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Srpska Lista MPs left parliament session, claim they were manipulated (RTS)

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In a sign of protest, due to denied translation service at the moment when a tribute was paid to The Hague convict, Haradin Balla, in the Kosovo Parliament, members of the Srpska Lista have left the session, RTS reports.

In a press statement, Srpska Lista said its members were the victims of unseen political deception, at the moment when a tribute was paid to a convicted war criminal, RTS further writes.

“It goes beyond understanding that in Europe today, an institution falsely presenting itself as a democratic, pays a tribute to a war criminal and terrorist, as it is shameful to ridicule democracy and MPs of one political group, keeping them in the hall with deception and denial of translation,” Srpska Lista said in a press release.

“Members of Srpska Lista will never pay a tribute to the killers of Serbian fathers, mothers and children, and if we were informed about the intent of the Assembly leadership, we would very explicitly and loudly express our protest and prevent such a slap to the Serbian people and repeated killing of the Serbian victims,” press statement further reads.

Srpska Lista further stated, its members, after realizing what had happened, demonstratively left the session, same as journalists from the Serbian media, who were also not able to follow events in their mother tongue.

“It is clear it is not only about a mere discrimination by denying equality of the Serbian language, constitutionally guaranteed, but we were also witnesses of a primitive political diversion that aimed to insult Serbian people and its political representatives,” Sprska Lista added.

Srpska Lista also said they will not go back to the sessions of the parliament until the manner of a work and attitude toward elected Serb representatives is resolved, not only because of denying translation but also because of an attitude toward our people and its victims.

“We would like to remind that our support is not unconditional and that our participation in political life makes sense only if there is a general willingness to build democratic institutions in Kosovo and Meothija, instead to ridicule and humiliate them,” the press statement said.

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