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Belgrade Media Report 10 May

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Vucic: We will not agree to humiliation in the region, especially from those who greeted Hitler’s army with flowers (B92/Tanjug)
Botsan-Kharchenko: Serbia, Russia together against attempts to rewrite history (Beta)
Vucic: Serbia will never allow Jasenovac, Storm to happen again (Beta)
Europe firm in its position that Serbia’s future is in EU (Tanjug/Beta)
Petkovic: Kurti’s announcement of a lawsuit unfeasible (RTS)
Selakovic to Zagreb: No good-neighborly relations without sincere wish (RTS)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Sattler: B&H’s future on EU path can be bright only with maximum engagement of local politicians (FTV)
Day of Victory over Fascism marked all over B&H; Komsic: Fascism is often hidden in political ideas and ideologies of high-ranked and respected political officials; Dzaferovic: B&H is making progress on EU path, but blockades are created by retrograde policies (O kanal)
Day of Victory over Fascism marked in Banjaluka; Cvijanovic underlines that RS wants to live in peace with its neighbors; Cubrilovic expresses hope that Serbs will always be on right side (BN TV)
Working group of opposition parties for changing Election Law of B&H agrees that changing B&H Election Law is necessary and urgent process in order to prevent further electoral corruption (Oslobodjenje)
Some political factors in RS condition general elections 2022 with reshuffling of B&H CEC, some in FB&H condition it with changes of Election Law (Nova BH)
Dodik: Only reality here is for the RS to secede and to live alone, to join in federal or confederal form with Serbia, but that is contrary to western interests (RTRS)
Tegeltija claims that there are no legal grounds to deny Serb people in B&H of right to self-determination or to abolish RS (Face TV)
Inzko: Peaceful dissolution of B&H is contradiction and oxymoron because there will be no dissolution of B&H nor would it be peaceful (Face TV)
Sattler: There is tendency to speak about B&H as failed state which is untrue and represents distraction of attention from essential issues (N1)
Kalabukhov claims it is time to close OHR (N1)
B&H CC rejects motion filed by Bosniak delegates in RS CoP (Nezavisne)
Austrian novelist Handke decorated in Serbia with Order of Karadjordje’s Star; FB&H officials, representatives of victims’ families condemn this Serbian authorities’ move (FTV/AJB)

Grlic Radman: Non-paper on B&H, signed by six countries, will be discussed in Brussels on Monday (HRT1)
Croatia’s President: Croatian troops in Kosovo not a provocation against Serbia (Hina)
Croatian FM says Minister Vulin promoting defeated Great Serbia policy (Hina)
EU requesting from B&H to change Law on Elections this year (Vecernji list)

Krivokapic meets with Croatian Foreign Minister (Gov. PR Service)
Abazovic, Grlic Radman: We are building bridges of cooperation with neighbours (Gov. PR Service)
Djukanovic: Relations with Croatia not only good neighborly, but also friendly and partnership-based (CdM)
Republic of North Macedonia

Zaev-Lajcak: Skopje did its part, time for Brussels to deliver (Republika)
Osmani: Macedonia has met the conditions, it’s EU’s turn now (Republika)

Dismissing the President: Socialists in a race against time (Tirana Times)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, May 10, 2021

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19: 47 new cases, two deaths (media)
• New shipments of Covid vaccines to arrive to Kosovo in coming days (media)
• Swedish FM: Kosovo and Serbia to treat dialogue as priority (media)
• Croatian FM pledges support for Kosovo in visa liberalisation process (Koha)
• Police begin interviewing witnesses of yesterday’s incident in Zubin Potok (Klan)
• Human remains recovered from Kizevak grave site (EO)
• Annual budget exceeding €100 million allocated to Ministry of Defence (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• 13 new cases of Covid-19 registered in Serbian areas on Saturday (Kontakt plus radio)
• EU: Chance for an agreement between Belgrade and Pristina, no time to lose (Tanjug, Kosovo Online, RTS)
• EU Ministers to Discuss Urgent, Reinforced Engagement in Western Balkans (Beta)
• Fabrizi: Urgent need of rule of law reforms in Serbia, BG-PR dialogue not a condition for opening more chapters (RTS, Beta, N1)
• Selakovic informed Davenport on the position of the Serb population in Kosovo (Kosovo Online, RTV)
• Office for KiM: Stoned church in Kosovska Vitina (Kosovo Online, RTV)
• Radman: Recognition of Kosovo is a reality; Vulin: What the reality is in Republika Srpska? (Hina, N1, KoSSev)
• Patriarch: Persecution of believers, occupation of their homes, and destruction of churches is a culturcide (KoSSev)
• Vucic awards Austrian writer Peter Handke the Order of Karadjordje’s Star (N1, RTS)


• Resuming Kosovo – Serbia Dialogue: What can be expected over next six months? (KoSSev)


• EU kicks off year-long Conference on Future of Europe (N1)
• Visoki Decani and Pec Patriarchate open to limited number of visitors (Radio KIM)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, May 10, 2021

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COVID-19: 98 new cases, 5 deaths (media)
Shots fired in direction of mountain climbers near Zubin Potok (media)
Incident near Zubin Potok draws condemnation in Kosovo (media)
Brussels hope current governments may reach an agreement (Koha Ditore)
No return of reciprocity or review of Brussels agreement (Koha)
Szunyog: Kosovo’s future is in European Union (media)
Kurti: EU is more than structures and institutions for Kosovo people (media)
Hoxhaj: Former opposition wavered citizens’ trust in EU (media)
Kosnett: Washington agreements should be basis for work forward (media)
Borrell: Ideas for new borders are dangerous and unacceptable (Zeri)
Victims of the Kosovo war should be at the heart of the dialogue (BIRN)
Shrinking state funds stunt Kosovo’s award-winning film industry (BIRN)

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