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Prosecution for KLA crimes to raise indictment against Daut Haradinaj (Sputnik)

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Sputnik daily reported, quoting reliable sources, that in addition to the crimes Daut Haradinaj has committed while in KLA uniform, he could be hold responsible for connections with Al-Qaida and DAESH.

The name of Daut Haradinaj, brother of the current nominee to form the Kosovo Government, Ramush Haradinaj, would be on the first indictment of the Special Court for KLA crimes, Sputnik claims.

According to Sputnik, he would be charged for the crimes committed in the village of Glodjane, in 1998 when a unit he was leading, as one of the KLA commanders, attacked the police station and killed the Serbian police officer Miodrag Otovic.

In addition to this, a group led by Daut Haradinaj was responsible for intimidations and murders of Serbs and Albanians loyal to the Serbian authorities in the same period, in areas such as Djakovica and refugee camps in Junik and Babalolj, the daily said.

On 26 June 2001, the USA State Department put Daut Haradinaj on the black list under suspicion that he has participated in clashes between Albanians and the police forces and army in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and he was last checked in 2015. Namely, the CIA published the evidence that he has met in Albania with a late leader of Al-Qaida, Osama Bin-Laden, when Laden was a guest of the-then Albanian President, Sali Berisha.

There are indicators that following this meeting, several jihadists’ cells were established in Kosovo and Albania. According to the same sources, Daut Haradinaj on behalf of the Kosovo Protection Corpse command was responsible to coordinate the work first with Al-Qaida and then with members of DAESH, Sputnik concluded.


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