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Belgrade Media Report 07 July

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Vucic thanks Indonesia for principled position on Serbia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty (RTS)
Hoti, Vucic travel to Brussels on 12 July to continue EU-mediated dialogue (Beta)
Vucic will address the public at 6 pm (B92/Tanjug)
UNESCO official says Serbia imposed pandemic measures to strengthen authorities (N1)
Travelers entering Montenegro from Serbia facing immediate quarantine (Beta)
Another 299 cases (RTS)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Turkovic seeks explanation from Ivantsov for his recent statement about NATO integration of B&H (BHT1)
Dodik: When it comes to NATO issue, part of B&H is behaving submissively (ATV)
Bakalar: Possible failure to adopt B&H budget this week could call holding of local elections in question (BHT1)
Izetbegovic, Covic and Dodik scheduled to discuss current issues at meeting in Istocno Sarajevo (BHT1/N1)
Novakovic Bursac: Thanks to Mektic, adoption of law on termination of mandate to foreign judges stopped (RTRS)
Serbian court sentences B&H citizen Husein Mujanovic to 10 years for war crimes against Serb civilians (Hayat)
Serbia allows B&H doctors to go to Novi Pazar to help their colleagues in fight against Covid-19 (Hayat)
B&H confirms 160 new coronavirus infections (N1)

Vucic congratulates Plenkovic, confident there is room for improvement of relations (Hina)
Voters hand HDZ a major victory and a massive blow to SDP (HRT)
SDP’s Bernardic steps down after election disaster (HRT)
Plenkovic says he has 76 signatures required to form a new government (HRT)
Croatia reports 52 new cases of coronavirus infection (N1)

NCB adopts new measures to cope with coronavirus (CDM)
Coronavirus cases in Montenegro surge, Institute reports another 60 cases (CDM)
Republic of North Macedonia

Both Zaev and Mickoski expect landslide wins on 15 July (MIA/MTV)
Alliance for Albanians-Alternativa: It’s time for change (MIA)
Zaev: No interventions expected in EU negotiating framework (MIA)
North Macedonia reports 120 new cases of Covid-19 and 5 deaths (24.mk)

Meta: The future of Kosovo and Serbia is in the EU (Radio Tirana)
The parliamentary opposition request a meeting with Rama (Radio Tirana)
State Police provides info on the movement of citizens at the border (Radio Tirana)
Albania reports 71 new case of Covid-19 and 2 deaths in past 24h (Tirana Times)


Elections in Croatia: Conservatives retain the parliamentary majority (Open Democracy)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, July 07, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• Except for Hoti and Vucic, Merkel and Macron invite EU’s Borell as well (Express)
• Kosovo’s FM discusses with Germany’s EM Heiko Maas (media)
• CDHRF requests urgent voting of Covid-19 law (RTK)
• LVV accuses Hoti’s government for failing to manage Covid-19 situation (RTK)
• Judah: I was wrong, it seems dialogue can make it without Thaçi (media)
• War veterans change protest plan (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Apostolova: Current status quo in Kosovo is unsustainable (Jedinstvo, Kosovo Online, Tanjug, Blic)
• Dr. Antonijevic: We’re waiting for the results of 111 samples, some of which we have been waiting for 6 days (KoSSev)
• Covic: International community like ‘Vienna Boys’ Choir’ (RTS)
• Jevtic and Rakic about improved conditions for the return of the displaced (Radio Mitrovica Sever)
• UNESCO official says Serbia imposed pandemic measures to strengthen authorities (N1)


• Kosovo: a hasty rotation of power (EWB)


• US soldier killed in noncombat incident in Kosovo (The Hill)
• France, Germany seek to unfreeze stalled Kosovo-Serbia talks (EURACTIV)


• Conspiratorial Corona: Hoaxes and Conspiracy Theories in the Balkans (Balkan Insight)
• Novi Pazar is the biggest hotspot of COVID-19 in Serbia (EWB)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, 07 July

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• Covid-19: Record number of new cases in Kosovo, 195 (media)
• Four more people die from COVID-19 on Monday (media)
• Health Minister comments on spike in COVID-19 cases (media)
• Covid-19: Hospital and University Clinic director dismissed (media)
• Osmani criticises Government for not submitting anti-COVID law (media)
• PDK: Anti-COVID law must be adopted, violators must be fined (media)
• Pacolli: Assembly must urgently adopt anti-COVID law (media)
• UN Mission in Kosovo donates protective equipment to Ferizaj (Klan)
• UNDP donates 20 ventilators to Kosovo (media)
• Disgruntled Kosovars turn to North Macedonia for tests (Prishtina Insight)
• Hoti to meet Macron in Paris today (media)
• LVV: Concerns we raised about secret Thaci-Vucic agreement, confirmed (media)
• Cakaj’s office: Media reports about him joining PDK are speculation (Express)
• NISMA MP Shala switches party, joins AAK (media)

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