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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, August 20, 2021

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, August 21, 2021

Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19: 2,250 new cases, four deaths (media)
• Haziri: COVID-19 situation is alarming; mass vaccination is needed (Lajmi)
• “Paris welcomes ‘Open Balkan’ if coordinated with Berlin Process” (Express)
• Serbia fails to respect agreements, lobbies against Kosovo recognition (EO)
• Serbia invests 6 million euros for parallel university in the north (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Petkovic meets Serbian List representatives in Gracanica (Radio KIM)
• Rakic: With unity, we are thwarting plans of Albanian parties (Politika, RTV)
• Serbian opposition: Single election list; No to Kosovo recognition, no to NATO (N1)
• WHO representative says situation related to coronavirus escalating in Serbia (N1)
• Grenell supported Vucic: Hypocrisy of Twitter on full display (Danas)
• Woman from Serbia awaits evacuation from Kabul at UN base (N1)
• Visoki Decani Monastery limits number of visitors (Radio KIM)
• Shava: Zimbabwe to continue support Serbia regarding Kosovo (Kosovo-online)
• Petrovic: Serbia stands by Dragica Gasic (Kosovo-online)


• Welcome home? ISIS returnees test Balkan countries’ ability to reintegrate (BIRN)

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Belgrade Media Report 20 August 2021

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United Nations Office in Belgrade

Daily Media Highlights

Friday 20 August 2021


Vucic: Pristina is violating Washington agreement, that gives Serbia free hands (B92/Tanjug/RTS)
Selakovic thanks Kenya for principled support to Serbia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty (Tanjug/RTS/RTV)
Shava: Zimbabwe to continue to back Serbia on Kosovo issue (Tanjug)
Serbian Army Chief-of-Staff, KFOR Commander discuss security, coop (Beta)
Djilas: Single election list; No to Kosovo recognition, no to NATO (Beta)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Politicians, analysts, NGOs comment meeting in Berlin (Oslobodjenje/Glas Srpske)
Doboj marks its Patron Saint’s Day; Patriarch Porfirije: RS is guarantor of peace and existence of Serb people in B&H; Dodik: Church is one of most important pillars of identity of Serb people and it will remain so (BN TV)
RS political leaders meet with Patriarch Porfirije: Political unity will be preserved, imposing any kind of laws is inacceptable for the RS (O Kanal)
Dodik: Until UN SC confirms him, Schmidt is foreigner who cannot adopt and impose laws in B&H (RTRS)
B&H’s FM urges Serbia to hand over war crimes suspects with int warrants (N1/ Istraga.ba)
Dodik: Helicopters of AFBiH not in condition to be used for extinguishing of fires (RTRS)

Schmidt will strengthen his legitimacy solely by consistent and impartial action (Vecernji list)
Croatian Interior Minister hopeful Europe won’t see another migrant wave (Hina)

The CPC liturgy was served on Ivanova Korita (RTCG/Cetinjski list)
Bogdanovic: No priest or anyone’s whim is more important than peace of people in Montenegro (CdM)
Republic of North Macedonia

Zaev is ready to take up to 1,800 refugees from Afghanistan (Sitel TV)

Rama condemns clams of throwing students off dorms to house Afghans (ADN)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, August 20, 2021

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• COVID-19: 2,236 new cases, 8 deaths (media)
• Kurti ready for Berlin, not for “Open Balkans” (Klan)
• Osmani, UN organisations representatives talk Afghan refugees sheltering (media)
• Abdixhiku: Regional economic cooperation incomplete without all countries (RTK)
• Minister Mehaj confirms Kosovo will soon receive new military vehicles (RTK)
• Vucic: Those not united around Serbian List cannot win trust of people (Klan)
• VV in Albania protests Serbian musician performance in Korce (Express)
• Albanian artists a rarity at Serbia’s biggest music festival (Prishtina Insight)

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