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Vucic: We’re capable of intervening – but that was nothing (B92, Tanjug)

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Our forces are disproportionately strong in relation to the need to prevent any possibility of anyone carrying out any attack or action against Serbia. President Aleksandar Vucic said this on Thursday, while touring the Jablanica District. “They are so much superior and convincing in every sense, professionally and in numbers,” he stressed, adding that there […]

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UNMIK Headlines 1 March

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• “U.S. delivers harsh blow to Kosovo” (media)
• Klan Kosova lists measures U.S. plans to take against Kosovo in case tax remains
• Haradinaj: Agreement with Serbia to respect Kosovo’s existing borders (media)
• Thaci: Negotiating team members agreed to respect U.S. counsel on tax (media)
• Ahmeti says he did not call for suspension of tax (RTK)
• LDK leader Mustafa describes meeting with President Thaci (media)
• Thaci’s initiative for becoming ‘godfather’ to a PDK-LDK coalition (Zeri)
• Limaj and Ahmeti: Americans asked what our requests are on tax (media)
• Limaj: We will not allow opening of issue of territory of Kosovo (Epoka)
• Konjufca: Government mustn’t lift tariff without recognition (Koha)
• Deda: Thaci did not tell the truth about border correction idea (media)
• Selimi: Thaci plans to undo the Republic (Zeri)
• The personalization of the tax (Kosova Sot)
• Vucic: Serbian forces at Kosovo border in state of emergency (media)
• Ramadani: International partners should react to Vucic’s threats (RTK)
• Dacic: Kosovo issue can be resolved by Serbia and Albania (Express)

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