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Belgrade Media Report 1 June 2020

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United Nations Office in Belgrade

Daily Media Highlights

Monday 1 June 2020


Vucic: There’s no doubt – without resolving Kosovo issue, Serbia will not join the EU (TV Pink/Tanjug/B92)
Brnabic: Measures of Pristina have nothing to do with reciprocity (RTS)
Brnabic: Regional tensions caused by inability to keep up with us (Politika/Beta)
Dacic: Dialogue cannot continue unless Pristina reverses decision (RTS)
Borrell: EU for existing borders between Serbia and Kosovo (Beta/RFE)
Vulin: Borrell recalled that dismembering Serbia would cause wars (Beta)
RIK: In Kosovo and Metohija 90 polling stations, 43 abroad (Tanjug/RTS)
Another 18 cases, 6,726 recovered (B92)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Novalic says arrest of Prime Minister is coup d’etat (O kanal/Oslobodjenje)
B&H Court rejects request of B&H Prosecutor’s Office for 30-day detention of Novalic (BHT1)
Izetbegovic says Novalic’s arrest is attack on Bosniaks (O kanal)
Tadic: I do not know how Mr. Izetbegovic came to conclusion that I am working against Bosniaks, this is direct pressure on work of judiciary (FACE TV)
Radoncic says all crimes must be investigated but apprehension in ‘Respirators’ affair cannot mean weakening of Bosniak factors in FB&H government (Hayat)
Komsic says any fight against corruption must be welcomed but political consequences will affect entire country (FTV)
Dodik slams SDA over its reaction to apprehension of Novalic, Solak and Hodzic (BHT1)
Niksic: SDA is inflicting damage to institutions of B&H (Dnevni avaz)
EU Delegation to B&H gathers representatives of European countries and EU member states in Sarajevo (BHT1)
Dodik proposes that entities finance local elections in B&H so that they could be held in October (BHT1)
B&H decides to open its border crossings for Serbian nationals (FTV)
FB&H government abolishes state of natural disaster in FB&H (O kanal)
Another 14 coronavirus cases reported in B&H (N1)

Police arrests dozen state officials and business people for corruption (Hina/Jutarni list)
Prime Minister says corruption must end (HRT/Media Servis)
President calls Croatian Statehood Day celebration an election rally (HRT)
Croatia records zero new cases of Covid-19 (Hina)

Montenegro sees no new Covid-19 infections for 27 days in a row (CDM)
Republic of North Macedonia

President Pendarovski extends state of emergency for another 14 days (Republika)
Xhaferi: Party leaders to use next 14 days to reach consensus on election (MIA)
Spasovski: Election should be held 5 July (MIA)
Bekteshi: DUI holds position that election date should be set by consensus (MIA)
Mickoski: We are dealing with a second coronavirus wave and a Commission on Infectious Diseases that acts under political dictates (Republika)
SDSM’s Zekiri tests positive for Covid-19 (MIA)
Montenegro puts Macedonia on the coronavirus black list (Republika)
In North Macedonia 89 new Covid-19 cases registered, 7 patients die (MIA)

Venice Commission sides with President Meta in latest opinion (Tirana Times)
Opposition’s proposals for a caretaker govt unveiled, Rule to be applied until Albania’s EU membership (Radio Tirana)
Electoral reform, parties remain at crossroads (Tirana Times)
Only 6 new coronavirus cases in Albania (Tirana Times)


PM Borissov Confers with Serbian President Vucic (BTA)
A Republic of Kosovo is not what the Balkans needs (The Jerusalem Post)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, June 1, 2020

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, June 1, 2020

Albanian Language Media:

• Constitutional Court publishes full decision (media)
• LDK waiting for full Constitutional Court ruling (media)
• Haradinaj: Realistic to expect voting of new government tomorrow (Express/RTK)
• Foreign ministry could present a challenge for Hoti government (Indeksonline)
• 15 trucks from Serbia not allowed into Kosovo (Koha)
• Kosovo courts to resume work (Klan Kosova)

Serbian Language Media:

• Serbian official react to Pristina’s reciprocity measures (media)
• “Republic” for Serbia, but not for others (KoSSev)
• Ljajic on Pristina’s measures: Trucks with goods are returning, that is a complete suspension of trade (Kosovo Online, RFE)
• Distribution of Serbian daily newspapers prevented at Jarinje (KoSSev)
• Association of Journalists of Serbia: Pristina without delay to ensure the free flow of Serbian print media (uns.org.rs)
• No new cases of Covid-19 infection in Serb-populated areas in Kosovo (Kosovo-online portal)
• Two Serbs attacked in Donja Gusterica (KIM radio)
• “Kamenica the best example of coexistence of Serbs and Albanians” (Slobodno Srpski, KIM radio)
• Jevtic about another stoned house in Ljubozda village (Kosovo Online)
• Crossing points to open today (Radio KIM, Kosovo-online)
• Pristina orders removal of goods which ‘are not in line with Constitution’ (KoSSev, N1)
• RIK: 90 polling stations in Kosovo (Kosovo online)
• Vucic: There’s no doubt – without resolving Kosovo issue, Serbia will not join EU (B92, Tanjug)


• Nomen est omen: Albanian-Serb territorial dispute is also 50 plus years semantics battle (KoSSev)
• Stretching the rules to breaking point (Prishtina Insight)
• A Republic of Kosovo is not what the Balkans needs (The Jerusalem Post)


• Kosovo: corruption, electoral funding and political participation of women (balcanicaucaso.org)


• 300 residents of Strpce hold protest against Matkos Group (KoSSev)
• OpisMEDIJavanje: Only media close to the government in Belgrade can reach Kosovo Serb politicians (KoSSev)
• Coronavirus crisis to affect household welfare across W. Balkans – World Bank (SeeNews)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, June 1

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• Covid-19: 13 new cases in last 24 hours (media)
• Kosovo authorities ease coronavirus measures (media)
• Kosovo government supplements reciprocity towards Serbia (media)
• Kurti: Denying Kosovo reciprocity is denying its sovereignty rights (media)
• Lajcak criticizes Kosovo’s move to expand reciprocity measures (media)
• Osmani supports recently-expanded reciprocity measures (media)
• Thaci: Kurti risking everything achieved in two decades (media)
• Hoti: The new government will eliminate every obstacle to dialogue (media)
• Veseli: Reciprocity measures, part of Kurti’s deceitful mentality (media)
• Names of ministers expected to be appointed to Hoti-led govt (Koha)
• UNDP publishes latest Public Pulse poll (media)

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