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Rakocevic: Kosovo government should have fallen down after murder of Ivanovic (NewPress, RTS, KIM Radio)

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A journalist from Kosovo, Zivojin Rakocevic thinks that the government of Ramush Haradinaj, “should have fallen down because of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic” or “at least to freeze its existence till the moment when it becomes known who have killed him,” Serbian media reported.

Speaking in a broadcast “Upitnik” on of the Serbian national broadcaster RTS, Rakocevic said that “unstoppable matrix is being repeated and this is just a top of an iceberg that explodes from time to time. There were murders in Mitrovica and south of the Ibar River and still we do not know anything about it,” Rakocevic said. “I have asked the same Slobodan Petrovic at that time Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister, when Jevtic couple was murdered in Talinovac village, will you bring down the government of Hashim Thaci?”

The same thing occurred with Doctor Mesud Dzekovic, killed in Mitrovica, a wonderful pediatrician. Entire Mitrovica had his phone number. Shooting at Petar Miletic, death of Dimitrije Janicijevic, all this endless matrix of evil, rolling from all sides. And let me be clear, I said it in the evening when Oliver came from the autopsy room – For 18 years Oliver Ivanovic is being killed by Albanians, international community and Serb criminals. They finished him a week ago, Rakocevic said in “Upitnik” broadcast.

He added, that very few people at this moment believe the investigation of Oliver Ivanovic’s murder would yield some results. According to Rakocevic it is necessary to establish a separate international commission that would deal with this case, and if the international community really thinks it can help Kosovo and Metohija, then this would be the only just and normal solution.

Rakocevic also thinks the consequences of Oliver Ivanovic’s murder are devastating and it is necessary to regain hope to Serbs in Kosovo as soon as possible and to find the way to help them recover and give up on leaving Kosovo.

“The death of Oliver Ivanovic is a warning that we must, when it comes to Serbs, dismantle everything bad in institutions in which Serbia has influence. From municipal, to health, education, attitude towards others,” he said, adding that a Jewish Rabin told Israel used to send its best professors from Tel Aviv and elsewhere to similar areas. “And then what happened? Children from similar areas became the best children in Israel, they lead country in many cases. And this is what we need. To regain hope in our survival, we need to regain the trust in the education,” Rakocevic said.

He further believes the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue in Brussels became “dead” when Hashim Thaci decided to “play false” the idea of the Association of the Serb Municipalities.

“We do not know how this Association will look like, but I know that we need autonomy. We need, from within to build up our institutions, our perfect schools which are not good now, and our health system. Very often a patient from a hospital must go to a private pharmacy to buy bandages or something else. This must stop. We have to bring hope to people, that is the essential issue, and this hope cannot be based on the Albanian ethnic freedom (…).” Rakocevic concluded.

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