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Belgrade Media Report 13 September

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Vucic: The faster Serbia grows the more pressure it will face (Beta)
Vucic: Djukanovic wants Montenegro without Serbs (B92)
Jan Braathu: Tensions, conflicts in the region of no use to anyone (Beta)
Vucic: It is a great honor that I will have more meetings with Angela Merkel (RTS)
Serbian opposition party leader: Free and fair elections nowhere in sight (FoNet)
Belgrade and Washington agree: Fighting terrorism successful only in partnership (Beta, N1)
Serbia & RS to build Jasenovac memorial center (FoNet)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Dodik, Vucic discuss construction of Donja Gradina memorial complex, current situation in B&H, Merkel’s visit to Serbia; Dodik and reiterates his stance that Schmidt is not legitimate HR in B&H (RTRS)
Minister Turkovic says building memorial center in B&H without approval of B&H institutions is unacceptable (RTRS)
Dodik reacts to Turkovic’s statement on construction of Jasenovac memorial center (ATV)
Dodik meets with Metropolitan of Montenegro and Littoral Joanikije, says Serb people and SOC are one and they must survive as such (N1)
Dodik: I believe that on January 9 RS should be independent state, accuses opposition of working for Western intelligence (Dnevni list)
IFIMES Director Becirovic says HR Schmidt is introducing new practice, i.e. official meetings and meetings in institutions of B&H (FTV)
RS and Serbia launch campaign with aim to inform interested Serbs in FB&H how they can protect their rights (RTRS)
Comments from RS politicians on upcoming session of B&H House of Representatives (ATV)
Vranj arrested upon entering Serbia on suspicion of committing war crimes (N1)
Serbian Ambassador rejects a meeting with B&H Presidency after being summoned (N1)

Croatia’s FM: Amended election law would ensure B&H’s stability and prosperity (Hina)


Djukanovic: Vucic would like Kosovo without Albanians and Montenegro without Montenegrins (Jutarnji list)
Volker: West must understand that Serbian Church pursues policy of Belgrade and Moscow (Pobjeda)
Weak and quarreling Montenegro easier prey for Serbian World (Pobjeda)
Abuse of religious events doesn’t befit serious EU candidates (Pobjeda)

North Macedonia
Census safe in terms of both health and data (Republika)


President Meta decrees Edi Rama as Prime Minister of Albania (ADN)
Assembly to be gathered today. Rama expected to present the governing program and the new cabinet! The new structures of the Parliament to be approved (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 13, 2021

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19: 14 deaths, 259 new cases (media)
• Kurti: We’ve nothing to hide; we were under international administration (EO)
• Kusari-Lila comments on eventual postponement of local elections (Koha)
• Gashi: Elections cannot be cancelled, the campaign can (Kosovapress)
• Kurti, Vitia attend inauguration of Children’s Hospital (Indeksonline)
• Indictment filed against ex-mayor of Leposavic and 14 other persons (media)
• Kosovo Minister attends Western Balkans Rail Summit in Belgrade (media)
• Experts: Russia has toughened its engagement against Kosovo statehood (VOA)

Serbian Language Media:

• “The Balkans will miss Angela Merkel” (DW, B92)
• Kosovo President rejects Community of Serb Municipalities (N1, KoSSev)
• Petkovic: Irresponsible messages from Pristina are a new stumbling block (RTS)
• YIHR: Citizens must know the content of the agreement on opening secret archives between Serbia and Kosovo (Danas, NMagazin)
• What message does Angela Merkel’s visit send? (B92, RTS)
• Trajkovic: If Merkel had not supported Vucic, the Balkans would have been more stable today (Kosovo Online)
• Another house in Orahovac broken into (KiM radio)
• Milena Popovic: Court postpones my testimony (Danas, Beta)
• Vucic: Djukanovic wants Montenegro without Serbs (AlJazeera, B92, Tanjug)


• Merkel To Visit Serbia On Farewell Trip To Balkans (RFE)
• Fassino: EU must immediately send out positive signals to the Western Balkans (EWB)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, September 13, 2021

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• COVID-19: 23 deaths, 424 new cases (media)
• Kosovo Government updates COVID-19 measures (media)
• NIPHK recommends postponing elections due to COVID-19 (Koha)
• PM Kurti to Al Jazeera: NATO in Kosovo is here to stay (media)
• Lajcak to visit Kosovo this week, meet Kurti and Bislimi (Koha)
• Bislimi: KLA archives were and remain open, there is nothing to hide there (media)
• Berger: Common regional market is a historic project that should be implemented (DW)
• Military police to have authorisations over military and civil international entities (Koha)
• Svecla: We will not apply for Interpol membership this year (Kosovapress)
• “Vucic wants a Kosovo without Albanians and a Montenegro without Montenegrins” (media)

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