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Belgrade Media Report 17 September

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Petkovic: Pristina’s threats of conquering the north of Kosovo and Metohija are in vain, Belgrade will not allow that (RTS)
Rakic ​​and Simic with Lajcak on the problems of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija (RTS)
Vulin: No one minds seeing Albanian flags (Pink TV)
Vulin: Croatia’s and Montenegro’s presidents always blame Serbs (Beta)
Opposition representative: Single opposition presidential candidate only realistic solution (Blic)
Dveri: Passive boycott not an option (Beta)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Izetbegovic: Serbian politicians should be given time to blow off some steam; Croats have their own frustration (N1)
Dodik: Money for salaries of all Serbs employed in joint institutions is prepared; If we agree with others in RS, we will go to session of B&H HoR on Monday; PIC should solve issue of Inzko’s law (RTRS)
Rancic: Dodik has no legal grounds to pay salaries to Serbs employed in B&H institutions (Dnevni avaz)
Russian Ambassador Kalabukhov says Schmidt does not have legitimacy as High Representative, Inzko’s decision on prohibition of genocide denial was wrong (Nezavisne)
Radoncic: Schmidt is proving to be very sovereign personality, who is very well familiar with situation in B&H; I expect from him to act in this manner as well (Dnevni avaz)
RS is considering possibility of holding election for RSNA and RS President if 2022 General Election is not held (Nezavisne)
EU is aware of importance of electoral changes, next three months are crucial for political stability of B&H (Vecernji list)

Croatian President expresses support to modern, civic and open Montenegro (Hina)
Djukanovic: Our Govt. servile to Belgrade; Milanovic: I see Montenegro in the West, we have been fighting against Serbian nationalism for decades (HRT)
Croatian President: I doubt Serbia sincerely wishes to join EU (Hina)


Djukanovic: Greater Serbia nationalism is attacking Montenegro, Serbia and SPC used the Govt (RTCG)
The request to register the Cetinje Monastery in the MCP was rejected (RTCG)
Krivokapic: I will consider all initiatives for improving work of Govt. backed by at least 41 MPs (CDM)

North Macedonia
Kosovo and North Macedonia sign 11 cooperation agreements (Libertas)


Peleshi reveals details from the visit to be paid in the USA with PM Rama (Radio Tirana)
U.S. Ambassador: Berisha designation on corruption was the result of a very long and thorough process (Tirana Times)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 17, 2021

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19: 19 deaths, 279 new cases (media)
• Kosovo making preparations to issue COVID-19 digital passports (RFE/media)
• Kurti: Reciprocity towards Serbia is not an act of revenge (media)
• “Kurti to not debate Washington deal but insist U.S. appoints dialogue envoy” (Euronews Albania/media)
• Rizvanolli: No decisions on gas pipeline without cost information (Koha)

Serbian Language Media:

• EU envoy Lajcak due in Belgrade on Monday (N1)
• Lajcak met Serbian List’s representatives (Radio Mitrovica sever)
• Two more people infected with Covid-19 in Gracanica (KiM radio)
• Resignation after insulting president and prime minister (KiM radio)
• Drecun: Lajcak attempts to give a dynamic to a died down dialogue (RTV Puls, Tanjug)
• Petkovic to Pristina: Plans to conquer North doomed (KoSSev)


• Kosovo Minister Blames Falsified COVID-19 Tests on Wrongly Licensed Labs (Balkan Insight)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, September 17

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• COVID-19: 14 deaths, 368 new cases (media)
• Lajcak expects opposition parties in Kosovo to support the dialogue (media)
• Konjufca: There is only one Kosovo archive and is among world’s most transparent ones (Klan)
• PDK’s Krasniqi: KLA had no archives, it’s world-known fact (media)
• Kosovo not blocking Serbian vehicles’ entry despite agreement expiry (BIRN)
• Human remains recovered at the Kizevak mass gravesite to return to Kosovo (Klan)
• EU deploys 22 long-term election observers to Kosovo (EO/Koha)
• Basha: It is Albania’s duty to support Kosovo (media)
• Death of woman whose family says died after vaccination being investigated (media)
• Two government officials arrested on bribery charges (media)
• Kosovo Urged to Give Syria Returnees More Financial Help (BIRN)

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