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UNMIK Headlines 15 July

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Headlines – 15.07.2017

  • Mustafa: Government that would rely on few MPs, pitiful (Zeri/RFE)
  • Delawie: Kosovo’s at a turning point (Koha/ RFE)
  • Pacolli proposes broad-based government (Zeri)
  • Kosovo official alarms authorities of special court’s activity (Koha Ditore)
  • Ambassador: President Erdogan could soon visit Kosovo (Zeri) 

Kosovo Media Highlights

Mustafa: Government that would rely on few MPs, pitiful (Zeri/RFE)

In an interview to Radio Free Europe, Kosovo’s outgoing prime minister and leader of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), Isa Mustafa, said that a government that would rely on the votes of the Serbian List and few other MPs, is to be pitied. He said the Serbian List Ms come and go to the Assembly whenever they feel like it and as a consequence, “no law can be passed at the Assembly if 61 MPs don’t vote”. “I would have liked the government to be formed as early as tomorrow, no matter what has happened, because this country cannot move forward without a government and institutions”, said Mustafa adding however that the process is having quite a lot of difficulties.

Delawie: Kosovo’s at a turning point (Koha/ RFE)

The U.S. Ambassador to Kosovo, Greg Delawie, said in an interview to Radio Free Europe that he hoped the new government of Kosovo would be formed soon. “It is up to the elected representatives of Kosovo to figure out who is going to be in the government and I am standing aside from that. We trust that the institutions of Kosovo are going to follow the rules, follow the Constitution, follow the procedures, and put the government together without our help”, Delawie said. He said it was clear that that Kosovo was at a turning point and the new government should get Kosovo firmly on the path to European integration.

Pacolli proposes broad-based government (Zeri)

Leader of the New Kosovo Alliance, Behgjet Pacolli, proposed a “landmark” deal for the forming of the new Kosovo government which would include organizing a roundtable discussion between the leaders of main political parties that would focus on reaching a consensus on a one-year government plan. This plan would include agreement on major issues such as border demarcation with Montenegro, Association/Community of Serb-majority municipalities, visa liberalization, new election code, transformation of the Kosovo Security Force, and constructive relations with the specialist chambers. Pacolli said once this consensus is reached, it would not be of much relevance who leads the government. “Do not delay processes, put Kosovo above all else”, Pacolli urged political leaders.

Kosovo official alarms authorities of special court’s activity (Koha Ditore)

Kosovo’s Liaison Officer to Serbia, Valdet Sadiku, has written to the Kosovo’s Foreign Ministry expressing concern over the specialist chambers’ increased activity in Serbia and its reported plans to open an office in Belgrade. Sadiku urged authorities in Pristina to take a position on the status of this office. Sadiku said representatives of the specialist chambers had recent meetings with Serbian officials, including President Aleksandar Vucic and that the latter pledged to support the court. Sadiku also raised the need for more resources for Kosovo’s liaison office in Belgrade. He said the office needs to become more operational in order to cover everything of interest for Kosovo in Serbia.

Ambassador: President Erdogan could soon visit Kosovo (Zeri)

Turkey’s ambassador to Kosovo, Kivilcim Kilic, said the country’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan could soon visit Kosovo but not before a new government is formed. She said President of Kosovo Hashim Thaci visited Turkey last year and the Turkish president could return the courtesy this year. “We hope the visit take places soon after the government is formed”, Kilic said.

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