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Belgrade Media Report 19 June

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• Vucic talks to MPs as his PM pick proves contentious to some (B92)
• SPS decided to support Brnbic; it expects four seats in her cabinet (VIP)
• Who is against Brnabic will not remain in ruling coalition (Danas)
• David McAllister: The rules regarding Russia also apply to Serbia (Vecernje Novosti)
• Bojan Glamoclija Director of the Russian humanitarian center in Nis responds to espionage accusations (Vecernje Novosti)
• NATO general compares 1999 attack on Serbia to Nagasaki (Politika)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• Covic and Dodik meet, agree not to support amendments to B&H Criminal Code (TV1)
• RS PM Cvijanovic criticizes Ivanic for connecting Questionnaire and Law on Excise Duties (Dnevni list)
• Everyone agrees that there is no ruling majority, but coalitions do exist (Dnevni list)
• Izetbegovic, Zvizdic expect much better co-op with new Serbian President Vucic (N1)
• Interpol has issued red notices after two B&H citizens because of terrorism (RTRS)

• Grabar-Kitarovic: Vucic finally the right partner for talks (Novi List)
• Croatia wants to help Ukraine integrate temporary occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk and the illegal annexation of the Crimea (Telegram)
• Russia criticizes Croatia for its relations with Ukraine again (Telegram)

• Serbian citizens can travel to Montenegro just with ID (RTCG)
• Podgorica should not accept Vucic’s idea on Balkan customs union, it’s a new Russian traps for Montenegro (Pobjeda)

• Macedonia deserves NATO accession, says Turkish FM (MIA)
• Zaev-Cavusoglu: New government opens Euro-Atlantic and economic perspectives (MIA)

• Rama angry at the President: He kept scolding me as if I were extremists (ATA)


• Confirmation of Serbia’s first gay premier thrown into doubt (AP)

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Trajković: Ahead of us interesting period (KIM radio)

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After early parliamentary elections, the most dominant was Self-Determination of  Albin Kurti, says President of the European Movement of Serbs Rada Trajković to KIM radio, and points out that an interesting period awaits the citizens of Kosovo if Kurti and Isa Mustafa form a broad coalition. Trajković predicts problematic continuation of the Brussels agreement, because […]

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Ymeri: The will of Serb voters got distorted by Serbian List (Klan Kosova)

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Vetevendosje leader, Visar Ymeri, wrote on Facebook that the will of Kosovo Serb voters was distorted in 11 June elections through the pressure exercised by the Serbian List. “Initially, this was exercised on other local Serb parties by forcing them to withdraw from elections such as the case with one party who withdrew its list […]

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NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Operations visited KFOR (Koha)

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The NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Operations, H.E. John MANZA visited KFOR Headquarters today. During his visit, H.E. John MANZA was received by Major General Giovanni Fungo, KFOR Commander, and was briefed on the latest developments in the current security and socio-political situation in Kosovo. KFOR Staff particularly highlighted the important results achieved by […]

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O’Connell demands dignified pensions for victims of sexual violence during the war (Koha)

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The Ambassador of the United Kingdom  to Kosovo, Ruairi O’Connell, said during a round-table organized by Kosovo Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims that the future government of Kosovo should establish a pension fund for the survivors of sexual abuse during the war. He demanded for these pensions to be dignifying being that minor sums would […]

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NATO general compares 1999 attack on Serbia to Nagasaki (B92, Politika)

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The bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) was “NATO’s experimental war.” This is according to retired Italian general and NATO military diplomat Biagio di Grazia. In addition, Di Grazia says he saw parallels between the 1999 bombing, and the atomic bomb the US used against the Japanese town of Nagasaki. “It […]

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MEP Urges Kosovo To Work on Visa Liberalisation (Balkan Insight)

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In an interview with BIRN, MEP Tanjа Fajon urges Kosovo’s politicians to take decisive action – if they want their citizens to eventually enjoy visa-free travel into the EU’s passport-free Schengen area. http://bit.ly/2sh1RWC

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OSCE Broadcast 18 June

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• Kurti: Citizens voted for PDK to move to opposition (KTV)
• Haradinaj convinced he will form new Government soon (KTV)
• Djuric: Serbs to have one of top three leading positions in Kosovo (Most monitored broadcasters, RTK1)
• Ballot counting process expected to be completed before June 25th (KTV)
• RAE communities complain that they are living as in a ghetto (KTV)

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UNMIK Headlines 19 June

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LDK and PDK could opt to remain in opposition (Koha Ditore)
Haradinaj facing a painful compromise (Zeri)
Kurti: Kosovo cannot be given away in exchange for posts (Zeri)
Pacolli against any blockade (Gazeta Express)
Diplomats want a government with democratic legitimacy (Koha)
EU expects Kosovo to resume dialogue with Serbia (Koha Ditore)
Djuric: Serbian List wants leading posts in Kosovo (RTK)

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