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Belgrade Media Report 05 June

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Brnabic: Pristina must withdraw measures in order for dialogue to continue (Tanjug/RTS/RTV)
Brnabic: What can one say to remain polite, politically correct, without using harsh words? (Tanjug/B92)
Vucic: Serbia will be exposed to strong pressure (Beta/B92)
TV N1: Dacic denies claims about Serbia stopping campaign against Kosovo (Beta)
Dacic: Not up to EU representatives to determine outcome of Belgrade-Pristina dialogue (TV Pink/Politika)
Djuric: Abolishment of “reciprocity measure” first big test for Hoti’s government (RTS)
Another 96 cases (RTS)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Tegeltija accepts Radoncic’s resignation (O kanal/RTRS)
EC sends letter to HJPC, expressing concern over situation in B&H judiciary (O kanal)
Izetbegovic: Prosecutor’s Office of B&H and HJPC are biased and under political influence (Hayat)
HJPC deems statements made by SDA regarding work of Prosecutor’s Office of B&H in ‘Respirators’ case as inappropriate and unacceptable pressure on justice system (N1)
Covic: Relations between Croats and Bosniaks must relax, appointment of CEC members is bigger affair than all other affairs (Vecernji list)
Komsic: B&H in standstill on EU path, HDZ B&H biggest obstacle (FTV)
Dodik meets Ivantsov in Banja Luka (RTRS)
CEC President informs colleagues about meeting with representatives of PIC (Nezavisne)
SDP B&H Presidency insists on amendments to B&H Law on Elections and forming of Serb Caucus in FB&H HoP (BHT1)
New coronavirus cases reported in B&H, 2,606 people tested positive so far (N1)

PM Calls for establishing who is responsible for undermining surveillance (Hina)
Grlic Radman satisfied with status of Croat minority in Montenegro (Hina)
Croatia Airlines restores flights to European destinations, including Sarajevo (Hina)
National Headquarters: No new cases in Croatia, eight people recovered (N1)

Montenegro marks three years since its accession to NATO (CDM/RTCG)
The upcoming elections are an important test for democracy in Montenegro (RTCG)
Montenegro adopts report on joint border crossings with B&H (RTCG)
Fukuyama: The EU and Montenegro are not ready for the enlargement (Pobjeda)
Republic of North Macedonia

EU Ambassador: Politicians to decide on elections as soon as possible (MIA)
Mickoski: It is madness to hold elections now (Republika)
Doctor Nikolov: Who will dare vote if the candidates are in quarantine? (Republika)
Bulgaria puts Macedonia back on the black list, orders mandatory 14 days of quarantine for our citizens (Republika)
In North Macedonia 177 new Covid-19 cases (MIA/Kanal 5 TV)

Basha’s ‘Okay’ for Electoral Reform still pending (ADN)
Covid-19 Cases top 1212 in Albania (ADN)


Iran, Serbia discuss expansion of transport ties (Tehran Times)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, June 5, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• Hoti: Battling pandemic and economic recovery, main objectives (media)
• Thaci meets Meta in Tirana (media)
• Haskuka: Hoti government will bring no good to Kosovo (Kosovapress)
• EU delivers ambulances, beds and medical equipment to Kosovo (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Stoltenberg: NATO continues to contribute to security in Kosovo (media)
• Brnabic, Fabrizi on new Pristina government, Lajcak’s role, dialogue (RTS)
• Serbian PM Brnabic: ”Thaci really needs to wake up and understand what reality is” (media)
• Serbia will be exposed to strong pressure (B92, Tanjug)
• Dacic refutes news that Serbia ceased campaign to revoke recognitions of Kosovo (Radio KIM, Tanjug)
• Djuric: Fake news on ceasing de-recognition campaign meddling into Serbia’s elections (KoSSev)
• Kosovo PM will abolish measures on Serbian goods; Belgrade: Daily loss € 1 mill (N1, KoSSev)
• Prosecution in Gnjilane requests detention of person suspected of harassing KSF member (KoSSev)
• No new cases of Covid-19 infection in Serb-populated areas in Kosovo (Kosovo-online)
• Fukuyama: Neither Serbia or Montenegro are close to EU (N1, Beta)


• A weak prime minister and a powerful president (Prishtina Insight)
• Tough love as a recipe for Europeanisation in the Western Balkans (emerging-europe.com)


• EU concerned by US approach to Kosovo and Serbia (euobserver.com)


• EIB investing 11 mln euro in wastewater treatment project in Kosovo (seenews.com)
• Serbia applies for money from EU Solidarity Fund, Joksimovic says (N1)
• OpisMEDIJavanje: Integrity, not clicks (KoSSev)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, June 5

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• Five new cases of coronavirus in last 24 hours (media)
• Thaci: There will be no territorial exchange (media)
• Hoti: I will be chief negotiator in the dialogue with Serbia (RTK)
• Veseli: New elections in 12 months (media)
• NISMA MP Shala speaks about visit from Haradinaj and Thaci (media)
• Civil society organisations accuse Thaci of two violations (media)
• LVV denies it is staging a protest today (Klan Kosova)
• Dacic rejects reports Serbia will stop Kosovo derecognition efforts (Telegrafi)
• Supreme Court rules against Serb’s war crimes acquittal (Balkan Insight)

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