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Brezovica: Collective centres two weeks without electricity (KIM Radio)

By   /  13/06/2018  /  Serb. Monitoring  /  No Comments

Internally displaced persons living in collective centres in Brezovica are without electricity for two weeks, Milan Janjic confirmed to KIM Radio, adding there are no indications electricity supply would be restored any time soon. Electricity was cut off to the four collective centres two weeks ago, over unpaid electricity invoices. Milan Janjic internally displaced person […]

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MCR: We did not manage to reach compromise with KEDS (Radio kontakt plus, RTV KIM)

By   /  06/06/2018  /  Serb. Monitoring  /  No Comments

Ministry for Communities and Returns together with Strpce Municipality did not manage to reach a compromise with the KEDS company to reconnect the electricity supply to collective centres in Brezovica, Serbian media reported. The Ministry said in a press release that efforts to resolve the issue did not yield results, and it was said during […]

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Collective centres in Brezovica six days without electricity (Radio kontakt plus)

By   /  04/06/2018  /  Serb. Monitoring  /  No Comments

Collective centres in Brezovica are without electricity for six days. There are more than 200 internally displaced persons living in four collective centres, including 20 children, Radio kontakt plus reported. The electricity was cut off over debts made 10 years ago. The Ministry for Communities and Returns told Radio kontakt plus they are working on […]

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Collective centres in Brezovica without electricity again (KIM Radio)

By   /  30/05/2018  /  Serb. Monitoring  /  No Comments

The electricity in collective centres in Brezovica was cut off over unpaid debts from 10 years ago, KIM Radio reported. There are around 300 displaced persons living in the four collective centres in Brezovica. Milan Janjic, displaced person from Urosevac told RTV KIM the electricity was cut off this morning around 9.00. Every month Commissariat […]

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Decision on “nationalization” of Brezovica annulled (Kontakt plus radio)

By   /  25/09/2017  /  Serb. Monitoring  /  No Comments

Kosovo Government has annulled a decision on “nationalization” of Brezovica as the project failed, Kontakt plus radio reported. The government annulled the decision on expropriation of immovable property for public interest, which were subject of tourist center in Brezovica project’s implementation, since this project has failed, press statement of the Kosovo Government said.

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Displaced persons in Brezovica third day without electricity (KoSSev)

By   /  21/06/2017  /  Serb. Monitoring  /  No Comments

Collective centers in Brezovica, placed in the hotel Lahor Junior, the so called SUP Villa and Electro Kosovo, in which displaced Serbs from Kosovo live, are without electricity since Monday, Roksanda Jevtić, one of the displaced persons stated to KosSev portal. Inhabitants include a number of old and helpless people, children as well as secondary school students. […]

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Headlines 22 November

By   /  22/11/2016  /  UNMIK Media Reports  /  No Comments

• Disagreements between ruling coalition partners on 2017 budget (media)
• Ruling coalition late in appointing Minister for Integration (Koha)
• Mustafa: Kosovo and Montenegro, model of cooperation in the region (media)
• Vetevendosje: No one has been held accountable for Dehari’s death (Koha)
• Protest in Pristina on November 24 demanding justice for Astrit Dehari (Koha)
• Stojanovic: Association is not a project against Albanians (Indeksonline)
• Djuric: We’re waiting for Pristina to establish Association/Community (Koha)
• Hyseni wants Germany’s support for INTERPOL membership (Kosovapress)
• Bajrami: I knew Brezovica would fail, this is Plan B (Koha)

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UNMIK Headlines 20 July

By   /  20/07/2016  /  UNMIK Media Reports  /  No Comments

• Haradinaj: Current version of demarcation will fail (Epoka)
• “Government did not implement resolution on demarcation” (Kosova Sot)
• “Demarcation and Association blocked political life in Kosovo” (Epoka)
• The number of ministries to be reduced by October (Zëri)
• Kozarev: Serbia does not plan to have demarcation with Kosovo (Kosova Sot)
• Piero Cristoforo Sardi appointed new Italian ambassador to Kosovo (Zëri)
• Bahtiri: Internationals support me, the government does not (Zëri)
• Mustafa and Selimi not listening to Anti-Corruption Agency (Koha)
• Two alternatives for Brezovica ski resort (Koha)

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Kosovo government is preparing plan B for Brezovica (RTK2)  

By   /  19/07/2016  /  Serb. Monitoring  /  No Comments

After the failure of the capital project of the French-Andorran consortium about investments in Brezovica, Kosovo Government announced plan B for this tourist and recreational complex. Minister of Trade and Industry Hykmete Bajrami says that the Government is currently considering two options for Brezovica: “First, the Law on strategic investment (if passed by Parliament in […]

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UNMIK Headlines 22 June

By   /  22/06/2016  /  UNMIK Media Reports  /  No Comments

• Mogherini: Demarcation, condition for visa-free travel (dailies)
• EULEX under investigation by EU anti-fraud office (Koha)
• The threatening letter that led to the failure of Brezovica project (Koha)
• Jeton Svirca to be appointed Minister of Environment (Zëri)
• Gavrić three times entered Kosovo with explosives (Zëri)
• Kosovo Police arrest six Serbian nationals on Pristina-Peja road (Koha)
• Minister Hoti confirms pressure for €12 million tenders (Koha)
• Kosovo’s liaison officer ignored by Belgrade (Koha)
• Tahiri: Kosovo deserves to be recognised by all countries (Epoka e Re)

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UNMIK Headlines 21 June

By   /  21/06/2016  /  UNMIK Media Reports  /  No Comments

• Special court to shake Kosovo by year’s end (Zëri)
• Ratification of border demarcation deal could be postponed (Epoka e Re)
• President Thaçi to meet Mogherini and Schulz today (RTK)
• Visa liberalisation after two final criteria are met (Koha)
• Agani relieved of minister’s post (Kosova Sot)
• Janjić: Court’s decision on Monastery property must be respected (Zëri/RFE)
• IMF seeks clarifications over KLA veterans’ lists (Kosova Sot)
• Government wants control over Central Procurement Agency (Koha)
• Government turned down €140 million investment in Brezovica (Koha)

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UNMIK Headlines 17 June

By   /  17/06/2016  /  UNMIK Media Reports  /  No Comments

• EULEX allowed to initiate cases in “extraordinary circumstances” (Koha)
• Ruling coalition lacks quorum on EULEX (Zëri)
• Prime Minister Mustafa expects Minister Agani to resign (Zëri)
• Murtezaj: Dialogue with Serbia should change (Lajmi)
• Thaçi requests from Pope Francis recognition of Kosovo (dailies)
• Hoxhaj: Russia, not Serbia, obstacle to Kosovo’s UN membership (Klan Kosova)
• Fajon: Kosovo fulfilled more criteria for visa free regime (Epoka e Re)
• US does not support construction of “Sunny Valley” (Kosova Sot)
• Deçan/Dečani residents protest against Court’s decision (Zëri)
• Ismajli: We should be careful with drafting Association’s status (Epoka)
• Shaip Havolli appointed head of anti-corruption agency (media)
• Đurić confirms threatening letter, says Brezovica is Serbia’s wealth (Koha)

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