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Belgrade Media Report 8 April 2020

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United Nations Office in Belgrade

Daily Media Highlights

Wednesday 8 April 2020


Brnabic: Great importance of China’s support and assistance to combat coronavirus (RTS/Tanjug)
Serbia receives assistance from Turkey (RTS)
Defense Ministry: Russian teams disinfected over 150,000 square meters in Serbia (Beta/Politika)
Russian analyst: Serbia shifting direction (Beta/Nezavisimaya Gazeta)
SzS: Vucic continuing campaign, delaying donations (Beta)
Curfew from Friday through Monday (Tanjug/B92)
In Serbia 219 new cases and four deaths (RTS)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Dodik: Experts say peak of epidemic in B&H will be reached at beginning of May (FTV)
Law on Mitigation of Negative Economic Consequences Caused by Coronavirus Pandemic submitted into parliamentary procedure (Hayat)
B&H CoM appoints members of delegation that will lead negotiations on potential credit loan agreements between B&H and IBRD (FTV)
IMF ensures crisis package for B&H worth USD 330 million; Dodik: This assistance is not operational because of inability to reach agreement between entities and FB&H cantons (RTRS)
Dodik: B&H Central Bank did nothing to help authorities, economy (FTV)
Dzaferovic: US and Slovenia to provide assistance to B&H (Oslobodjenje)
Italian Ambassador Minasi: Coronavirus epidemic is test for cooperation between EU and B&H, you should establish an umbrella crisis HQ at level of state (Nezavisne)
Kosarac on possible establishing of nuclear waste disposal at Trgovska Gora (O kanal)
New official data on the number of infected people with coronavirus in B&H (N1)

EU member countries did not manage to come to an agreement on a plan for economic recovery after the coronavirus pandemic (HRT)
Croatia postpones Zagreb Summit (HRT)
New official data on the number of infected people in Croatia (HRT/N1)

Djukanovic: Montenegro and Turkey together in fight against COVID-19 (CDM)
Police arrest person suspected of leaking list of persons infected with COVID-19 (CDM)
Confirmed coronavirus cases in Montenegro rise to 248 (CDM)
Republic of North Macedonia

Dimitrov: Citizens to be cautious, state of emergency is fertile soil for fake news (MIA)
Pendarovski-Stoltenberg: Joined allied forces to curb COVID-19 pandemic (MIA)
Eighteen new cases of coronavirus in North Macedonia and 2 deaths (MIA)

Albania requests NATO aid in medical supplies (Tirana Times)
Synchronizing policies between Albania and Kosovo, an opportunity to save tourism this year (Radio Tirana)
Coronavirus cases rise again after Albania hit lowest number (ADN)


Serbia, coronavirus, and autocracy (Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, April 8, 2020

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, April 8, 2020

Albanian Language Media:

• Kurti visits Klina, Peja and Gjakova (media)
• Thaci thanks Erdogan for medical aid to Kosovo (media)
• Veseli welcomes World Justice Project index ranking Kosovo on 54th place (media)
• Police lieutenant arrested for failing to respect government measures (media)
• Kurti on Roma Day: We will fight poverty through education (media)
• Germany supports Kosovo with two grants worth over €13 million (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• In Serbian areas three new cases, a total of 36 infected individuals (Kosovo Online)
• Rasic: Belgrade ignored rise of infection in northern Kosovo (RTK2, Kontakt plus radio, Beta, N1)
• Serbian List: Rasic once again showed he is disgrace of Serbian people (TV Most)
• VoA: Serb majority municipalities received insufficient medical assistance; a difficult situation at the clinic in Laplje Selo (Kontakt plus radio)
• USAID Director Magno: US assistance targets everyone in Kosovo (KIM Radio)
• WHO warns against easing coronavirus measures ‘too early’ (B92. VoA)
• Three more deaths in Serbia; “We will reach peak now, next 10 days are crucial” (B92)
• Weekend coronavirus related curfew extended from Friday to Monday in Serbia (RTS, N1, Tanjug)
• Djuric: Hospital in Mitrovica North to receive respirator and 1000 protective garments (KoSSev)
• Lawyer: Health condition of Zlatan Krstic rapidly deteriorates (Kosovo-online)
• EU and Western Balkans leaders’ summit postponed over Covid-19 (RTS)


• Applauding Kurti’s Fall, the US is Testing Kosovo’s Loyalty (Balkan Insight)


• Kon: If we want to impose more drastic measures, we should do it now (B92)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, April 8

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• 19 new cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Kosovo on Tuesday (media)
• KFOR donates medical equipment to Mitrovica North and South (RTK)
• U.S. Embassy commends health workers for fighting COVID-19 (media)
• Kosovo Assembly President Vjosa Osmani’s interview to KTV
• Konjufca: LVV could not return the north under control for 52 days (media)
• Abrashi: LDK does not want new elections (media)
• Kurti announces dismissal of water company senior officials (media)
• Von Cramon: There could be new steps in visa liberalisation process (Kallxo)

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