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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, June 2, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• Kosovo Assembly to vote on Hoti government tomorrow (media)
• Hamza: PDK will not vote in favor of Hoti government (Telegrafi)
• CDHRF: No one can pressure MPs on how to vote (media)
• Kurti’s advisor: Any government without winner of elections, illegitimate! (media)
• Vetevendosje starts petition calling for elections (media)
• Two casualties in Novobrdo mine landslide (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Lajcak received the support of 27 member states to continue the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina (Kosovo Online)
• Belgrade & Washington disappointed with Kosovo’s new ban on goods from Serbia (Fonet, N1)
• Grenell resigned from State Department, remains special envoy for dialogue (B92)
• Djuric and Botsan-Kharchenko: Pristina’s behavior requires a sharp and decisive reaction from the international community (media)
• Serbian Ministry of Culture: Nefarious falsification of facts (TV Most, RTV Puls)
• Jevtic: Repanovic families from Osojane village robbed (Kosovo Online)
• Mijacic: Kosovo is not a topic for the parliamentary elections in Serbia (RTK2)
• Kosovo police spokesperson: Entry in Kosovo possible for everyone, with medical procedures (Radio KIM)
• No new cases of Covid-19 infection in Serb-populated areas in Kosovo (Kosovo-online)
• Confusion at Jarinje crossing point, hundred trucks waiting (RTS)


• Liberals in the EU should turn enlargement into a success of the European project (EWB)


• Kosovo Govt Defends New Reciprocity Measures Against Critics (Balkan Insight)


• Unclean Energy: The Kosovar Who Would Own the Sun (Balkan Insight)
• ‘If we gave up, what would happen to my children?’ (Prishtina Insight)
• Italian Ambassador to Serbia: Thank you for generous donation, it will be remembered (N1, FoNet)

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Belgrade Media Report 02 June

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Dacic and Godfrey disappointed by Pristina’s measures (Beta/RTS)
Stefanovic, Godfrey discuss election conditions (Beta)
Djuric, Botsan-Kharchenko: Pristina’s behavior requires harsh and resolute reaction of the international community (RTS)
Is the EU offering an agreement on two Germanys? (Novosti)
ODIHIR deploys election assessment mission to Serbia (Beta)
Italy thanks Serbia for generous donation (FoNet/RTV)
Another 24 cases, 6,766 recovered (RTS)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Opposition MPs in FB&H parliament submit request for reshuffling of FB&H government (O kanal)
SDP calls for urgent FB&H HoP session and forming of new FB&H government (Dnevni avaz)
FB&H PM Novalic returns to work after being released from custody (O kanal)
Tegeltija: Death threats to Chief Prosecutor are consequence of political labelling (FTV)
B&H’s Security Minister Fahrudin Radoncic announces his resignation (N1)
US Embassy in B&H says fight against corruption is of outmost importance (N1)
RS parliament discusses B&H HoR’s resolution on respect for victims of fascist regimes and movements (RTRS)
IC Ambassadors in B&H hosted another meeting on Mostar elections, but no agreement was reached (Dnevni avaz)
Commercial flights in B&H to resume as of Tuesday (FTV)
Another 11 coronavirus cases and three deaths due to Covid-19 in B&H (N1)

No new Covid-19 cases in Croatia, 92.5 pct of all patients have recovered (N1)

Brajovic: Opposition demonstrates lack of responsibility by failing to participate in the meeting (RTCG)
Montenegro to declare end to the coronavirus epidemic (CDM)
Republic of North Macedonia

Lockdown possible in some municipalities (MIA)
Xhaferi: State of emergency cannot last indefinitely (MIA/Slobodna TV)
Still early to reopen borders, says Filipche (MIA)
Bulgaria lifts quarantine for arrivals from EU, Serbia and North Macedonia (MIA)
Macedonia daily has more patients than the whole Balkans together, and the government is only talking about elections (Republika)
EU’s Varhelyi: Important to ensure fair and free elections; EC’s enlargement package postponed until autumn (MIA)
Over 60 new COVID-19 cases registered in North Macedonia, one patient dies (MIA)

Electoral Reform/The ambassadors of US, EU and GB meet with Basha (Radio Tirana)
President pushes for completion of Electoral Reform at earliest (ADN)
Kosovo imposes 22 € disinfection tax on Albanian lorries (Tirana Times)
In Albania 21 new COVID-19 cases (Tirana Times)


Chinese medical experts awarded by Serbia for assistance in fighting COVID-19 (Xinhua)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, June 2

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• 27 new cases of coronavirus in last 24 hours (media)
• Thaci: New government to assume its responsibilities (media)
• PM’s office: Constitutional Court contradicted itself (media)
• Kosovo Assembly presidency to meet tomorrow (media)
• LDK: We have required votes for new government (media)
• LVV demands transcripts of Constitutional Court (media)
• Kosovo’s acting Deputy PM suspects Court’s decision is “falsified” (media)
• Constitutional Court rejects claims its ruling is falsified (Kallxo)
• Nagavci: No-confidence motion, result of appetites for power (KTV)
• President Thaci meets AKR leader Pacolli (media)
• Tunheim: Court made fair decision on President’s decree (Gazeta Express)

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