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Division, autonomy, Cyprus model: These are latest proposals for Kosovo (Blic)

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While President Vucic is calling for an internal dialogue on Kosovo and considers how to resolve the Kosovo issue, certain scenarios, how to overcome this problem are already surfacing, Blic daily reported today.

Division of Kosovo, personal and territorial autonomy, Cyprus model, economic co-operation and membership of Kosovo in international organizations, these are some of the solutions that one could hear about in the Serbian public.

Scenarios on how to improve the position of Serbs in Kosovo, but also prevent further and deepening of the current conflicts, so far were presented by the First Vice-President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ivica Dacic, Serbian Minister Rasim Ljajic, Professor of the International Law, Tibor Varadi and Leader of the Civic Initiative Freedom, Democracy, Justice, (GI SDP) Oliver Ivanovic.

Delineation “or whatever it is called”

Proposal of the Serbian Foreign Minister, Ivica Dacic, who in fact proposed division of Kosovo, received the greatest attention. As noted in his Op-Ed for Blic daily, Dacic said he would personally “check with the President of Serbia possibility of something that he was advocating for years”.

“Delineation or whatever it is called. What is Serbian and what is Albanian. In an agreement between Serbs and Albanians this is the only possible permanent and compromised solution, with a special status for our churches and monasteries, as well as the Community of the Serb Municipalities in the south of Kosovo.

Personal and territorial autonomy

Academic and Professor of the International Law, Tibor Vardi said the personal and territorial autonomy of Serbs in Kosovo would be the best option, and it should be a line “and the Serbian interest must not go below it”.

At this moment, I think it is not realistic to get Kosovo back and to become part of Serbia. But to protect Serbian churches and monasteries, culture and linguistic rights, through personal and territorial autonomy, it is achievable, said Vardi who said territorial autonomy includes the northern Kosovo.

Cyprus model

Oliver Ivanovic, Leader of the Civic Initiative Movement, Freedom, Democracy, Justice (GI SDP) said he does not believe in division of Kosovo. He said the European Union, with a numerous supported agreements between Belgrade and Pristina, put an end “to eventual separation of the north of Kosovo.”

Ivanovic is proposing imposing solution such as Cyprus model. “It would be the best to implement an EU laws within limited time frame, until the final solution as a part of dialogue is reached”.

Economic co-operation, status of Serbs and Kosovo in international organizations

Delineation of Kosovo is a legitimate political option, but stands small chances, considers Rasim Ljajic, Serbian Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications. He sees solution of Kosovo issue through economy and status of Serbs in Kosovo. The final step of his proposal would include negotiations of Kosovo membership in international organizations, excluding the UN, with clear benefits Serbia would get for this consent.

What does Pristina say?

Pristina sees Vucic call for internal dialogue on Kosovo as recognition of reality and yet another step toward recognition of independence.

Bekim Collaku, Chief of the Kosovo President Cabinet, stated officials in Serbia should refrain from dangerous political statements of division of Kosovo, adding Pristina would support any internal dialogue with Belgrade that leads toward acceptance of reality in Kosovo.

Outgoing Kosovo Minster of Foreign Affairs, Enver Hoxhaj also sees internal dialogue in Belgrade “as acceptance of truth about independence and sovereignty.” Leader of the New Kosovo Alliance and former Kosovo president Bexhet Pacolli voiced similar opinion saying that this initiative (Serbian internal dialogue on Kosovo) “open the way toward normalization of relations between the two countries.”

Reaction also came from the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, who published Vucic’s Op-Ed to Blic daily, on his personal Facebook profile, calling it “the story of the day,” and welcoming the way to improvement of relations between Serbs and Albanians. Rama also called upon Serbia to recognize the independence of Kosovo.

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