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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, April 9, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• Kurti discussed pandemic, dialogue with Serbia in telephone call with Macron (media)
• Kurti plans to have two teams for dialogue with Serbia (Koha)
• Kurti in Malisheva: April, decisive in fight against COVID – 19 (media)
• Vitia: Malisheva will lack no protection kits (media)
• “COVID – 19 could result in long-term loss at work and production” (media)
• MEPs: After the crisis, new elections may be the right way forward (Kallxo)

Serbian Language Media:

• Possibility of further restriction of movement, Vitia: No decision will be made without 100% coordination with Rakic (KoSSev)
• Two new Covid-19 infection cases in Serb-populated areas in Kosovo (Kosovo-online)
• Jevtic in strongest terms condemns Rasic’s statement (Radio kontakt plus)
• Bilčík: Freedom of expression, media to be guaranteed during state of emergency (N1, Danas)
• Dr Kon: Total ban on any contact; 219 new cases of coronavirus in Serbia yesterday (B92)
• EU earmarks 800 million Euro in pandemic aid for Western Balkans and Turkey (N1)


• World Powers Use Pandemic to Flex Muscles in Balkans (Balkan Insight)


• Kosovo’s Kurti Assures EU Of Commitment To Dialogue With Serbia (RFE)


• China takes new measures fearing that the epidemic might reappear (B92, Tanjug)
• Kosovo Company Manufactures 3D Ventilator to Fight COVID-19 (Balkan Insight)
• ‘Destructive’ hydropower construction continues despite lockdown (Prishtina Insight)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, April 9

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• 14 new cases of COVID-19 in Kosovo (media)
• Health Minister: You will save lives by following the rules (media)
• Health minister to take decisions to prevent spread of COVID-19 (media)
• Kurti, Lajcak exchange views on pandemic, dialogue with Serbia (media)
• Veliu reacts to Osmani, calls her “Thaci’s translator” (Koha)
• “Kosovo battling two pandemics: COVID-19 and irresponsible politicians” (media)
• PDK’s Veseli on possible coalition with Vetevendosje (Indeksonline)
• Op-ed: Why Lajcak is wrong choice for EU envoy (EUObserver)

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