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Belgrade Media Report 24 June

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Vucic: Serbia doesn’t interfere in Montenegro’s politics, but vice versa (Beta/N1)
Joksimovic: Clusters 3 and 4 may be opened by year’s end (RTS)
Dacic: Only solution for Kosovo is political compromise, other is war (TV B92/Beta)
Selakovic to Croatian Minister’s message: They take it upon themselves to dig new pits for us, this time political (RTV)
Cooperation of Serbia and Russia in field of defense at historical maximum (RTS)
Lutovac: Authorities in Belgrade use Kosovo for money laundering (Beta)
United States submits report to Belgrade and Pristina about Gazivode (RTS/Tanjug/FoNet/RFE/N1)
Dodik praises Vucic’s address to Serbian parliament at session on Kosovo (Politika)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

European Parliament discusses report on B&H’s progress towards EU integration (AJB)
Media reports on proposal of Inzko for international sanctions against B&H politicians (FTV)
SDA Main Board convenes for first time in year (O kanal)
Cvijanovic: Izetbegovic has long been one of biggest factors of instability in region and his policy continues to poison relations and destroy chances for reconciliation (Srna)
IAWG cancels session due to failure of HDZ B&H delegates to attend (FTV)
UN’s Nderitu: Decision of court must be respected with doubt (Oslobodjenje)
Dodik: Support to disintegration of China is stance of SDA and not of B&H (Glas Srpske)
Grlic Radman requests Serbia to recognize Srebrenica genocide on its path to EU; Comments (EuroBlic)
B&H politicians criticize statement of Dodik regarding Montenegrin MPs (O kanal)
They are introducing cooperation with so-called Kosovo through the back door (Glas Srpske)

Croatian MEPs attack EP report on Bosnia for leaving out ‘constituent peoples’ (Hina)
Grlic Radman: It is necessary to secure that Croats elect their representatives (Vecernji list)

Becic: Dodik declared himself unwelcome (Nova M)
Two hundred days of Govt work: No reconciliation, plenty of insults, indebtedness and price increases (CdM)
Djukanovic: Montenegro’s European future can’t be imagined without DPS, a state-building party that always defends national interests (CdM)
Republic of North Macedonia

Zaev blames EU for the Bulgarian veto, reveals his latest offer to Bulgaria on the national identity front (Republika)
Ahmeti says that he is involved in advanced talks with Zaev to change the Macedonian flag, anthem and the coat of arms (Republika)
Zaev says that he is not discussing new anthem, flag and coat of arms with Ahmeti (Republika)
Szijjarto asks Bulgaria to allow Macedonia to begin its EU accession talks while the historic dispute is being resolved (Republika)

Rama: EU has failed to keep its promise! Regional cooperation will continue (Radio Tirana)
The start of EU membership negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia remains a priority issue (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, June 24, 2021

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19: 14 new cases, two deaths (media)
• Opposition MPs call on Kurti to clarify position on Washington agreement (media)
• Hoxhaj: U.S. presence in Ujman – vital for Kosovo (Klan)
• Haradinaj urges Kurti to ‘stop deceit’ with dialogue (RTK)
• Gen. Wolters: KFOR plays key role in maintaining security in Western Balkans (Klan)
• Assembly has no quorum to vote for dismissal of civil service oversight board (Koha)

Serbian Language Media:

• No new Covid-19 cases in Serbian areas in Kosovo (KoSSev)
• Dacic: We will not impose sanctions on Russia despite the pressure (Danas, Beta)
• Vucic receives Primakov (Tanjug)
• Office for KIM: 22 years since kidnapping of doctor Andrija Tomanovic in Pristina (KoSSev)
• Odalovic: We are searching for bodies of 21 soldiers in Kosovo (N1)
• Vucic: President of China to visit Serbia again (RTS)
• Defense ministers of Serbia and Russia plan 91 joint activities this year (N1)
• Western Balkans parliaments’ speakers in EP on Monday (N1)
• Serbian List thanked Vucic for his presentation (Radio KIM)
• Serbs from Kosovo Polje invite President Vucic to visit them (Radio KIM)
• Vucic: Construction and reconstruction of hospitals in Kosovo within the shortest deadline (Radio Mitrovica North, KiM radio, Tanjug)
• Harvard lecturer: Tacit deal between Belgrade and Pristina on crime, corruption (N1, Vreme, Beta, KoSSev)
• Spahiu: Kosovo will use good relations of France with Serbia and Russia (Kosovo-online)
• “Kurti is welcome if he is well-meaning” (KiM radio)


• Merkel Wants EU Outreach to Putin to Address ‘Provocations’ (Bloomberg)
• German-French overture to Putin splits EU (politico.eu)
• French-German push for Putin summit sparks fury in Baltic states (Financial Times)


• UN Global Open Day: Women to be part of decision-making during the Covid-19 pandemic (media)
• Pagan ritual ‘Gjama’ revived through audiovisual installation in Prishtina (Prishtina Insight)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, June 24, 2021

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• COVID-19: 20 new cases, one death (media)
• PDK’s Haxhiu: Norway donating vaccines with imminent expiration date (media)
• Kosovo PM Kurti meets French President Macron (media)
• Kurti: We can discuss with Serbia status of our relations, not Kosovo’s (Koha)
• Analysts comment on Kurti-Macron meeting (Telegrafi)
• President Osmani meets Chancellor Kurz during her visit to Austria (media)
• U.S. submits report on water management at Ujmani/Gazivode Lake (media)
• Hoti reacts to the U.S. report on Ujmani/Gazivode Lake (media)
• Sauer: Ahtisaari package provides a balanced solution in dialogue (Koha)
• Haxhiu speaks about Kosovo’s plan to sue Serbia for genocide (ABC News)
• Izetbegovic: Kosovo and Republika Srpska cannot be compared (Koha)

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