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Belgrade Media Report 31 March

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Várhelyi to Vucic over phone: 15 million Euros to Serbia for urgent needs (RTS)
Brnabic: Our experts to consult with Chinese experts on all future decisions (Tanjug/Beta)
Joksimovic: Cooperation with Hungary in overcoming consequences of COVID-19 (Tanjug)
Stefanovic: 80,000 Serbian citizens in self-isolation (TV Pink/Tanjug)
The worst day for Serbia – seven more deaths (RTS)
Kon: 24 hour curfew only if situation gets much worse suddenly (N1)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Cvijanovic: Veto of Bosniak Caucus on decision to declare state of emergency stops effective fight against pandemic (ATV)
RS Crisis Headquarters adjusts measures and prolongs them until 13 April (ATV)
RS MoI denies controlling entrance from Federation of B&H to RS (ATV)
Data of B&H Association of Independent Trade Unions show more than 7,000 workers in B&H got laid off because of coronavirus pandemic (BHT1)
B&H receives assistance in fight against Coronavirus (RTRS/N1/FTV)
In B&H 379 persons infected, three people die (O kanal)
RS: 201 people positive for COVID-19, 11 recover (ATV)

Government temporarily closes six maritime border crossings for passengers (HRT)
Croatia reports 77 new cases (Hina)

Djukanovic congratulates Pendarovski on NATO accession (CDM)
Coronavirus epidemic in Montenegro is under control, says Mugosa (CDM)
Montenegro reports 14 new coronavirus cases (CDM)
Republic of North Macedonia

Stoltenberg: NATO membership means that a potential attack on North Macedonia triggers response from the whole Alliance (MIA)
Filipche: Linear growth of new cases encouraging (MIA)

Government expects unemployment to rise (Top Channel/ADN)
Number of infected in Albania reached 243 (Top Channel)
Head of Microbiology lab gets infected with COVID-19 (ADN)


Serbia’s coronavirus state of emergency measures draw eyes of human rights groups (AP)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, March 31, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• Two new cases with coronavirus confirmed (media)
• Import tariff to be lifted on April 1, full reciprocity to enter into force (RFE)
• Svecla informs OSCE chief on measures to combat COVID-19 (RTK)
• Serbs don’t report coronavirus cases to Kosovo institutions (Radio Free Europe)
• Kosovo budget risks losing €200 million (Radio Free Europe)
• EU allocates €63 million for Kosovo’s economic recovery (RTK)
• Ahmeti: Interior Ministry decided to ban public transport Kosovo-wide (Koha)

Serbian Language Media:

• Djuric: We expect more confirmed cases (Kosovo Online)
• Epidemiologists to arrive to Mitrovica North (KIM radio, Kontakt plus radio)
• Spiric: One more person in Mitrovica North infected with Covid-19 (Radio kontakt plus, KoSSev)
• Serwer: New elections are not possible in Kosovo, Richard Grenell’s attention doesn’t mean much (Kosovo Online)
• New 44 confirmed coronavirus cases in Serbia, with 3 more deaths yesterday (B92)
• “Serious deterioration – a prerequisite for introducing 24-hour curfew” (B92, N1)


• Lesson No 1 From Pandemic – We’re all Interdependent (Balkan Insight)


• Thaci Push for Unity Government in Kosovo Deemed Futile (Balkan Insight)
• Kosovo Specialist Chambers: Providing compensations for victims (EWB)
• Kosovo-Serbia Agreement: Why is the Trump Administration Fast-Tracking a Hasty Deal? (Medium.com)
• Dismantling democracy? Virus used as excuse to quell dissent (AP)


• Belgrade Takes Charge of Kosovo Serbs With COVID-19 (Balkan Insight)
• Domestic violence shelters keeping their heads above water during pandemic (Prishtina Insight)
• Two men arrested for domestic violence in Istog (Express)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, March 31

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• 12 new cases of coronavirus confirmed (media)
• President Thaci invites Kurti to meeting (media)
• Veseli: Whoever incites conflict will have no room here (RTK)
• Mustafa reacts to Bahtiri’s statement (media)
• Charges files against Mitrovica South Mayor (Indeksonline)
• Acting Interior Minister files charges against Thaci (media)
• US gives Kosovo $1.1 million to fight coronavirus (media)
• Lajcak to start his duty as EU Envoy for dialogue in two days (RFE, RTK)
• Haradinaj: Kurti gave up the tariff, if he kept it, I would support him (RTK)
• “If Kurti does not meet Thaci, we call it a constitutional silence” (RTK)

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