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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, June 12, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• Kosovo leaders mark 21st anniversary of NATO troops’ deployment (media)
• Ambassadors to Kosovo commemorate anniversary of NATO deployment (media)
• LVV sends to Constitutional Court MP mandate case (media)
• 20 mobile ventilators donated to Kosovo through UNDP (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Another attack on a returnee in Istok municipality (Kontakt plus radio)
• Tanjug: ”The destiny of Kosovo and Metohija is in the hands of one European country?” (B92)
• Brnabic: Not even millimeter closer to compromise, Pristina captured in past (Blic)
• Smajlovic: Quick solution to Kosovo issue – a complete fiction (RTS)
• Trajkovic: Lajcak is more serious than many think (Radio KIM)
• Pending the harmonization of certificates, Serbian meat and dairy products still cannot legally enter Kosovo (KoSSev)
• European Commission says Serbia needs to step up reforms in key areas (N1)


• New Kosovar PM Sees ‘Complementary’ Role For EU, U.S. In Deal With Serbia (RFE)
• Thaci to Quit Kosovo Politics Once Presidential Term Ends (Balkan Insight)


• OpisMEDIJavanje: To whom should you report the media if they violate your rights (KoSSev)
• With measures lifted, Balkans hit by coronavirus case spike (AP)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, June 12

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• 28 new cases of coronavirus in last 24 hours (media)
• Quint countries call on leaders to debate without insults, threats (media)
• Risi: Constructive dialogue crucial for regional stability (Koha)
• President Thaci in favor of Preshevo and Bujanovac joining Kosovo (media)
• Hoti: I will not allow anyone to interfere with my competencies (media)
• Tahiri: Dialogue only for mutual recognition (KTV)
• Vucic to Reuters: Recognition of Kosovo not on agenda (media)
• Osmani: Government cannot tell Assembly what to do (Koha)
• PDK doesn’t comment on Hoti’s proposal for forum of leaders (media)
• Konjufca: Thaci, Mustafa formed this government (TV Dukagjini)
• Nagavci: Tomorrow we’ll celebrate, but protests are inevitable (media)
• Thaci: I will leave political life in a few months (media)
• LVV to send Thaci’s to Constitutional Court over ‘intervention’ in MPs vote (media)
• Assembly fails to ratify five international agreements (media)
• President Thaci postpones mayoral elections in Mitrovica North (media)

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