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UNMIK Headlines 22 April

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Hoyt discusses border demarcation with Mustafa (Koha)
Border demarcation to be put to Assembly next week (Koha)
Lekaj: No chance for demarcation to be passed next week (Gazeta Blic)
Limaj: Haradinaj, AAK and NISMA candidate for prime minister (RTK)

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Kosovo Assembly adopts national programme for SAA implementation (Koha)

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Kosovo Assembly adopted today the national programme for implementation of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) for the 2017-2021 period. The programme received 64 votes in favour and none against. Chairman of today’s  Assembly session, Xhavit Haliti, said it was important to approve the programme ahead of the meeting of the SAA commission scheduled for […]

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UNMIK Headlines 18 April

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• Mustafa: Let us surpass ourselves on visa liberalisation (Epoka e Re)
• Thaci: We will sue Serbia for genocide soon (Epoka e Re)
• “Fresh elections in Kosovo to take place on 28 May or 4 June?” (Klan Kosova)
• Recica: If border demarcation fails, PDK ready for elections (Telegrafi)
• “Elections to be held in June, new government: PDK-AAK-NISMA” (Epoka)
• “North privileged by special employment law” (Koha Ditore)
• Fire at medical clinic in Mitrovica north (Klan Kosova)

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Tanin: Only UN Security Council can shut down UNMIK (various media)

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The Committee for Foreign Affairs, met today with Zahir Tanin, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General. After the meeting which lasted more than two hours, Tanin said to the media that UNMIK is a decision of the Security Council and that this is the reason why they are here. He also said that they […]

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Unacceptable behaviour of MP Haradinaj (KIM radio)

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Member of the Assembly of Kosovo Jasmina Živković says that it is unacceptable for MP to use the parliamentary rostrum and blame the whole nation for the legal process. She referred to the Daut Haradinaj’s address at the session of the Kosovo parliament. Živković says that while listening to the translation in the Assembly, she […]

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UNMIK Headlines 5 April

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Coalition admits vote problem with border demarcation deal (Koha Ditore)
Lunacek: No visa liberalisation without ratification of border deal (RTK)
“Visas should be removed, with or without voting on demarcation” (Epoka)
Thaci: We are getting ready to sue Serbia for genocide in Kosovo (Bota)
Assembly session postponed pending Haradinaj’s hearing (Zeri/Koha)
Opposition: Unacceptable for Jablanovic to lead Serbian List (Telegrafi)

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UNMIK Headlines 3 April

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• Vucic claims victory in Serbian presidential elections (dailies)
• Government ready to submit border deal to Assembly (Koha Ditore)
• Haliti: Government will not submit border deal without securing votes (Zeri)
• COMKFOR: Kosovo army, political issue (Zeri)
• Haradinaj doubts France will extradite him to Serbia (Telegrafi)
• Apostolova: Freedom of expression, the most cherished European value (Zeri)
• Turkey concerned Thaci’s son is attending Gulen school (Koha Ditore)

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UNMIK Headlines 01 April

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• Thaci: Political murders should not be used for election campaign (RTK, Lajmi)
• OSCE helps process of Serbian presidential elections in Kosovo (RTK)
• Recica: Creation of army, only through constitutional changes (RTK)
• Discussions on Association to start next week (Koha Ditore)

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UNMIK Headlines 28 March

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Thaci: Only demarcation can bring visa liberalisation (Tribuna Channel)
Despite Serbian List return, coalition experiences a vote crisis (Koha Ditore)
Kosovo government conditions Vucic’s visit (Koha Ditore/Telegrafi)
U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary to visit Kosovo today (Indeksonline)
Kosovo no strategy to manage post-special court indictments situation (Koha)
Assembly MPs visit for the first time Police Station in Zubin Potok (Epoka)
Thirteen displaced families return to Istog municipality (Zeri)

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Serbian List to support border demarcation agreement with Montenegro (Klan Kosova)

By   /  27/03/2017  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

Slavko Simic, leader of the Serbian List which today decided to end its six-month boycott of Kosovo institutions, said at the meeting of the Kosovo Assembly presidency that they are ready to vote in favour of the border demarcation agreement with Montenegro. This, said Simic, would be done “for the sake of the citizens so […]

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Djuric: I respect the Serbian List’s decision to return to the Assembly (media)

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Marko Djuric, head of the Serbian Government’s Office for Kosovo, said today he respects the decision of the Serbian List to return to the Kosovo Assembly. “We know that Albanian representatives have their justifications for the anti-constitutional formation of the army. But this cannot happen, because Serb representatives are not returning to the Kosovo Assembly […]

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Kosovo at NATO Parliamentary Assembly (Klan Kosova)

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Kosovo delegation led by Kosovo Assembly Deputy Presidents, Xhavit Haliti, and Slobodan Petrovic, are participating at the works of NATO Parliamentary Assembly, in Sarajevo. During the three-day “Rose Roth” meeting, of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, they will analyze the political and security situation in the region and countries that are undergoing major security crisis, war against […]

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