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Belgrade Media Report 1 September

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Vucic’s address from Slovenia: Angela Merkel is coming to Serbia (B92)
Vucic, Lajcak meet tete-a-tete to discuss Brussels dialogue (Tanjug)
Relations between Serbia, Turkey at extremely high level (Tanjug)
Vucic meets with Cavusoglu (Tanjug/RTS/RTV)
Selakovic: Serbia open to strengthening of ties with Turkey (Tanjug/Politika)
Borrell: Agreement on normalization with Serbia basis for solving Kosovo’s legal status (Beta)
Different reactions to Dodik’s initiative to engage in dialogue about B&H’s future with Turkey, Serbia and Croatia as mediators (RTS)
Schmidt cannot remove Dodik (Novosti)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Dodik attends session of B&H Presidency but votes against every item of agenda (BHT1/O Kanal/Oslobodjenje)
Dodik addresses press conference in Istocno Sarajevo (BHT1/O Kanal/BNTV)
Sarovic and Borenovic accuse Dodik of violating agreement of RS-based parties and RS parliament conclusions on boycott of B&H institutions (BNTV)
Vulin: Dzaferovic showed face of executioner of B&H and peace, because no one has done more to destabilize country than him (N1)
B&H Ministry of Defense and B&H AF host delegation of US senators on Zuc hill above Sarajevo (N1)
US Congress delegation discusses reform priorities and opportunities for B&H with Nelson and Schmidt (O Kanal)
Counter-productive blockade (Oslobodjenje)

Vukovic: DPS MPs will be in Cetinje on 5 September (CdM)
Republic of North Macedonia

Dendias gives thanks for the changed signs on museum, monuments of Philip and Alexander (Republika)

Rama strongly criticizes NATO: It has a responsibility to save the Afghans! (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 1, 2021

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19: 22 deaths, 1,894 new cases (media)
• “Another lockdown would prove fatal to businesses” (KTV)
• Ymeri calls for mass vaccination before local elections (EO)
• Kurti meets Croatian counterpart, discuss economy and security (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Vucic: Enthusiasm for joining the EU has decreased in the countries of the Western Balkans (media)
• Lajcak today with Vucic and Kurti in separate meetings, without comments on messages from Pristina (Tanjug, Kosovo Online)
• Pristina will stop the implementation of the Washington Agreement from September 4, says Vucic (Tanjug, Kosovo Online)
• Vucic says Merkel to visit Serbia (N1)
• SPO prosecutor: Witnesses in the case ”Thaci at. all” continue to be intimidated (N1)
• Turkey to open consulate in western Serbia, FM Cavusoglu says (N1, Beta, Politika)
• In Gracanica municipality 9 new cases of Covid-19 (RTK2)


• KFOR holds an operational exercise from end of August to 5 September (EWB)
• Afghan crisis shows EU needs more autonomy, says Charles Michel (DW)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, September 1, 2021

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• COVID-19: 1,383 new cases, 26 deaths (media)
• Kosovo receives additional vaccine doses, more expected by week’s end (media)
• Krasniqi to Kurti: COVID-19 situation alarming, requires urgent action (media)
• Borrell: Legally-binding agreement would resolve Kosovo’s legal representation (media)
• Assembly Speaker Konjufca meets UN Assistant Secretary Jenca (media)
• Palmer’s replacement does not change U.S. approach towards Kosovo (Koha)
• Minister Murati accuses predecessor of inflating cost for road construction (media)
• Playing War: Pitfalls and Potential of Video Games in the Balkans (BIRN)

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