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“Small private media in difficult situation, Srpska Lista does not cooperate” (KIM Radio)

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An annual assembly of the Association of Journalists of Serbia in Kosovo was held yesterday in Gracanica, Serbian media reported.

Participants discussed about the issues journalists in Kosovo are facing, and one of them, according to the participants is non-cooperation of the Srpska Lista with some media outlets in Kosovo, KIM Radio further reported.

Annual report and guidance for the forthcoming period were also discussed.

President of the Association of Journalists of Serbia in Kosovo, Budimir Nicic, while presenting the report said it contains a summary of all activities that marked one year period, including 30 press releases, public roundtables on violation of the media laws, discussions and seminars on journalism, which are clear indicators that the association tried to justify the main and the most important goal, e.g. protection of journalist profession.

Nino Brajovic, on behalf of the Association of Journalists of Serbia (SNS) said to RTV KIM that small private media face more difficult economic situation than the media in a public sector.

“This is a general problem that should be resolved. There were talks in particular about Kosma Mreza as the significant network to inform Serbs and other non-Albanians in Kosovo and we have concluded that Serbian journalists and Serb community should take an active part in drafting the media strategy with their proposals, as the state of Serbia needs to plan development of the media system in Kosovo for the next five years,” Brajovic said.

Talking about Srpska Lista attitude towards Serb media in Kosovo, Brajovic said that in the past years cooperation with politicians generally is a great problem, reminding of the awards of White and Black Peony for good and bad cooperation.

“Politicians are obliged to give statements to the public on all important matters and they must not allow the public to be confused and misinformed. This is something that has to change and the communication should be better. Maybe it can be better on both sides, but the fact is that journalists here, in general complain about bad communication with those in power, here in particular about Srpska Lista and its attitude towards Serb media,” Brajovic said.

He also said it was agreed that one delegation goes and talks to the Srpska Lista and the Serbian Government Office for Kosovo in order to improve their cooperation with the media, KIM Radio reported.

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