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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, April 23, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• Thaci sends official request for PM candidate to Mustafa (media)
• Isa Mustafa refuses to be PM candidate (Ekonomia Online)
• Hoti as PM candidate: We will fight pandemic, govt will lead the dialogue (media)
• Bislimi: If Thaci violates Constitution, he will be dismissed (Indeksonline)
• UNICEF, USAID deliver hygiene packages to families in need (media)
• Civil society associations urge citizens to pay tribute to missing persons (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Vucic: “If anyone thinks it’s time for someone to physically take away Valac and Gazivode, I beg them not to” (B92, Tanjug)
• Serb National Forum: What happened with “we will not give Gazivode away”? (KoSSev)
• Three new cases of Covid-19 infection in north, four persons have recovered (Kosovo-online)
• Vucic: ”We’re paying for a lot of things in KiM, not because all perform their duties, but we want to strengthen the
healthcare system there” (KoSSev)
• Kurti accepts Rasic’s resignation (RTK2)
• “Movement ban to be harmonized with working hours of institutions” (Radio KIM)
• Harassment of journalists and lawyer, their vehicles photographed (Radio KIM)
• Journalists’ associations request police to determine who harassed journalists in Kuzmin (Radio KIM)
• 21st anniversary of the NATO bombing of Radio Television of Serbia (RTS, B92, N1)
• 22 years ago first massive kidnappings of Serbs in Kosovo started (Kosovo-online)
• Cadez, Palmer discuss regional economic integration after pandemic (Beta, N1)
• Vucic announces curfew for weekend from Friday to Monday (B92)


• Let Bill Clinton’s failed Kosovo strategy wither amid the COVID-19 pandemic (The Washington Times)
• Trump’s Political Survival Will Shape the Western Balkans (Balkan Insight)


• Kosovo Closer to Getting new LDK-AAK Government (Balkan Insight)
• Thaci offers govt mandate to ‘whoever can command majority’ (Prishtina Insight)
• Kosovo, political crisis in times of coronavirus (Osservatorio)


• Pandemic measures further complicate problems with human rights in the Western Balkans (EWB)
• Pandemic-Era Online Schooling Exposes Big Balkan Disparities (Balkan Insight)

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Belgrade Media Report 23 April

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Vucic: If anyone thinks it’s time to physically take Valac and Gazivode, I ask them not to (B92/Tanjug)
Vucic: EC did not offer financial aid, but favorable loans Serbia does not need (Beta/B92/RTS)
Cadez, Palmer discuss regional economic integration after pandemic (Beta)
Interior Ministry: No migrant has ever been returned to Serbia from Austria (Beta)
Another 162 cases, 1,063 patients recovered (RTS)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Solak: Order banning movement was not annulled by B&H CC (Hayat)
FB&H Minister of Health announced the possibility of relaxation of the restrictive measure of prohibition on movement as of the next week (N1)
RS Main Coordination Team proposes easing of certain measures as of 27 April (BHT1)
Dodik: New IMF loan is acceptable because interest rate is 1.05 percent low and grace period is 39 months (RTRS/Sputnik)
Tegeltija informs members of Dutch-Belgium Constituency of WB, IMF that all levels of power reacted with adequate measures to the Coronavirus and that health-epidemiological situation in B&H is under control (RTRS)
HDZ B&H calls on SDA to stop obstructions of IMF funds (FTV)
Izetbegovic: We do not need new problems (Dnevni avaz)
Radoncic: Illegal migrants need to be deported from B&H (FTV)
EU assistance for B&H will amount to 250 million Euros; Serbia excluded from the package (N1)
New Serbian donation to RS delivered to Banja Luka (RTRS)
Assistance from Azerbaijan to arrive today (Dnevni avaz)
In B&H 45 new cases as of this morning, 1,413 in total (N1)

Plenkovic announces three stages of reactivation (HRT)
Plenkovic discusses restarting tourism with EU leaders (HRT)
There are 31 newly reported cases of coronavirus in Croatia today, in total 1,981 (N1)

Simovic: We must listen to what professionals say (CDM)
Montenegro to trial coronavirus treatment using blood plasma from recovered patients (CDM)
One more person tests positive for coronavirus (CDM)
Republic of North Macedonia

Spasovski: Weekday curfew and weekend lockdown shortened as of Thursday (MIA)
Spasovski: New measures – path to stabilization and defining circumstances of life (MIA)
Thirty MPs sign SDSM initiative for parliament’s reconvening (MIA)
DUI hasn’t seen SDSM’s initiative, calls for consensus in decision-making (MIA)
Public administration in North Macedonia goes back to working full hours (Republika)
Today 29 recovered and 41 new Covid-19 positive cases in North Macedonia (Libertas)

Minister reveals plan for loosening pandemic measures (ADN)
Lajcak: Albania is playing an important role in the Western Balkan region (Radio Tirana)
Basha thanked EC for assistance to Albania (Radio Tirana)
Albanian lawmakers approve state of emergency extension (ADN)
Albania hits for second time highest number of daily new cases (ADN)


Jews, Serbs and Roma join WWII concentration camp commemorations in Croatia (AP)
Coronavirus: Hungary-Serbia Re-open 3 Border Crossings for Commuters (Hungary Today)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, April 23

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• Covid-19: 26 new cases confirmed, ten recoveries (media)
• President Thaci offers mandate to whoever can secure majority (media)
• Kurti: We will send President to Constitutional Court (media)
• Kurti to Thaci: We have not yet replied to request for proposing PM candidate (Telegrafi)
• Osmani: Thaci cannot speak on my behalf (media)
• Abazi: Thaci is using Mustafa to divide LDK (media)
• Haziri: Osmani’s post not undermined despite new circumstances (Telegrafi)
• Hasani: President trying to command political will in unconstitutional fashion (RFE)
• Haradinaj will ask his party to give one ministry to PSD (Indeksonline)
• Krasniqi: Kurti has no right to enter Assembly anymore (TV Dukagjini)
• Serbian List against new elections (RTK)
• EP rapporteur slams Thaci’s decision for new government (media)
• Lajcak thanks regional leaders for supporting dialogue (media)

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