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Kosovo chief prosecutor meets Dutch counterpart (Zeri)

By   /  07/03/2018  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

Kosovo’s chief prosecutor, Aleksander Lumezi, met in Pristina today Albert van der Kerk, the Dutch chief public prosecutor for international relations, Zeri and other online media report. Lumezi spoke about the functioning of the prosecutorial system in Kosovo underlining that Kosovo prosecutors are committed and ready to contribute to strengthening the rule of law and […]

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Delawie: Border demarcation, closer than ever (Zeri)

By   /  05/03/2018  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

The U.S. Ambassador to Kosovo, Greg Delawie, said that the ratification of the border demarcation agreement with Montenegro is closer than ever thanks to the “hard work across party lines”. “It is time to bring it across the finish line this week,” Delawie told Kosovo MPs through Twitter.

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Numan Balic dismissed from post of deputy minister (Lajmi/Zeri)

By   /  22/01/2018  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, has dismissed Numan Balic from the post of Deputy Minister of Local Government Administration. Lajmi quotes sources saying the dismissal came as a result of complaints from the Bosniak MPs that Balic does not represent their interests and is their political opponent.

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Apostolova: Initiative to abolish special court, dangerous and unprecedented (Kallxo/Zeri)

By   /  05/01/2018  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

Kallxo reports that European Union considers the initiative for repealing the specialist chambers to be “dangerous” while the head of the EU Office in Kosovo, Nataliya Apostolova, said such a move would undermine Kosovo’s credibility. “Abrogation of Law on Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecution Office would be a dangerous move undermining rule of law and […]

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Isufi: We have evidence showing Cakorr was part of Kosovo (Zeri)

By   /  26/12/2017  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

Member of the Kosovo government’s commission for border demarcation with Montenegro said they have secured evidence showing that the disputed are of Cakorr was under Kosovo’s administration. “There are two border lines, one cadastral and the other administrative. Kosovo has administered this part of the territory and Montenegro never questioned this practice,” Isufi said. He […]

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Vetevendosje’s Haxhiu: Haradinaj broke the law by increasing his own salary (Zeri)

By   /  22/12/2017  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

Vetevendosje MP, Albulena Haxhiu, said Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, broke the law by deciding to increase his own salary as well as those of his cabinet. Citing Kosovo’s Criminal Code, Haxhiu said she would send the case to the anti-corruption agency. “Article 424 of the Criminal Code forbids an official person from deciding […]

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Haradinaj government to “reinvent the wheel” (Zeri)

By   /  11/09/2017  /  Opinions  /  No Comments

The paper’s editor, Lavdim Hamidi, writes in an opinion piece that while a government run by Ramush Haradinaj could last more than his 100 days in office in 2004 when he was forced to resign to face war crimes allegations in The Hague, it is unlikely to endure a four-year mandate in the present situation […]

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UNMIK Headlines 31 August

By   /  31/08/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports  /  No Comments

• Thaci’s initiative for unity team, not supported (Koha Ditore)
• U.S. Senator Johnson visited Kosovo, met Thaci and Mustafa (Koha)
• “President Thaci demands a more dynamic dialogue” (Epoka)
• Mustafa accuses political opponents and former U.S. Ambassadors (Epoka)
• Tim Judah: Thaci has never been in a weaker position (Lajmi)
• Shala: Kosovo Assembly to be constituted during first week of September (Zeri)

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Makolli: AKR is not in discussions with PAN (Zeri)

By   /  28/08/2017  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

Vesel Makolli, general secretary of the New Kosovo Alliance (AKR), told the paper that his party supports eventual agreement between the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) and the Vetevendosje movement. “We are not in discussions with PAN. We are in discussions with our coalition. We had a meeting between Isa Mustafa and Albin Kurti and […]

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UNMIK Headlines 28 August

By   /  28/08/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports  /  No Comments

• LDK-Vetevendosje efforts for agreement intensify (Koha Ditore)
• PAN to continue with Veseli, despite failures (Zeri)
• Brnabic: I do not believe Serbia would recognize Kosovo (media)
• Mustafa: I do not see any possibility for broad-based government (media)
• Serbia threatens FYROM over Kosovo (RTK)
• Bahtiri: AKR to unblock political situation very soon (Lajmi.net)

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UNMIK Headlines 23 August

By   /  23/08/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports  /  No Comments

• Pacolli returns to the party that “strangled” him (Koha)
• Hoxhaj: New government could review demarcation deal (Koha)
• Vucic: I once told Edita Tahiri “leave the room” (RTK)
• McAllister: A legally binding agreement between Kosovo and Serbia (DW)
• Agreement on division of ministries (Zeri)
• Vetevendosje activists released from detention and house arrest (Zeri)
• EU calls for calm after FYROM, Serbia diplomatic incident (Kallxo.com)

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UNMIK Headlines 19 August

By   /  19/08/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports  /  No Comments

• Haziri: LDK to consider Kurti’s proposal (RTK)
• Mustafa: Kosovo needs government with Albanian majority (Gazeta Metro)
• Makolli: Pacolli’s ultimatum intended unification of opposition (Zeri)
• Kosovo to sign petition for membership at UNESCO (media)
• Serwer: Government with 61 votes is not a stability formula (Zeri)
• Rame Buja resigns from PDK (media)

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