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Kurti and Pacolli meet (Lajmi.net)

By   /  13/06/2017  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

Vetevendosje movement’s nominee for Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, met Tuesday morning with the leader of the Alliance for New Kosovo (AKR), Behxhet Pacolli. Lajmi.net has learned from its sources that the meeting took place at Swiss Hotel in Pristina. Media reported about another meeting between these two leaders on Monday. These meetings come […]

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Kurti: Dialogue with Serbia to be based on reciprocity principle (KTV)

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Vetevendosje’s candidate for prime minister, Albin Kurti, said in an interview with KTV that if elected he would not continue talks with Serbia in the same way as in the past and that he would work on establishing direct talks with Kosovo Serbs. “We would not stop dialogue with Serbia but our government would have […]

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Court issues arrest warrant for Vetevendosje’s Albin Kurti (Koha)

By   /  21/04/2017  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

Basic Court in Pristina has issued an arrest warrant for former Vetevendosje leader Albin Kurti for failing to show up at the hearing in connection to use of teargas in Kosovo Assembly. A judge said that Kurti will be issued a detention measure. At the same time, Koha also reports that two Vetevendosje activists have […]

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UNMIK Headlines 20 April

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After Rama, Thaci also threatens EU with national unification (RFE)
Albania-Kosovo unification threats come from frustrated leaders (Kosova Sot)
Thaci: Vote for border demarcation with Montenegro (Bota Sot)
EU Office: Apostolova’s remarks were misunderstood (RTK)
Haradinaj wants new elections: Population should not be tortured (Epoka)
Kurti strikes at politics’ ties with business (Koha Ditore)
Recica: Coalition is not matching as we thought (Lajmi)

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UNMIK Headlines 13 February

By   /  13/02/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports  /  No Comments

• Mustafa: Pace of dialogue to be stepped up (Telegrafi)
• Mustafa: Let us vote the demarcation (Zeri)
• Kurti: Border demarcation agreement is dead (Bota Sot/Zeri)
• Serbian List to return to institutions over the Association (Koha)
• Some PDK MPs speak about elections in May or June (Zeri)
• Haradinaj to Dacic: I was freedom fighter not invader like you (Kosova Sot)

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UNMIK Headlines 10 February

By   /  10/02/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports  /  No Comments

French court postpones decision on Haradinaj (dailies)
Thaci calls on MPs to vote border demarcation (Koha Ditore)
Hoxhaj: We will apply for EU candidacy status this year (Zëri)
Nikolic: The EU is completely on Pristina’s side (RTK)
Kurti: 10 February laid groundwork for freedom and self-determination (Epoka)
CDHRF seeks justice for victims of 10 February 2007 (Epoka e Re)

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Headlines 27 January

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Hodzić: The illegal wall is not part of the EU project (Epoka e Re)
KFOR dismisses media reports of Serbian army presence in Kosovo (Koha)
Krasniqi: Dialogue deteriorated Kosovo-Serbian relations (Epoka)
Special court has no order for Haradinaj’s detention (Koha Ditore)
Minxhozi: Albania would interfere if Kosovo gets into a conflict (media)
Kurti: Albania should not leave Kosovo alone (Telegrafi)
Serbian parliament MP assaulted in Mitrovica (Klan Kosova)

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Headlines 20 January

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EU on a mission to save Kosovo-Serbia dialogue (Koha Ditore)
Merkel requests meeting between Kosovo and Serbia (Gazeta Metro)
Dikovic: KFOR guarantees security in Kosovo (Koha)
Vucic rejects parallels between Kosovo and Crimea (Klan Kosova)
Apostolova: Corruption remains a serious concern (Epoka e Re)
Opening of the Iber River bridge planned for tomorrow, postopned (Lajmi)
Kurti tells why teargas is not being used at the Assembly (Gazeta Metro)
Seven convicted for terrorist activity (Zëri)

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Headlines 8 November

By   /  08/11/2016  /  UNMIK Media Reports  /  No Comments

• Asphyxiation suspected to be the cause of Astrit Dehari’s death (dailies)
• Kurti claims Dehari was killed violently (KTV)
• Ombudsperson launches inquiry into Dehari’s death (RTK/Dukagjini)
• Schwendiman announces quick actions of the specialist chambers (Koha)
• Former EULEX judge, not guilty on corruption charges (Kosova Sot)
• PDK confirms names of two new ministers (Klan Kosova)
• Haliti: There is no need for extraordinary elections (Lajmi)

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Analyst: Temple of Christ the Saviour could be restored if Teodosije and Stojanović would seek the restoration of the Ibar mosque (Kossev, Slobodno Srpski)

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Political analyst Nexhmedin Spahiu says that the question of the Temple of the Christ the Saviour in Pristina could been resolved if the Bishop of the Diocese of Raška and Prizren Teodosije and Deputy Prime Minister, Branimir Stojanović would seek the restoration of the mosque in North Mitrovica, which is located next to the main […]

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Headlines 22 September

By   /  22/09/2016  /  UNMIK Media Reports  /  No Comments

• PM Mustafa meets U.S. President Obama (dailies)
• Assembly to meet today, demarcation not on agenda (Kosova Sot)
• Opposition not in the mood to meet PM Mustafa (Epoka e Re)
• Thaçi: Kosovo people not to be affected by Kurti’s statement (Gazeta Express)
• Jablanović: We will self-organize after Kurti’s statement (Indeksonline)
• North officials not yet convinced about opening of Mitrovica bridge (Koha)
• Đurić: Apology for victims, through dialogue (RTK)
• Dinosha, first Montenegrin ambassador to Kosovo (Koha Ditore)

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Arifi: Kurti’s statement on war, only urges MPs to vote demarcation (Indeksonline)

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Avni Arifi, member of the Presidency of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) today reacted to the statement of Vetëvendosje MP, Albin Kurti, who said that the current demarcation deal might bring war in Kosovo.  Arifi said Kurti’s statement only urges the MPs to vote for the current demarcation agreement.  “Kurti’s threat that voting […]

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