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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, October 31, 2019

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, October 31, 2019

Albanian Language Media:

• Hoxhaj to Guterres: Kosovo should become UN member (RTK)
• CEC: Diaspora ballot count not expected to begin today (Kosovapress)
• Daka after Supreme Court decision: We are obliged to count ballots (Telegrafi)
• Rule of law, main topic of today’s LVV-LDK meeting (Telegrafi)
• EULEX: Kosovo did not ask us to be involved on Astrit Dehari’s autopsy (Express)

Serbian Language Media:

• UNSC on Kosovo today, Belgrade will indicate the real situation on the field (RTS)
• Russian Ambassador Botsan-Kharchenko: Kosovo should be the main focus of the UN Security Council (Tanjug, TV Most, TASS)
• Odalovic: What Kurti advocates for moves us away from dialogue (Danas)
• In case of EU accession plan failure, Serbia has a “plan B” (Tanjug, Kurir, B92)
• Bregu: EU in deep crisis, region to connect and focus on reforms (BETA, N1)
• Joksimovic: Serbia was first to start EU accession under new rules (N1)
• Vucic: Peace, stability and cooperation in the region are Serbia’s priorities (Tanjug, B92)
• Fajon: Continuation of dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia EU priority (RTK2, Tanjug)
• British policy in Western Balkans unchanged, UK ambassador in Belgrade says (BETA, N1)


• Macron is Gambling Away EU Influence in Balkans (Balkan Insight)


• Serbia Vows to Adopt New NATO Plan Soon (Balkan Insight)

Humanitarian and Development:

• NGOs call for halt to hydropower (Prishtina Insight)

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Belgrade Media Report 31 October 2019

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United Nations Office in Belgrade

Daily Media Highlights

Thursday 31 October 2019

• Odalovic: Situation on the ground needs to be presented before the UN Security Council (RTS)
• Highest level of cooperation, trust between Serbia, China (Tanjug/RTS)
• Valuable support of EP in establishing dialogue on election conditions (Beta)
• Vucic: Peace, stability, regional cooperation are our priorities (Tanjug/RTS)
• Fajon: No progress in media freedom (FoNet)
• Djuric: Kurti obsessed with expelling everything that is Serbian (RTS)
• McLeod: British interest in Western Balkans unchanged (Beta)
• EU funds as ramp for the Chinese (Novosti)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• RS government submits 22nd Report on B&H to UN Security Council (RTRS)
• Covic: ANP cannot be stated as condition for authority formation and confirms HDZ B&H will not be part of state-level authorities without SNSD (TV1)
• Komsic blames Croats and HDZ BiH for failure to form authorities in Federation of B&H (Klix)
• B&H Presidency members meet with EU officials on Tuesday, present different views on NATO path (Hayat)
• Dodik to propose at RS parliament special session for Bonn powers to be dismissed as unlawful; OHR replies (Hayat)
• Voice of the RS is being met with understanding in official Washington (Srna)
• Croatian PM Plenkovic presents priorities of EU Presidency of Croatia (HRT1)
• Albanian President Meta continues visit to Croatia (Hina)
• Djukanovic: Disappointing EU decisions won’t dash WB countries’ hopes (CDM)
Republic of North Macedonia
• Zaev now says that he will fully implement the Prespa treaty (Republika)
• Zaev rejects Russian joke offer to join the Eurasian Union (Republika)
• Minister Cakaj: Albania fulfilled the conditions to open the negotiations with EU (Radio Tirana)
• President Meta was awarded “The Grand Order of King Tomislav with Sash and Great Morning Star” by President of Croatia (Radio Tirana)


• Zaev fumbles after EU Enlargement let-down (New Europe)

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OSCE Broadcast Report 30 October

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• Supreme Court rules in favour of recounting diaspora ballots (Most monitored broadcasters, KTV)
• CEC recognises Runik ballots as regular (Klan Kosova)
• Guterres: Long break in Belgrade-Prishtinë/Pristina dialogue halted progress (Most monitored broadcasters, RTK)
• Excavation in five Kosovo and Serbia locations to happen in search of missing persons (KTV)
• Kurti and Osmani discuss co-governance (KTV)
• KPC reacts to attack on Prizren prosecutor (Most monitored broadcasters, RTK)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, October 31

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• Guterres: Long break in Belgrade-Pristina dialogue halted progress (media)
• Supreme Court orders CEC to count Diaspora ballots (media)
• Daka: There could be a total recount of votes (media)
• ECAP rejects NISMA’s complaint regarding ballots from Serbia (media)
• Kurti and Osmani meet and discuss new government (media)
• Hoti: We agreed with LVV only on Prime Minister’s post (KTV)
• Kurti: Economic development that employs and integrates all (RTK)
• Djuric: Kurti to say publicly he doesn’t want to meet obligations for Serbs (Klan)
• “Idea of Presevo Valley’s unification with Kosovo is not dead” (RTK/Bota Sot)
• Astrit Dehari’s case to be investigated by Special Prosecution (media)
• EC and Kosovo sign agreement on fighting terrorism (media)
• Police special units launch operation in Mitrovica South and other locations (Indeksonline)

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