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Belgrade Media Report 31 May 2021

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United Nations Office in Belgrade

Daily Media Highlights

Monday 31 May 2021


Vucic: I won’t sign independence of Kosovo (Beta/RTS/Politika/Novosti)
Unanimously – SNS and SPAS united (B92)
Selakovic: Serbia proud of China’s support regarding Kosovo and Metohija (Politika/RTS)
Djuric: Biden administration recognizes Washington agreement (Politika)
Serbian Orthodox Church elects Joanikije to serve as Metropolitan of Montenegro (FoNet)
Impersonal position on Kosovo and Metohija (Danas)
Knezevic: This is an unprecedented scandal (B92)
General Mojsilovic: KFOR only legitimate armed formation in Kosovo and Metohija (RTV)
Provelegios: Recognition of Kosovo by Greece will not happen (Tanjug)
Germany nominates Schmidt although it was advocating shutting down of OHR (Politika)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Inzko reflects on Schmidt’s appointment as new HR (Face TV)
Cvijanovic points out that imposition of solutions is unacceptable to RS (RTRS)
Dodik: PIC’s appointment of Schmidt as new HR is unacceptable (ATV/RTRS/RS Radio)

Voters in four biggest cities elect new mayors (Hina)
Croatian President returns war decorations to General Branimir Glavas (Hina)
Venice Commission and European Union are getting involved in electoral reform in B&H (Vecernji list)

Embassies prevented Krivokapic from signing fundamental agreement with SPC via (Pobjeda/Vijesti)
Metropolitan: Concord, unity needed just as much as air (Dan)

Committee of Inquiry approves the report on impeachment of Meta (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, May 31, 2021

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, May 31, 2021

Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19: Five new cases, no deaths (media)
• Palmer arrives in Pristina, meets Kosnett (media)
• Palmer meets Kosovo opposition leaders (media)
• Palmer or Montgomery expected to replace Grenell’s role in dialogue (Klan/RTK)
• Sources: Spain expected to open liaison office in Kosovo (Demokracia)
• Kusari-Lila says more on Kosovo’s position on dialogue will be known soon (media)
• United States plans to allocate USD 200 million for Kosovo (Koha)

Serbian Language Media:

• One new case of Covid-19 registered in Serbian areas on Saturday (Radio KIM)
• Vucic says he won’t recognize Kosovo; talks about dialogue, non papers (KoSSev)
• SOC to the Serbian Ministry of Culture: Postpone the adoption of the Law on Cultural Heritage (media)
• Dacic in Moscow: Serbia will never join sanctions against Russia (RTS)
• Selakovic: Firm relations between Serbia and China reflected in all areas (N1)
• Zivojin Rakocevic elected president of the Association of Serbia’s Journalists (UNS) (B92, N1)
• Zecevic: European values important, but one cannot escape national interests (RTS)
• Djuric: Biden administration fully accepts Washington Agreement (N1)
• The road sign to Draganac damaged again; the KiM office recorded it as the 13th incident since the beginning of the year (KoSSev)
• US SFAB unit in military exercise in Balkans to curb Russian, Chinese influence (N1)
• Parliamentary party SPAS joins ruling SNS in Serbia (N1)
• Serbia donates more than 100.000 Pfizer vaccines to Czech Republic (Kosovo-online, Tanjug)


• Balkan Investors Join Crypto Trading Craze (Balkan Insight)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, May 31, 2021

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• COVID-19: 23 new cases, no deaths (media)
• New COVID-19 measures enter into force on Monday (Prishtina Insight)
• Kosovo buys first coronavirus vaccines as it speeds up rollout (Reuters)
• Final agreement in 2021, during Slovenian EU Presidency, EU report (Express)
• EU denies writing document that circulated in Kosovo media (media)
• Behrami: The EU document is authentic (RTK)
• Lajcak and Palmer to visit Kosovo on 31 May, 1 June (media)
• Western diplomats support dialogue, analysts don’t rule out surprises (Koha)
• LDK nominates award-winning architect to run for Pristina mayor (Express)
• Kosovo Police detain police officer suspected of inciting hatred (media)
• Kosovo feminists aim to climb rural town’s ‘patriarchal’ walls (BIRN)

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