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OSCE Broadcast 10 October

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• Thaçi’s statement on Special Court considered hypocrisy (KTV & TV21)
• US Embassy: Special Court will be impartial (RTK)
• Kosovo LGBTI community held its first Pride Parade (All monitored broadcasters, KTV)
• Haradinaj appointed four PDK Deputy Ministers (TV21)
• Stevan Veselinovic, new CEC member from Srpska List (RTK2)
• CEC and KEDS sign memorandum (TV21)
• Albanian and Serb businessmen met in Mitrovicë/Mitrovica (Klan Kosova, RTK1)
• Budget to be revised next week (KTV)

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Thaçi’s statement on Special Court considered hypocrisy

(KTV & TV21)

President Thaçi’s statement made on Monday against the international community about establishment of Special Court is considered as hypocrisy.

VV MP Albulena Haxhiu says that Thaçi’s hypocrisy is concerning. According to her, when he was PDK leader, it was Thaçi that put pressure on his MPs to vote for the Special Court.

Korab Sejdiu, independent MP, says that from the beginning he had addressed deficiencies of establishment of the Court, which belongs to Kosovo on paper only. He says that this very fact showed that Kosovo was not ready to take over its obligations.

However, Sejdiu says that now Kosovo must fulfil the obligations.

Ramush Tahiri, political analyst, told TV21 that the fact that Special Court was in the same package with establishment of the Army, visa liberalisation, and other issues, is not helpful. “Even if the Army is established and if visa liberalisation happens, the Court will still have the same mandate – it shall try only KLA members,” Tahiri said.

On the other hand, Ehat Miftaraj of the Kosovo Law Institute believes it is unforgivable if for establishment of Special Court were made compromises that are related to EU integration processes.

Commenting on Thaçi’s statement that Special Court cooperates closely with Serbia and hardly or not at all with Kosovo, Miftaraj explained that the Law provided that the Court will cooperate with foreign jurisdictions in exercising its powers and responsibilities. “While Kosovo for 18 years after the war fell asleep and granted amnesty to war crime perpetrators in Kosovo, Serbia accomplished its task, namely it collected data, often even from the Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office,” he said.

Although Ramush Tahiri believes it is unnecessary that visa liberalisation be linked with Specialist Court, he agrees with President Thaçi at one point, namely that the EU is guilty for prolongation of the visa liberalisation process.

President Thaçi’s statements have been covered by world media, as well.

US Embassy: Special Court will be impartial


The US Embassy in Kosovo responded to the allegations of President Thaçi, who on Monday accused internationals of having promised him many things as an exchange for establishment of Specialist Court, RTK portal reported.

The US Embassy responded to Thaçi’s allegations, saying that Special Court will be impartial.

In a reply to Express, the US Embassy stated that the USA will remain committed to a successful operation of Specialised Chambers of Kosovo in The Hague.

“The United States remains fully committed to successful operation of Specialised Chambers of Kosovo in The Hague, and we welcome commitment of state institutions to cooperate with the Court. Kosovo’s cooperation in this process will strengthen the country’s international position and will be an indicator of basic democratic principles, where the rule of law applies equally to all citizens,” the Embassy’s written reply says.

The US Embassy officials also mentioned Kosovo’s membership to international mechanisms. In this respect, they pointed out that the USA will support Kosovo at any time.

“The United States strongly supports Kosovo in its admission to international organisations; its membership is based on specific criteria for each institution, and the US Government will continue to work closely with Kosovo, so that it can meet those requirements,” statement of the Embassy added. 

Kosovo LGBTI community held its first Pride Parade

(All monitored broadcasters, KTV)

He says he is not different, although everyday they stare at him like this. He is afraid that his family will not accept him for what he is, but today, even though disguised, he joined the ‘Pride Parade’, in the framework of the efforts to raise awareness of the public that their rights and feelings should be respected.

Civil society representatives, officials, and ambassadors of various countries accredited to Kosovo joined this event.

Neither the Prime Minister nor the Assembly Speaker showed up at the Parade.

President Hashim Thaçi took part in launching of the event, and said he came to express support to this community and to reconfirm that all communities in Kosovo are equal.

From Skënderbeu Square, accompanied by music, with flags symbolising people with different sexual orientations, and with the ‘Pride Parade” motto, hundreds of people started their march towards other boulevards in the capital.

There were not many security measures, while the media were focused on the three main boulevards in Prishtinë/Pristina.

Citizens silently looked at the first LGBTI community parade in Kosovo. There were even some of them who objected it. Some youngsters held up flags with a red sign, as a symbol of objection of the LGBTI community march.

The march was calm, and we made it, Lendi Mustafa, 21, announced to the crowd.

The US Ambassador Greg Delawie also felt proud of the Parade, and said that he would continue supporting this community.

This Parade concluded the Pride Week, which was launched on 6th October.

Haradinaj appointed four PDK Deputy Ministers


Prime Minister of Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj appointed four Deputy Ministers from PDK.

Agim Çeku has been appointed Deputy Minister of Kosovo Security Force, Kurtan Kajtazi has been appointed Deputy Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning, Mustafë Grainca appointed as Deputy Minister of Finance, and Izmi Zeka appointed as Deputy Minister of Interior. 

Stevan Veselinovic, new CEC member from Srpska List


Stevan Veselinovic from Gjilan/Gnjilane was appointed on Tuesday as the new member of Central Election Commission of Kosovo, RTK2 learned.

For a long time, Veselinovic was a CEC member at the municipal level. His predecessor Nenad Rikalo has been appointed as the Minister of Agriculture.

CEC and KEDS sign memorandum


The Central Elections Commission (CEC) and Kosovo Energy Distribution Services (KEDS) signed a memorandum for regular power supply on local elections day, 22 October 2017.

CEC chairperson Valdete Daka said that this memorandum means 24-hour electric power supply in each polling and counting centre.

On the other hand, KEDS Director said that teams will be at disposal for any potential failures during E-Day.

Albanian and Serb businessmen met in Mitrovicë/Mitrovica

(Klan Kosova, RTK1)

Business representatives from Serb and Albanian municipalities gathered in Mitrovicë/Mitrovica. The purpose of the meeting was to create co-operation opportunities between Kosovo businesses.

Arsim Vranovci, as the organiser of this meeting, spoke about its importance: “It is a unique opportunity that we chose Mitrovicë/Mitrovica to convey the message that business does not recognise borders,” Vranovci said.

Representatives of municipalities of Strpce/Shtërpcë, Dragash/Dragas, Viti/Vitina, Mitrovicë/Mitrovica, Vushtrri/Vucitrn and Zubin Potok took part in the Employment Generation and Integrated Territorial Development (InTerDev) 2 project.

Budget to be revised next week


Kosovo Assembly Budget and Finance Committee held its constitutive meeting on Tuesday. It was reported that next week it will revise the budget. For this matter, the Committee will also receive Minister of Finance Bedri Hamza to a meeting next week.

Chairperson of this Committee, Lumir Abdixhiku, presented the GIZ Project, which is a long-term project for supporting and strengthening this Committee through expertise.

On the other hand, Naser Osmani, Committee member, said he believes that the work plan should be immediately developed.

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