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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, December 18, 2019

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, December 18, 2019

Albanian Language Media:

• Constitutive session of new Kosovo Assembly next Thursday (media)
• Thaci turns down invitation to Balkans Mini-Schengen summit (media)
• Kurti: Let us see if LDK barricades further or we reach agreement (Express)
• “Mustafa, Kurti to overcome obstacles before new assembly session”
• “Kosovo, Serbia to implement agreements before finale of dialogue” (Koha)
• Tahiri: War, if Serbia doesn’t recognise Kosovo in current borders (Klan Kosova)
• Fajon on visa liberalisation for Kosovo (Gazeta Metro)
• Trial on Oliver Ivanovic’s murder to start on 30 December (RTK)
• Veseli: “Syri i popullit” activated to hide failure of LDK – LVV agreement (Express)

Serbian Language Media:

• Serbian List: Edita Tahiri’s statement raises unrest and incites hatred among communities in Kosovo (TV Most)
• Balkans 2020: No brightening (DW, B92)
• UNMIK Head Zahir Tanin reacts to desecration of Orthodox cemetery in Lipljan (Social media)
• OSCE Mission in Kosovo condemns desecration of Serban Orthodox cemetery in Lipljan (Social media)
• Zyberaj: Pacolli forwarded evidence of Serbia’s genocide to prosecution; Djuric: Primitive chauvinist campaign (KoSsev)
• Dacic: Albanians frustrated because of incoming indictments (Tanjug, TV Happy)
• Serbian List won’t prevent forming of Kosovo institutions (Beta, N1)
• Politika: Calling the elections on March 8th, to the polls on April 26th (NMagazin, Beta)
• UAE: Serbia’s journalist is on ‘blacklist’ on some other Govt. request (N1, B92, Beta, Tanjug)
• Ivanovic’s nephew: There is no indictment for execution and organization of murder (Radio kontakt plus)
• Oliver Ivanovic murder trial on December 30th (Kosovo Online, RTV Puls)
• Lawyer Vasic: Prosecutor proposes house arrest measure for Markovic, Jovanovic and Arsovic (Kosovo online)
• Lawyer Halimi: No new evidence against Rosic (KoSSev)
• Odalovic: Serbia cannot shed light on destinies of missing persons alone (RTS)
• Ombudsman: There is no improvement in the accountability of institutions (RTV Puls)
• Lawyer Vlajic: We will appeal when the Todosijevic verdict arrive (Kosovo Online)


• BIRN Launches Updated Map of Balkan War Crime Verdicts (Balkan Insight)
• Belgrade Appoints Serb Officials in Northern Kosovo (Balkan Insight)


• Gorazdevac: Young people are most disappointed and most dissatisfied part of society (KoSSev, Radio Gorazdevac)
• Serbian Museum Puts Mestrovic’s Vidovdan Sculptures on Display (Balkan Insight)

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Belgrade Media Report 18 December

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• Brnabic: Serbia-Slovenia relations at highest level (Tanjug)
• Sarec: Serbia belongs in EU, no alternative to that (Tanjug)
• Upward trend in development of cooperation with Russian Federation (Tanjug/RTS)
• Godfrey: I want to give my best to improve Washington – Belgrade relations (RTS/Beta)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• Zvizdic says new B&H CoM will be formed by 30 December (N1)
• New majority in SC assembly submits initiative for dismissal of current SC government (BHT1)
• ZDC: SDA, SBB B&H and DF will follow stance of party bodies re reshuffling (FTV)
• Cvijanovic: TurkStream brings energy independence and lower gas prices to RS (Srna)
• Presidential candidates face off in TV debate (Hina/HTV)
• Religious Freedom Law to be reached through the dialogue (RTCG)
• Montenegro and China: Plans afoot for visa liberalization (CDM)
• Hodges: Kremlin doesn’t want stability of the Balkan region (Pobjeda)
Republic of North Macedonia
• EU doesn’t trust Zaev, is waiting for his replacement, the vetting will wait for the new government (Republika)
• Albanian opposition parties preparing a coalition to take on DUI (Republika)
• Parliament meets over the blocked SDSM election request (Republika)
• PM’s Office responds to Haradinaj on next ‘mini Schengen’ meeting (ADN)
• Regional meeting of Western Balkans to be held on 20-21 December in Tirana (Radio Tirana)


• Serbia will not rush to join the EU until it is truly ready (EurActiv)
• State capture threatens Serbia’s EU integration process (EurActiv)

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OSCE Broadcast Report 17 December

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• No more meetings between VV and LDK, President holding them hostage (KTV)
• Vraniqi: VV hasn’t supported or opposed any nominee for President (RTKLive)
• Veseli holds Presidency meeting on Wednesday regarding constitutive session (RTKLive)
• Minister Shala physically assaults IndeksOnline journalist (RTK)
• With few justifications, outgoing Government allocates millions from state budget (KTV)
• Pacolli submitted war crime dossiers to Prosecution Office (RTKLive)
• Indictment against Kujtim Gashi filed for abusing official position (KTV)
• Lipljan Orthodox Cemetery targeted by vandals once again, Kosovo police have no information about the perpetrators? (Kossev)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, December 18

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• Assembly prepares for constitutive session, VV-LDK no agreement yet (media)
• Hoti: If we don’t get post of President, we will go in opposition (Indeksonline)
• Arben Gashi: Negotiations for a coalition take time (RTK)
• Bahtiri: LVV- LDK coalition will be reached, never with PDK (Telegrafi)
• Nagavci: LVV structures did not discuss post of President (Kallxo)
• Rakic: Serbian List will not impede creation of institutions (RTK)
• Land swap idea damaged Kosovo’s position in dialogue, poll shows (media)
• Rama invites Thaci to summit on Balkans Mini-Schengen (media)
• Pacolli submits war crime files to the prosecution (RTK)
• NISMA leader Limaj’s advisor wounded in Pristina (media)

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