this coalition which ensures security and decision-making,” said Veseli.

Asked by the show moderator why PDK supported the no-confidence motion of the opposition parties, Veseli said that they did it for the same reasons that all citizens had.

“Citizens demanded an acceleration of the decision-making and assurances that their lives will be improved,” responded Veseli.

PDK chairperson Veseli said that Kosovo is facing processes for which courage and vision is needed.  According to him, PDK and Ramush Haradinaj have the necessary courage and vision.

He said that the conflictual spirit and the calls for destabilisation do not do any good to Kosovo.

“At the contrary, this pre-electoral coalition has been reached to avoid these from happening in the future,” said Veseli, adding that this will be at the interests of citizens.

Veseli underlined if he does think for all children in Kosovo same as for his four children, he will leave politics.

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