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Serb reported usurped property in Vucitrn (KoSSev)

By   /  18/07/2019  /  Serb. Monitoring  /  Comments Off on Serb reported usurped property in Vucitrn (KoSSev)

KoSSev portal, citing police report, said a Serb in Vucitrn reported to the Kosovo police that Albanian has usurped his property. The complaint presented documents of the Kosovo Cadastral Agency to prove the ownership over disputed property. The police said they did not manage to find the suspect, and passed the call to him to […]

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Two persons arrested over illegal transplantation and organ trade in Pristina (Radio kontakt plus)

By   /  18/07/2019  /  Serb. Monitoring  /  Comments Off on Two persons arrested over illegal transplantation and organ trade in Pristina (Radio kontakt plus)

Kosovo police said today it arrested two persons in Pristina under suspicion of committing a criminal act of illegal transplantation, organs and human cells trade, Radio kontakt plus reports. The suspects are male of Turkish nationality, and a female citizen of Albania, the police report said. As per prosecutor’s order the arrested were released, and […]

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OSCE Broadcast 17 July

By   /  18/07/2019  /  OSCE broadcast report  /  Comments Off on OSCE Broadcast 17 July

• Haradinaj: Tariff means state; it will not be revoked until Serbia recognizes us (KTV)
• Pelosi says that US will always support Kosovo (All monitored broadcasters, KTV)
• US Congressman Engel hosts Kosovo’s Speaker Kadri Veseli (GazetaExpress)
• Veseli in Washington: Kosovo Assembly – most transparent institution (RTK)
• Vetëvendosje, UK against change of borders (GazetaExpress)
• Stability in Kosovo important for security in Balkans (Gazeta Express)

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UNMIK Headlines 18 July

By   /  18/07/2019  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  Comments Off on UNMIK Headlines 18 July

• Poll: Kosovo citizens do not want border changes (Koha)
• “Germany supports visa liberalisation for Kosovo” (Zeri)
• Haradinaj: If we lift the tariff, we will not have mutual recognition (RTK)
• U.S. House of Representatives Speaker confirms support for Kosovo (Epoka)
• Hoxha: Disappointing if visa liberalisation linked to dialogue with Serbia (media)
• Kosovo official accuses Serbian media of censoring Macron statements (Bota Sot)
• Hoxhaj: Dialogue needs clarity and timeframe (media)
• NATO SACEUR to visit Kosovo today (media)
• Vulin: Kosovo army, biggest threat to security in the Balkans (RFE/Kallxo)
• Germany to build embassy in Pristina (media)

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