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Hoti: Investigative bodies to work without pressure (Danas)

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While Pristina remains silent on Ivanovic murder probe, a family house of his first wife in Mitrovica north was stoned few nights ago, Danas daily writes today.

Kosovo Police Deputy Commander in Mitrovica North, Besim Hoti confirmed to Danas that a house of Cvetnic family, located nearby the seat of a Civic Initiative, Freedom, Democracy Justice, was stoned.

Hoti explained to Danas, the police was notified one day after the incident took place, and the stone was thrown from the yard and not the main street, where police patrols are present. According to him, Ivanovic’s family did not request additional protection, something that needs to be approved by respective authorities in Pristina.

Commenting on the pace of the investigation, Hoti said it is now in a phase of analyzing material gathered by those running the investigation. According to Hoti, it is the most important that they work without pressure, Danas daily reported.

Meanwhile, Deputy Leader of the Civic Initiative, Freedom, Democracy, Justice, Ksenija Bozovic told Danas that Kosovo police would be able to consider her request next week only as “commander is currently on leave.”

Bozovic requested the return of surveillance cameras and equipment police took from the office premises as a part of an investigation. Bozovic added, she could not get any information on the taken equipment and the course of investigation in Pristina yesterday.

“Civic Initiative and Oliver Ivanovic family did not request police protection. When they took surveillance cameras and equipment they dispatched a police team to guard us. Now, a house of Oliver’s mother-in-law was stoned. It is the house of one of the oldest families in the town, and they had no problems till now. This stoning affected everybody in Mitrovica North and caused an additional disturbance, even more it is a house located not far from our Civic Initiative seat which is guarded by the police patrol,” Bozovic said.

Marina Ivanovic, first wife of Oliver Ivanovic explained to Danas, the stone was thrown from a lower part of the yard, one hour after the midnight, and that high position of a window which was broken indicates it was not a child or part of some game.”

She added such stones cannot be found in their yard, and it was brought from somewhere.

Marina Ivanovic also assessed this incident as a warning, Danas daily reported.

Goran Bogdanovic, MP in the Serbian Assembly and former Minister for Kosovo and Metohija told Danas “it is obvious that Oliver Ivanovic still bothers someone, when his cousins and friends are being attacked even after his murder.”

“It just shows what kind of a bestial situation is in the north of Kosovo. This is something we feared from and that is why we requested that order givers and killers of Ivanovic must be identified as soon as possible, as we feared the situation would deteriorate and tensions rise higher,” Bogdanovic said.

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