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Sheholli: Arrests for Ivanovic murder soon (KIM Radio)

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Information from relevant Kosovo institutions say it is a matter of weeks or days when those suspected of killing Oliver Ivanovic would be arrested, an analyst Fatmir Sheholli, from the Institute for Affirmation of Interethnic Relations said today, KIM Radio reported.

Sheholli made these remarks in Caglavica while presenting the report “Uncovering the Enemy Within – The Struggles of the Kosovo Serb community”. A research, the Institute carried out, said that Serbs, in particular those living in the north, believe Ivanovic was not murdered by Albanians.

According to Sheholli, an arrest of people suspected to be involved in the murder of Oliver Ivanovic would soon happen.

Drizan Shala, a researcher from the Institute said despite the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, the situation in the north is stable and well controlled.

According to the research, more than 700 respondents from the Serb community, living in Mitrovica North, Gracanica and other areas think that the biggest “internal enemies” are “unemployment, issues with the Serbian Government Office for Kosovo and Metohija and with Srpska Lista”.

Institute representatives also said that despite support Srpska Lista got in elections, it does not enjoy the trust of Serbs in Kosovo. The research showed Serbs trust more institutions in Belgrade than Serb representatives in Kosovo institutions.

Asked who the most influential Serb politicians is, 24.1 percent of respondents said Oliver Ivanovic, 24.7 percent think there is no influential politician in the Serb community, 11 percent said Dalibor Jevtic, 8 percent did not know, and 7 percent said Goran Rakic.

According to the Institute representatives this research also showed Serbs from Kosovo believe there is no risk from multiethnic conflict, but that corruption and organized crime are widespread. They are not pleased with education and political authorities either.

At the end, the research concluded that “most of the Serbs in Kosovo are not content with their lives and wish to emigrate to Serbia,” Sheholli said, adding that one of the conclusion was also that Serbs do not see a better future in Kosovo.


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