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Belgrade Media Report 14 September

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Merkel revealed her position on the recognition of the so-called Kosovo (B92)
Vucic against the frozen conflict (Beta)
Merkel: Serbia achieved a number of results, still long way to EU (Beta)
Merkel says it would be good if other countries of Western Balkans also joined ‘Open Balkan’ initiative (RTS)
Vucic and Merkel exchange pleasantries in Chancellor’s farewell visit, but little substance (Danas, VIP)
Serbia’s opposition to Merkel: Take Vucic with you; You supported dictatorship (N1, Beta)
New US envoy for the Balkans: Belgrade and Pristina should not avoid dialogue (Beta, N1)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

B&H Ambassador to Serbia invited for urgent consultations in Sarajevo regarding Vranj case (N1)
Novakovic Bursac, Borneovic criticize Komsic for his accusations against Serbian Ambassador (Glas Srpske)
HR Schmidt meets Turkish FM Cavusoglu; Cavusoglu: I will continue to support efforts of OHR for stability and unity in B&H (Nova BH)
Final preparations for Serb Unity Day in RS and Serbia underway; Dodik: Idea of ‘Serb World’ is story of preserving values of Serb people; We want to strengthen RS to extent that we can become independent state (RTRS)
Serbian National Assembly starts discussion on law on preserving Serbian language and Cyrillic script; Serbian Minister Gojkovic: This law proves unbreakable ties between RS and Serbia (RTRS)
IAWG should meet soon; Members of IAWG not convinced that solution will be reached (Oslobodjenje)
B&H CEC submits report to B&H Parliament requesting set of changes to electoral legislation (Glas Srpske)

Milanovic comments on Vucic’s idea: Devil finds work for idle hands (Hina)
Serbian Orthodox Church head holds memorial service at Jasenovac (Hina)
Croatia launches 2021 census (HRT)


About the current situation with the Prime Minister (RTCG)
PM Krivokapic to meet with Chancellor Merkel in Tirana (RTCG)
Abazovic to meet with Lajcak and Belgium’s DPM in Brussels (RTCG)

North Macedonia
Another non-paper on dispute with Sofia: Will we be both Macedonians and Bulgarians?! (Republika)
The government and Pendarovski claim that there is no so-called non-paper on negotiations with Bulgaria (Republika)
Lajcak: Blockade of the EU path of Northern Macedonia due to its dispute with Bulgaria has a bad effect on the neighboring countries, especially on the relationship between Pristina and Belgrade (MIA)
Zaev to meet Merkel in Tirana (Republika)


Merkel recived by PM Rama at the Palace of Brigades (Radio Tirana)
German official: Regional cooperation to be comprehensive and open to all 6 countries (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 14, 2021

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19: 24 deaths, 357 new cases (media)
• Lajcak to visit Kosovo to discuss implementation of agreements (RFE)
• Konjufca commends UN’s support in handling of the COVID-19 pandemic (Klan)
• President Osmani begins official visit to Germany (media)
• Election campaign set to begin Thursday, no agreement on its duration (Telegrafi)
• LDK to limit election campaign to five days (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• In Serbian communities in Kosovo 47 new Covid-19 cases, three deaths (Radio Mitrovica sever, KiM radio)
• What did you say, Angela? (B92, Blic)
• Surlic on Merkel’s visit: Two topics surprised; Merkel’s strong message to Pristina (RTS)
• New US envoy for the Balkans: Belgrade and Pristina should not avoid dialogue (Beta, N1, Danas, MIA)
• Varhelyi warns of possible migrant crisis from Western Balkans (Beta, N1)
• Hearing postponed in the case of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic (Kontakt plus radio, KiM radio)
• Serbia, Austria sign military cooperation agreement (FoNet, N1)
• Selakovic with Vitale: Security situation in Kosovo fragile; Belgrade has fulfilled all obligations (Radio Mitrovica sever)


• Merkel in Belgrade: Berlin Process has achieved a lot; Kosovo issue will not disappear (EWB)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, September 14, 2021

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• COVID-19: 14 deaths, 259 new cases (media)
• Osmani: 17 October remains the date of the elections (media)
• Serbia, Kosovo urged to publish ‘deal to open up war archives’ (BIRN)
• Merkel: The Balkans have a long way to go toward EU (Radio Free Europe)
• Merkel visits Tirana today, expected to meet Kurti too (Koha)
• Escobar: Kosovo, Serbia should not avoid dialogue (RTK)
• Enlargement standstill, political calendars delaying breakthrough in dialogue (EWB)
• President Osmani received Ambassador Kosnett in a farewell meeting (media)
• Salih Mustafa, first ex-KLA member to stand trial in the Hague (Express)

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