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Request for debate on Special Court returned to Assembly Presidency (Lajmi.net)

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The Assembly of Kosovo might hold during the following days a debate for amendment of the Law on the Special Chambers and the Office of the Specialized Prosecutor. The Commission for Legislation has decided to return the request of six MPs for an Assembly debate on the Special Court, to the Assembly Presidency. “ There […]

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UNMIK Headlines 26 April

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• EU rejects request of suspension of the demarcation criteria (Epoka e Re)
• Thaci: EU should not be manipulated so easily by Serbia (Kosovapress)
• “UN chief not pleased with Kosovo-Serbia dialogue” (Presheva Jone)
• KSF transformation bill to be submitted to Assembly (Zeri)
• Holding two elections, within a year, challenging for CEC (Epoka)
• Gecaj: There is no indication about breakup of PDK-LDK coalition (Koha)
• Gashi: If coalition breaks up, we will request Thaci’s resignation (Koha)
• Lekaj: Haradinaj extradition means destabilization of Kosovo, Balkans (Epoka)
• Daut Haradinaj to be sued for “ethnically clean Kosovo” statement (Kosova Sot)
• Kosovo and Serbia MPs meet in north of Kosovo (Klan Kosova)
• Border police commander’s vehicle set on fire near Leposavic (Kosovapress)
• Special Court to deliver judgment on rules of procedure and evidence (media)

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Iowa native one of 19 judges who will decide Kosovo war crimes cases (Omaha World Herald)

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COUNCIL BLUFFS — Charles L. Smith, a Missouri Valley, Iowa, native and former chief judge of Iowa’s Fourth Judicial District, is one of 19 judges — and the only American — to be named international judges of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers. The Specialist Chambers, which meets at The Hague in the Netherlands, has jurisdiction over […]

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Special Court indictments, by the end of the year (Lajmi.net)

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Despite many statements about the start of Special Court indictments in June of this year, it appears that this will happen six months later. Statement of one of the judges of this Court hinted that the initial indictments cannot be raised before December. Charles L. Smith said for the local daily “Nonpareil” that he “will […]

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Specialist chambers become fully operational (Koha)

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Koha reports that the special court for Kosovo is now up and running following the adoption of the rules of procedure and evidence by specialist chambers judges today. In a press release issued by the Specialist Chambers, the set or rules are described as aiming to enhance the fairness, expeditiousness, efficiency, integrity and security of […]

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Kosovo government allocates over €1.5m for special court indictees (RFE)

By   /  15/03/2017  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

The government of Kosovo has set aside over €1.5 million for legal aid to persons that could be indicted by specialist chamber. The funds were allocated in accordance to a legislation stipulating that persons indicted by the court could seek assistance in covering their legal fees. Analyst Imer Mushkolaj considers funding of legal assistance for […]

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KLA war associations demand change of law on special court (media)

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Representatives of KLA veterans associations have called on the Kosovo Assembly MPs to urgently vote on changing the law on special court so that it included trying crimes committed by Serb forces in Kosovo. KLA war association representatives made the call from inside the Assembly following the French court postponing a decision on the possible […]

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Headlines 27 January

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Hodzić: The illegal wall is not part of the EU project (Epoka e Re)
KFOR dismisses media reports of Serbian army presence in Kosovo (Koha)
Krasniqi: Dialogue deteriorated Kosovo-Serbian relations (Epoka)
Special court has no order for Haradinaj’s detention (Koha Ditore)
Minxhozi: Albania would interfere if Kosovo gets into a conflict (media)
Kurti: Albania should not leave Kosovo alone (Telegrafi)
Serbian parliament MP assaulted in Mitrovica (Klan Kosova)

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Headlines 24 January

By   /  24/01/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports  /  No Comments

Dialogue in the hands of the presidents (Epoka e Re)
“Serbia’s arrest warrants to be discussed in Brussels” (Telegrafi)
Vetevendosje wants special session of Assembly to discuss dialogue (Bota Sot)
Serbian train, focus of Bushati-Mogherini meeting (Koha Ditore)
President Thaci has been denounced before special court (Koha Ditore)
Haradinaj: I will not be extradited to Serbia (Epoka e Re)
No results expected on measuring the territory without the opposition (Epoka)

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Haradinaj’s lawyer dismisses reports his client is wanted by special court (Telegrafi)

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The lawyer for AAK leader Ramush Haradinaj, Arianit Koci, responded to the statements of the Serbian war crimes prosecutor Milan Petrovic that his client will be handed over to the specialist chambers by calling them untrue and speculations. Koci recalled the statement of the special court spokesperson, Avis Benes, earlier in the month saying that […]

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Headlines 23 January

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Thaci and Nikolic to join the EU-facilitated dialogue (Koha Ditore)
Mustafa: The provocative train was stopped by institutions (Fjala)
Lavrov: Albanian forces should not be in Serb-inhabited areas (Kosova Sot)
AAK’s Arifi against upcoming Mustafa-Vucic meeting (RTK)
Serbian List ignores PM Mustafa (Zëri)
Special Court President starts work officially (Zëri)

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Headlines 5 January

By   /  05/01/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports  /  No Comments

• Ramush Haradinaj arrested by French police on a Serbian warrant (media)
• Kocijancic: Actions on the Association should resume in early 2017 (Koha)
• Tahiri: Mitrovica wall to be demolished in January (dailies)
• Thaci: Special court, product of intimidation and killing of witnesses (Epoka)
• LDK MP Gashi calls for dismissal of Kosovo Serb ministers (Epoka)
• Hyseni: Lavdrim Muhaxheri is not in Kosovo (Gazeta Express)

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