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Dusan Janjic: Relations between Serbia and Kosovo according to the model of the two Germanys (NMagazin, RTK2)

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Serbia and Kosovo will most likely regulate relations by the model of the two Germanys, says Director of the Forum for Ethnic Relations Dusan Janjic. Janjic told RTK 2 that Serbia must sign a legally binding agreement in the EU integration process, but that it does not have to recognize Kosovo.

He said that the internal dialogue with the revival of the story of demarcation has made it difficult for Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to find a solution to normalize relations.

He said that Vucic would most likely issue a platform on Kosovo in April, but also beleives that the internal dialogue he initiated did not help much.

“Did he create a public opinion for the support – no, he made it difficult for himself to do the work – yes. He made it difficult for himself with revival of Dobrica Cosic stories and others about the demarcation, devision of the territory. Now, all of sudden, members of the government and coalition partners, Aleksandar Vulin and Ivica Dacic, apeared as a serious obstacle because they formed one public opinion that thinks this is a possible solution,”Janjic said.

Janjic assessed that the Belgrade elections enabled Vucic to continue to resolve Kosovo’s issues without any hesitation.

He pointed out that regulation of relations between Belgrade and Pristina is possible according to the model of the two Germanys.

Stating that although there were speculations with some 11 groups of proposals, he pointed out that there was  one option if Serbia wants in the EU.

“This means that they are going for the normalization – the signing of a legally binding agreement to enter the EU, and that Kosovo does not have to be recognized. But not to close this perspective, in principle. And secondly, membership (Kosovo) in the UN does not have to be voted, but that the possibility is not closed aither. That is what is called the model of the two Germansy,” said Janjic.

He said that Belgrade should present its main requirements in the process of normalizing relations with Pristina, which, as he has estimated, will not be easy.

He said he still expects the dialogue at the political level in Brussels to be restored in May in a new format, reports NMagazin.

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