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Belgrade Media Report 29 May

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Brnabic: Why do we currently face regional instabilities? (Tanjug/B92)
Vucic: When they can’t blame Macron or Kurz – let’s step on Vucic (Tanjug/B92)
Brnabic: Perfectly clear message about Serbian citizens being unwanted (TV B92/Beta)
EU sets aside €70m in non-repayable aid to Serbia (RTS/Tanjug/RTV)
Further relaxation of restrictive measures in Serbia and North Macedonia (Tanjug/Beta)
Dacic, Jovanovic say they share strategic goals (N1)
Bilcik: Criticism of Lajcak undermines the EU as an actor (Beta/EWB)
US Ambassador to OSCE: Russian arms and deals with China harm Serbia’s EU path (FoNet)
Another 54 cases, 6,524 recovered (RTS)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

FB&H Prime Minister Fadil Novalic arrested (Dnevni avaz)
FB&H HoR session interrupted, DF and opposition request resignation of government (N1)
Prosecutors: Respirators procured from China inadequate for Covid-19 treatment (N1)
SDA Secretary General Zukic banned from entering US (FTV)
B&H HoP in session: Izetbegovic and Covic present different stances on distribution of IMF funds (FTV)
Discussion on registering of military property in B&H restarted after statement of B&H Minister Podzic (BHT1)
New attack on the property of Republika Srpska (Glas Srpske)
Tegeltija: B&H opens borders for all neighbors without restrictions; Croatia open its borders for citizens of some countries, but not for B&H (ATV)
Another 22 coronavirus cases reported in B&H, 11 of them in Tesanj (N1)

Croatia opens borders to 10 EU countries (HRT)
No new coronavirus cases, disease takes another life (HRT)

The motive of media campaign against Montenegro: When we remove Djukanovic, we can easily handle the rest (Dnevne novine)
Citizens of specific countries to be allowed to enter Montenegro (CDM)
Republic of North Macedonia

EC: North Macedonia cannot have caretaker government forever (MIA)
Spasovski: Constitution offers no compromise, election must be held 60 days after parliament’s dissolution (MIA)
Osmani: Differences not insurmountable, 5 July possible compromise on elections (MIA)
Spasovski hopes countries in the region to soon reach agreement on opening of borders (MIA)
Ambassador Byrnes: Flyover saluting North Macedonia’s NATO membership expresses US support (MIA)
Active Covid-19 cases in North Macedonia at 470, most in Skopje (MIA)

Justice reform must not be derailed, Chair of IMO says (Tirana Times)
Political Council convenes days ahead of deadline (ADN)
Cakaj receives Austrian ministers: Support for Albania in opening negotiations and Security Council (Radio Tirana)
The Air Force is equipped with Black Hawk helicopters funded by the United States (Radio Tirana)
Covid-19 Cases climb to 1099 as Albania reopens (ADN)


EU, US refuse to take part in Belgrade conference on COVID-19 attended by Russia and China (TASS)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, May 29, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• Thaci calls for swift formation of new government (media)
• Acting PM Kurti: Decision of Constitutional Court, unacceptable (media)
• Veseli: An expected decision by the Constitutional Court (media)
• Abazi: Constitutional Court ruling, dangerous precedent (media)
• Mustafa: Assembly to vote on new government by Monday (media)
• Von Cramon: No alternative but to accept Constitutional Court ruling (Telegrafi)
• Nagavci: We’ll use democratic means to oppose court’s decision (Koha)
• Pacolli: Constitutional Court decision to be respected by all (media)
• Kusari-Lila: Kosovo democracy was betrayed (media)
• Pacolli’s New Kosovo Alliance won’t be part of new government (Indeksonline)

Serbian Language Media:

• North Kosovo: One person infected, no cured and deceased ones in the last 24 hours (Kontakt plus radio)
• Djuric: We will continue to help Serbs in Kosovo (Kosovo Online, TV Most)
• Jokanovic: Constitutional Court failed (KIM radio)
• Rasic: Constitutional Court will be quite ruined after this decision (KIM radio)
• Jovanovic: Albanians are buying time and waiting for the outcome of the elections in America (Kosovo Online)
• Orahovac: A group of Albanian young men removed a street sign with the name of Sloven Radic (Kosovo Online)
• Russian arms, deals with China harm Serbia’s EU path, US diplomat says (FoNet, N1)
• Vucic invited to the 2020 Moscow Victory Day Parade (B92, Tanjug)

• Kosovo highest court clears the way for new government vote (Reuters)
• Kosovo’s President Welcomes Court Ruling On Prime Minister Appointment (RFE)
• Brussels and Washington Must Work Together on Kosovo Deal (Balkan Insight)
• Kosovo’s Caretaker Governing Party Holds Peaceful Rally (AP/NYT)
• Week in Review: The Keys of Power (Balkan Insight)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, May 29

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• Constitutional Court rules in favor of President Thaci’s decree (media)
• President Thaci welcomes decision of Constitutional Court (media)
• U.S. Embassy statement on Constitutional Court’s decision (media)
• Grenell comments on Court’s decision (Express)
• Konjufca implies LVV will seek opinion from Venice Commission (media)
• Abazi: This is state capture (media)
• Haxhiu: Court’s decision is scandalous (media)
• Hoti: Time to unite for the country (media)
• Mustafa: Constitutional Court ruling, triumph for democracy (media)
• Haradinaj: Hoti government to be formed as soon as possible (media)
• Limaj calls on parties to respect Constitutional Court decision (media)
• Vetevendosje supporters hold “test-protest” in downtown Prishtina (media)
• Border changes promoted with taxpayer money (Kallxo/Prishtina Insight)
• Osmani: Those who lobbied for partition with taxpayers’ money, want to govern again
• Ambassador Heldt reacts to BIRN story about partition lobbying (Kallxo)
• Mujanovic: First time in history a govt hires lobbyists to partition own territory
• Haradinaj: I stopped Kosovo’s partition, no one can bring back this issue (media)
• President Thaci publishes images of “drug lab”, accuses “Kurti’s group” (media)
• Svecla: Psychiatric experts should comment on Thaci’s statements (media)
• Prosecution initiates investigations on surveillance room allegations (media)
• PDK: VV took data of over 1 million citizens from surveillance room (media)
• Miftaraj: The surveillance case is Thaci’s game, nothing more (Koha)
• President’s advisor: Kurti wants to be a dictator (media)
• 4 new cases of coronavirus confirmed in last 24 hours (media)
• Montenegro decides to open border with Kosovo on June 1 (media)

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