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Belgrade Media Report 8 September

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Vucic with the German ambassador about the upcoming visit of Chancellor Merkel (RTS)
Vucic: Serbia appreciates the support of the OSCE Mission (RTS)
Resumption of Belgrade – Pristina dialogue in Brussels (Tanjug)
One year later, Biden squanders Trump’s historic Kosovo-Serbia negotiations (By Richard Grenell, Federalist)
Pro-EU opposition frustrated with EP facilitators (Danas)
What MEPs suggest for election conditions (Tanjug)
Brnabic: Hungary gives the greatest support to Serbia (RTS)
Serbia-Hungary Strategic Partnership Agreement signed (RTS)
Zakharova: Legitimate canon law of the Serbian Orthodox Church should be strictly respected (B92)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Schmidt causes big blow for those who advocate civil concept in B&H; Vulic: Bosniaks are not happy that guest is disobedient, Kresic: Bosniaks to understand that IC will no longer be their lawyer (RTRS)
International community thinking about option of Schmidt imposing changes to Law on Elections? (Klix.ba)
Leaders of HDZ and HDZ B&H to discuss B&H Election Law and HR’s statement concerning Croats (O kanal)
Session of the House of Representatives doomed (Nezavisne)
SDA’s Ramic says OHR should make system functional; SNSD’s Kovacevic says first decision to be adopted can only be decision on abolition of ‘Inzko’s law’; Stevandic says SDA and OHR are culprits for current blockade (Vecernje Novosti)

HDZ and EPP delegations condemn incidents in Montenegro (Hina)
Former officials from Ex-Yugoslav countries issue appeal to EU, NATO over Montenegro (Hina)


MFA: Serbian authorities need to stop mistreating Montenegrin MPs (CDM)
Abazovic: There was no disobedience (Nova S)

North Macedonia
US President Joe Biden sends congratulations on Macedonia’s Independence Day (Republika)


The Czech Prime Minister calls for the expansion of the Schengen area (Radio Tirana)
Ambassador Soreca expresses his expectations about the new parliamentary season, EU integration should be the focus (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 8, 2021

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19: 24 deaths, 1,029 new cases (media)
• Vitia: relief of measures against COVID-19, not expected (media)
• Bislimi: There will be no Kurti-Vucic meeting this month (RFE Albanian)
• Participation of Serbian official declared non-grata in Kosovo puts dialogue at risk (euronews.al)
• Kurti and Varhelyi talk about Afghan citizens sheltered in Kosovo (Koha)
• Kosovo Urged to Start Countering Russian Media Disinformation (Prishtina Insight)
• Kosnett meets Afghans in Bondsteel (Klan)
• The numbers of political entities for the October elections are announced (Klan)

Serbian Language Media:

• Bislimi: No elements for the meeting between Vucic and Kurti at the moment (KiM radio, N1)
• Varvitsiotis: Greece’s position on Kosovo remains unchanged (media)
• Resumption of Belgrade – Pristina dialogue in Brussels (B92, Tanjug)
• “Little Trump” on Kosovo: “Biden squandered everything” (Tanjug, B92, Blic)
• CEC announced draw for ranking political entities on local elections, SL under the number 147 (Kosovo Online)
• Orban: To find the southernmost line with Serbia to stop the migration wave (Kosovo Online, Tanjug)


• The Cocaine Market Is More Competitive And Violent (eurasiareview.com)


• Western Balkan coal plants causing thousands of deaths (euobserver.com)

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Belgrade Media Report 7 September

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Grubjesic: Brussels should ensure that the opposing positions of Belgrade and Pristina come closer (RTS)
Patriarch Porfirije: “We know this is not true” (Tanjug)
Vulin: The Serbian world is a political response to violence against Serbs (Kurir)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

HR Schmidt: Croats must be given possibility to feel represented so that everything does not end up with boycott of elections (N1)
Komsic says statement of HR in context of Election Law is bad, ethnic division cannot be part of solution (O kanal)
Dodik: It is hypocritical from Komsic to use those who are no longer in Sarajevo for his settling accounts with Schmidt (ATV)
Konakovic: Schmidt’s statements are partially worrisome and partially true; Arnaut: Dayton Agreement did not give constituent peoples right to elect their own members of B&H Presidency (Oslobodjenje)
RSNA Committee on Constitutional Affairs determined no vital interest had been violated in RSNA’s decisions (BHT1)
B&H Ambassador to Croatia Aleksandar Vranjes rejects accusations that he attempted to prevent Schmidt from taking part in Bled Strategic Forum (Glas Srpske)
Salkic: Peaceful dissolution means abolition of entities; RS officials criticize claims about abolition (RTRS)
SDA leader Izetbegovic says he expects pro-Montenegrin side to stop domination of Serb Orthodox Church; Dodik: Izetbegovic is last person to talk about meddling of religion into politics (EuroBlic, RTRS)

Croatian Foreign Minister on Vulin’s statement: “What should that (Serbian world) mean at all?” (Hina)

Abazovic confirmed: Patriarch Porfirije was endangered in Cetinje (Nova S)
Regret the inconvenience, politicians to calm tensions (RTCG)

North Macedonia
EC: The census is an important exercise and part of the EU accession process (MIA)

DP Concerned over Vucic’s dreams for a ‘Greater Serbia’ (ADN)
US Department of State: We thank partners like Albania for making generous offers and efforts for Afghans (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, September 8, 2021

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• COVID-19: 28 deaths, 920 new cases (media)
• Health Ministry appeals for vaccination; will work on Sundays too (Telegrafi)
• Kosovo Deputy PM implies reciprocity with Serbia on license plates (Koha)
• Krasniqi: Vetevendosje attempt to postpone election suspends democracy (media)
• PDK’s Nikaj: Government must not allow for vaccines to expire (Telegrafi)
• PDK leader: Kurti is putting on a show in the dialogue! (Euronews Albania)
• Kosovo ‘will only give refuge to at-risk Afghan refugees’ (BIRN)
• Russia with an aggressive campaign against Kosovo (Radio Free Europe)

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