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Belgrade Media Report 12 May 2020

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United Nations Office in Belgrade

Daily Media Highlights

Tuesday 12 May 2020


Vucic: I expect more from the Trump administration than from Albright and Engel (Tanjug/Novosti)
Vucic: Nothing will be achieved by violence in Serbian politics (B92/Tanjug)
Botsan-Kharchenko: Final solution for Kosovo and Metohija needs to be approved by UNSC (Politika)
Djuric: Soluiton can be sought with respect of international law (Tanjug/RTV)
US says Moscow welcome to join Kosovo dialogue (Beta/RFE)
Lajcak: Land swap between Serbia, Kosovo not on agenda (APA/RFE/KoSSev/Beta)
Another 67 cases, 3,600 recovered (RTS)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Elections to be postponed for 8 November being that funds for preparing and holding of local elections have not been secured (Dnevni avaz)
CEC gives green light for appointment of Lucic for Minister of Human Rights of B&H (Vecernji list)
Lajcak on the phone with Izetbegovic, welcome Presidency of B&H’s initiative regarding acceleration of EU path of B&H (Dnevni list)
Deputy Mayor of Sarajevo and Archbishop Puljic meet to discuss mass for Bleiburg (O kanal)
Dodik: Announcement of mass for Bleiburg victims deeply disturbed public (ATV)
US Embassy on mass for Bleiburg in Sarajevo: We must all focus on true values (N1)
Mesic: No one was killed in Bleiburg (FTV)
SDA asks Cardinal Puljic and Vrhbosna Archdiocese to reassess decision on holding the mass for Bleiburg (BHT1)
Cvitanovic: Attacks on Cardinal Puljic are part of strategy according to which there is no room for Croats in B&H (Vecernji list)
WHO: Epidemiological situation in B&H is satisfactory (Dnevni avaz)
RS Crisis HQ abolishes local and border crossing quarantines (RTRS)
B&H Covid-19 stats: Country’s total at 2,158 (N1)

Skoro and Croatian Sovereigntists sign coalition agreement (Hina)
Restart Coalition denies negotiations with MOST (TCN)
New COVID-19 measures take effect at Croatian airports (HRT)
Croatia confirms 11 new coronavirus cases (N1)

Danilovic endangers the results of the fight against the coronavirus (RTCG)
Complaints about the police threatening freedom of religion (RTCG)
Republic of North Macedonia

Measures still in force, elections could be discussed after continual drop in infections: deputy health minister (MIA)
Osmani encourages believers to skip mosques (MIA/TV 24)
One patient dies 10 new cases and five recover from Covid-19 (Republika)

Electoral Reform to be concluded within May (Radio Tirana)
Albanian gov’t working to legalize cultivation of medical cannabis (Tirana Times)
Lowest number of infected in Albania reported for second day in a row (ADN)


Serbia raises €2bn from 7-year Eurobond (bne IntelliNews)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, May 12, 2020

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, May 12, 2020

Albanian Language Media:

• “Grenell committed to cooperation with Kosovo and Serbia” (Klan Kosova)
• Thaci meets EULEX chief, discusses measures for overcoming pandemic (media)
• Stricter measures to be introduced if Covid-19 cases increase (Koha)
• Prishtina municipality alarms: Increasing number of cases (media)
• PSD will not be part of an eventual LDK-led government (Ekonomia Online)
• Kosovo, St. Lucia agree on visa-free travel for official passport holders (media)
• LDK keeps the agreement with Serbian List secret (Ekonomia Online)
• Selmanaj: Vjosa Osmani should respect laws and Constitution (RTK)
• Kurti and German Ambassador talk about recovery after pandemic (Kallxo)

Serbian Language Media:

• Botsan-Kharchenko: Russia’s interpretations of Kosovo position have raised doubts (media)
• “Without Russian ‘yes’ there can be no solution for Kosovo” (Vecernje Novosti, Kosovo-online)
• Djuric reacts to Lajcak’s statement; says solution for Kosovo must be within UN SC Resolution 1244 (Kosovo-online)
• No new cases of Covid-19 infection in Serb-populated areas in Kosovo (Kosovo-online)
• UNS: We will protect Serb journalist from RTK2, she has right to use term Kosovo and Metohija (Kosovo-online)
• SL: Announced dismissal of RTK2 journalist latest pressure on Serbs (Radio Mitrovica Sever)
• Nicic: ”Colleagues in RTK 2 are not free to do their job” (Kosovo Online)
• Pavicevic: Doctor and nurse temporarily halted at Jarninje, then in Pec again (Kosovo, Radio Gorazdevac)
• Beta: ”French Le Figaro says Vucic using crisis to show he is savior” (N1)
• Detention of Zlatan Krstic extended for two more months (Radio KIM)


• In Kosovo, Distrust of Hague War Crimes Court Simmers (Balkan Insight)
• Kon: We clearly show that we do not behave in line with the recommended measures (B92)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, May 12

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• Health Institute: 11 new confirmed cases (media)
• A Kosovo government official infected with COVID-19 (media)
• Ahmeti: No indication Prishtina can be placed under quarantine (Indeksonline)
• Grenell’s spokesman: All are welcome to contribute with ideas (media)
• EU Special Representative Lajcak firmly against land swap idea (media)
• Hoxhaj: PDK is against territorial exchange and border changes (media)
• Haradinaj: EU silence over border changes idea creates insecurity (media)
• Osmani: Serbia silently carrying out ethnic cleansing in Presevo Valley (media)
• Shala: Vetevendosje was quite soft compared to the circumstances (media)
• LDK’s Bajrami: Kurti responsible for government’s fall (Koha)
• Haxhiu calls on authorities to ‘seriously’ treat two rapes in Mitrovica (media)

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