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Belgrade Media Report 31 January

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• Vucic thanks Tajikistan for not recognizing Kosovo (Beta/RTS/Tanjug)
• Potential for improvement of cooperation with Tajikistan (Tanjug/Beta)
• Borrell: I will be personally involved in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue (Tanjug/B92)
• Dialogue with Pristina after taxes are lifted (FoNet)
• Serbian delegation to PACE on Montenegrin Law on Religious Freedom (Tanjug)
• Von Cramon: Vucic leads country in authoritarian way, Serbia leaves EU path (Danas/FoNet)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• Covic says B&H can get status of EU candidate in May – Zvizdic: We never discuss deadlines or conditions in Brussels (N1)
• SDA’s Osmanovic: SNSD cannot get post of Federation of B&H Vice President but we are willing to discuss entering of SNSD to Federation of B&H government (Oslobodjenje)
• Zaimovic: Covic’s optimism that election law of B&H will be amended by end of March in the form proposed by HDZ B&H is absolutely unrealistic (FTV)
• EU Court rules it has no jurisdiction in Slovenia’s border case against Croatia (Hina)
• Brexit not expected to significantly disrupt Croatian economy (Hina)
• Djukanovic: It isn’t about the Law and property, it’s about the state (CDM)
• Amfilohije declines to comment on the proposal for a unique opposition list (Pobjeda)
• Serbian Eliot Ness – the source of false information (Pobjeda)
Republic of North Macedonia
• Byrnes expects a smooth transition of power following the elections (Republika)


• Will UK’s policy towards Western Balkans change after Brexit? (Al Jazeera)
• US calls on Belgrade, Podgorica to constructive dialogue about religion law (VOA)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, January 31, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• Presidency of the Assembly decides: Session on voting Kurti’s proposed government on Monday (media)
• Konjufca: I will not resign, Kurti’s government to be voted on 3 February (media)
• Thaci welcomes announcement for voting new government next week (media)
• Haradinaj: We will not vote a Kurti-led government (media)
• Kosovo FM Pacolli protests Borrell not meeting government representatives (Express)
• NISMA appoints head of parliamentary group, AKR objects (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Vucic meets Borrell (Tanjug, B92)
• The Serbian List will not be a hindrance in constituting a government in Pristina (RTS)
• EP’s Von Cramon: It’s not OK for Vucic and Thaci to get away and do whatever they want because Brussels only asks them about dialogue (Danas, FoNet, N1, KoSSev)
• US calls on Belgrade, Podgorica to constructive dialogue about religion law (Beta, VoA, N1)
• The Western Balkans will not benefit from Brexit – there are no shortcuts (Tanjug, B92)


• EU Renews Efforts to Resume Kosovo-Serbia Talks (AP/NYT)
• Slain Kosovo Serb Politician’s Administrator ‘Part of Murder Gang’ (Balkan Insight)
• Stoltenberg: NATO is working on reopening lower air space over Kosovo (EWB)
• Kosovo passed the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act (EWB)


• What does the World Health Organization’s decision to declare global emergency mean? (Tanjug, B92)
• EU helps tackle air pollution in Kosovo with €76.4 million (EC)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, January 31

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• Borrell calls on parties to form government soon (media)
• Kurti comments on meeting with Borrell (media)
• Kurti wants Assembly vote on his government on February 3 (media)
• LVV: We want to go to the session with reached agreement with LDK (RTK)
• Mustafa says LDK to vote in favor of LVV minority government if deal fails (media)
• Haziri: Either government with LVV or in the opposition (T7)
• Beqiri: A minority government, worse than new elections (media)
• Serbian List will not obstruct formation of Kurti government (media)
• Haradinaj doesn’t attend meeting with Borrell, sends Tahiri (media)
• Borrell visits cultural heritage sites in Prizren (Koha Ditore)
• EU pledges funds to help Kosovo tackle air pollution (media)
• Geci: They made me offers to testify against Thaci, Veseli and Haradinaj (Telegrafi)

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