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Belgrade Media Report 16 September

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Petkovic: Pristina wants to go back ten years and bury the dialogue (RTS)
Serbian Unity Day; Vucic: We will never apologize for the Serbian tricolor again (B92)
Dacic: You can’t bring genocide charges against a nearly exterminated nation (Pink TV)
Tadic: Merkel, Germany know about Vucic undermining democracy, turn blind eye on Kosovo (Beta)
EU to Belgrade: Union will do everything to help Serbia’s inter-party dialogue (FoNet)
Djukanovic has a new plan to neutralize Serbia? (Blic)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

HR Schmidt rejects claims he advocates stances of HDZ B&H regarding Election Law (O kanal)
Covic sends letter to diplomats calling for help in reform of Election Law (FTV)
Covic addresses media: Agreement on amending Election Law of B&H should be reached by end of September (N1)
Zvizdic: Celebration of Serb Unity Day is not good message; Reactions of other B&H officials (FTV)
RSNA adopts proposal of law on protection of Cyrillic in urgent procedure, Bosniaks will invoke protection of VNI (BHT1)
EC’s Von der Leyen announces visit to Western Balkans from September 28-30 (FTV)
Turkovic’s recommendation to former RBIH Army members not to travel to Serbia sparks fierce reactions in RS (Nezavisne)
Tegeltija: Turkovic acted alone, without consulting B&H Presidency, her move was anti-Dayton behavior (ATV)

PM Andrej Plenkovic: Truth about homeland war indisputable (Hina)


Krivokapic and the leaders of the Western Balkans with Merkel (RTCG)
Lajcak to help resolve doubts (RTCG)
SDP to offer resolution on stabilizing political situation (CDM)
Opposition’s common position: Crisis biggest since introduction of multi-party system, transitional government and early parliamentary elections the only solution (CDM)
Current government in Montenegro can’t count on EU’s endless patience (Dnevne novine)
URA: If DF and Democrats have necessary majority for Govt. reshuffling, let them schedule Parliament session (CDM)

North Macedonia
Citizens of Bardovci protest against the building of an asylum center (Republika)


First ever joint session of Macedonia and Kosovo governments (Republika)
Rama’s priority – agreement signed with Vucic, also lobbying for Kosovo’s recognition (ADN)
The German cold shoulder to Open Balkans (Tirana Times)
The President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, visits Albania on September 28 (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 16, 2021

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19: 14 deaths, 368 new cases (media)
• Kurti: Kosovo, North Macedonia governments’ meeting, a historic moment (media)
• Kosovo and North Macedonia signed 11 agreements today (media)
• Konjufca: Territorial integrity and independence are non-negotiable (media)
• AAK’s Tahiri asks Lajcak to explain issue of KLA archives (Lajmi)
• 117 Afghan nationals expected to fly out of Kosovo today (Radio Free Europe)
• COVID-19 forces parties to avoid conventional campaigns (Indeksonline)
• Rama on Open Balkan: No one can lecture Albania (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Three deaths, 29 newly infected with Covid-19 in Serbian communities (KiM radio)
• “Epidemiological situation in Serb areas in Kosovo serious” (Radio Kosovska Mitrovica, KiM radio)
• Petkovic: Pristina wants to go back ten years and bury the dialogue (RTS)
• The hearing in the case of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic postponed again (KiM radio, Radio Mitrovica sever)
• Petritsch: In Washington, the Balkans are increasingly seen as a problem of Europe (Kosovo Online)
• Von der Leyen to visit Belgrade on September 30 (Tanjug)
• Stojanovic: Citizens to decide on their own future (KiM radio)
• Jevtic: Serbian List’s victory will be “defeat to the devil” (KiM radio)


• For Kosovo officials, training means travel on taxpayer dime (BIRN)
• European Parliament gives green light to IPA III worth 14.2 billion euro (EWB)


• FRONTEX: Illegal Migration Increased by Over 90% in the Mediterranean, Balkan & Western African Route (schengenvisainfo.com)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, September 16

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• COVID-19: 12 deaths, 410 new cases (media)
• Health Institute calls on political parties: Stop rallies with citizens (media)
• Kurti to Lajcak: Kosovo is an equal party in dialogue, not a topic (media)
• Outgoing US Ambassador to Kosovo: ‘Relations Stronger than Stone’ (BIRN)
• ‘Silenced’ Kosovo War Victims Given a Voice at Guerrilla’s Trial (BIRN)
• Kosovo won’t join ‘Open Balkan’, supports ‘Berlin Process’ (Exit News)
• “Germany, steadfast partner of Kosovo’s path to Euro-Atlantic integration” (media)
• Kosovo will be able to appoint liaison officer to Europol (media)
• Haxhiu: Vetting through constitutional amendments, if not Plan B (T7)

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