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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, May 6, 2021

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Albanian Language Media:

COVID-19: 158 new cases, 3 deaths (media)
Croatia offers 10,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses to people of Kosovo (euronews.al)
Gervalla to PDK MPs: Special Court did not fall from the sky (media)
Kurti defends Gervalla: She defends and promotes our liberation war (media)
Croatian Foreign Minister: We are against border changes (media)
G-7 urges Kosovo and Serbia for reconstructive dialogue (Klan)
Haxhiu: One of most important processes of justice, vetting, starts today (Koha)
River devastation at the centre of BIRN debate (BIRN)

Serbian Language Media:

Eight new cases of Covid-19, one death registered in Serbian areas in Kosovo (Radio KIM)
Vucic: Those announcing genocide lawsuit do not care about dialogue (KoSSev)
Petkovic: Nothing will come of Pristina’s pressures on Belgrade (Kosovo-online)
Bourita: Morocco considers Kosovo part of Serbia (Tanjug)
Godfrey: US displeased over procrastination of Belgrade-Pristina dialogue (Tanjug)
Ursula von der Leyen wrote to Vucic (B92)
Office for KiM: Miroslav Lukic assaulted in Velika Hoca (Radio KIM)
Bieber: Kosovo genocide lawsuit against Serbia cannot be successful (N1)
Serbian Torlak Institute gets 104.000 Pfizer vaccines (N1)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, May 6, 2021

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• COVID-19: 153 new cases, 4 deaths (media)
• Kurti: Dialogue must be well-prepared and with principles (media)
• Varhelyi says EU is against redrawing of borders (Koha Ditore)
• Resumption of dialogue won’t focus on technical issues (Exit News)
• Mandl: I am pleased that Kurti will resume the dialogue (Kanal 10)
• Hasani: Kosovo has status of third state in relation with SPC (media)
• Croatian Foreign Minister to visit Kosovo today (media)
• Opposition wants Kurti to defend KLA and dismiss his minister (Epoka e Re)
• “If Gervalla doesn’t distance from statement, she must be dismissed” (media)
• Rohde welcomes initiative to confiscate illegally obtained wealth (media)

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