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Belgrade Media Report 17 June

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Vucic doesn’t expect spectacular, but rational talks in Washington (Beta/RTV)
Dacic: Still uncertain what the topic would be at the White House meeting (B92)
Stano: Brussels dialogue is the main platform for Serbia and Kosovo (FoNet)
O’Brien: Pleased to host Belgrade and Pristina leaders (RTS)
Dimitrijevic: We are awaiting information for conducting elections in Kosovo and Metohija (Beta/Tanjug)
Varhelyi: ODIHR’s report on elections to be basis for EC annual progress report for Serbia (Beta)
Kesic: Grenell would have not organized a meeting in the White House if he was not confident that some form of agreement could be reached (Sputnik/B92)
Another 96 cases (B92)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

RS officials: RS CoP should be abolished ASAP (RTRS)
SDA: Dodik’s calls for reducing of RS CoP competencies can lead to disturbance of relations established by DPA (Dnevni avaz)
Komsic: No discussion about abolition of RS CoP without abolition of FB&H HoP (Dnevni avaz)
Dodik: Some representatives of IC say that illegal appointment of members of B&H CEC is good solution, this is evidence they support Muslims and SDA (ATV)
Cikotic: I accepted SDA’s nomination for patriotic reasons (Dnevni list)
Tegeltija: B&H urgently needs new Security Minister (Nezavisne)
Komsic says NATO path of B&H was unblocked (EuroBlic)
Ambassador Sattler: Without adopted revised National War Crimes Processing Strategy there will be no financial assistance of EU through IPA funds (BHT1)
B&H sees another spike in new coronavirus infections, no new deaths reported (N1)

Tourism Minister Cappelli: Not likely that borders for B&H citizens will be open, without any restrictions, before 1 July (Hina)
Croatia registers 3 more Covid-19 cases (N1)

Djukanovic: SPC is manipulating people and wants to oust government (CDM)
Tensions in Budva: Carevic and Radovic under arrest (RTV Budva)
Montenegro Airlines: We don’t know when we will be allowed to fly to Belgrade again (CDM)
Montenegro is deploying 30 soldiers to NATO (CDM)
Montenegro deserves to be the next EU member state (CDM)
A person from Budva tests positive for coronavirus (CDM)
Police will not safeguard gatherings with more than 200 participants (RTCG)
Republic of North Macedonia

SEC adopts revised timetable for 15 July elections (MIA)
Spasovski: 15 July a day for decisions and country’s rescue from crisis (MIA)
Mickoski urges for higher turnout (MIA)
We will not form a coalition on the basis of ultimatums, Mickoski tells Ahmeti (Republika)
Polls show VMRO ahead of SDSM-BESA by about 70.000 votes (Republika)
Border crossings to open, measures still in place (MIA)
Today, 193 new cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in North Macedonia, 46 patients have recovered – 9 people have died (Libertas)

Meta receives outgoing Serbian Ambassador (ADN)
Electoral Reform, parties disagree on CEC (ADN)
Government reinforces three strict rules after infection’s escalation (ADN)
In Albania 50 new Covid-19 cases (Tirana Times)


Trump envoy brokers White House meeting for Kosovo and Serbia presidents (The Guardian)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, June 17, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• Hoti invites entity leaders to coordinate prior to visit to Washington (Express)
• Lajcak: Kosovo to speak with one voice about the dialogue (media)
• AAK to Lajcak: We hail EU’s engagement for dialogue led by the U.S. (Express)
• Hoti: Intention of dialogue is recognition, territory cannot be discussed (media)
• Swiss Ambassador: U.S. inclusion in dialogue, welcomed (media)
• LVV rejects Hoti’s invitation for a meeting (media)
• CDHRF: Opposition should take on responsibility for dialogue (RTK)

Serbian Language Media:

• EU’s Lajčák: Details about meetings in Pristina on Thursday (N1)
• Vucic about Hoti’s platform for dialogue: Then do not come to negotiations (KoSSev)
• American surprise and “Kosovo battle” on the eve of Vidovdan (B92, Sputnik)
• Milivojevic: We have maneuvering space, our arguments grew stronger (RTS)
• The first case of coronavirus in Serbian areas South of the Ibar (RTV Puls)
• Dacic: Moscow will support every solution in Belgrade’s interest (Beta, N1)
• European Parliament rapporteurs welcome Lajcak visit to Kosovo (N1)
• The ”Smuggling” case trial begins; Prosecution witnesses also plead not guilty (KoSSev)
• White House ready to host Belgrade – Pristina meeting (N1, VOA)
• Brnabic: If they wanted to find out who killed Ivanovic, they would have found out by now (KoSSev)
• RIK President: Information is expected for elections in Kosovo and Metohija (KoSSev)


• The signing ceremony is on (Prishtina Insight)
• US and EU Policy on Kosovo is in Disarray (Balkan Insight)


• Borrell nominates three new Heads of EU Delegations to the Western Balkans (EWB)
• EU, US display differences over Serbia-Kosovo negotiation (AP)
• Balkan nations must not be faced with choice between West and Russia, says Lavrov (TASS)
• Serbia, Kosovo Prepare for Restart of Talks in Washington (Balkan Insight)
• Parliament extends and beefs up Swiss peacekeeping mission in Kosovo (swissinfo.ch)
• Trade barriers and wary eye on Serbia hold back Balkan economies (Financial Times)
• Trump envoy brokers White House meeting for Kosovo and Serbia presidents (The Guardian)
• Red Flag: Ahead Of Serbian Vote, Vucic And Allies Lean On China Ties (RFE)


• 16 Fathers and Sons Massacred, One Kosovo Family Torn Apart (Balkan Insight)
• OSCE Mission published report on property rights claims resolution in post-conflict Kosovo (media)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, June 17

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• 141 new cases of coronavirus in last 24 hours (media)
• Kamenica mayor announces he tested positive for coronavirus (media)
• Lajcak: Kosovo’s road to EU depends on normalisation of relations with Serbia (media)
• Thaci calls for visa liberalisation, dialogue to end in mutual recognition (media)
• Hoti: Kosovo government ready to resume dialogue with Serbia (media)
• Osmani: Dialogue should not include talks on territories (media)
• Trump’s advisor: Pleasure to welcome presidents of Kosovo and Serbia (media)
• Stano: Brussels dialogue, main platform for Serbia and Kosovo (EWB)
• Mustafa expects final agreement with Serbia by year’s end (RTK/Telegrafi)
• Surroi: Russia may seek to be present in Kosovo-Serbia dialogue (Koha)
• Djuric, Serbian List react to the inauguration of Decan-Plava road (Koha)

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