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Belgrade Media Report 30 September 2021

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United Nations Office in Belgrade

Daily Media Highlights

Thursday 30 September 2021


Agreement reached; Vucic: ROSU to withdraw; “Such Albanian actions won’t be repeated” (B92)
We will not be granted EU membership until we resolve relations with Pristina (Beta)
Brnabic: Regional cooperation strong impetus for European integration process (Tanjug/Politika)
Stefanovic: Spain’s principled position on non-recognition of so-called Kosovo (RTV/Tanjug)
Stefanovic: Security situation does not permit reduction of KFOR troops (Beta)
Agreement on abolition of visas between Serbia, Guatemala (RTV/Tanjug)
Dacic meets with Venice Commission delegation (RTV)
Belgrade to EC President: ‘Herzlich Willkommen’ (N1)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Sarovic: Dayton gave RS autonomy, anything else is problematic (N1)
Dodik and Kalabukhov agree that solution to political crisis in B&H lies in revoking of law imposed by Inzko (RTRS)
Tegeltija denies RS opposition’s accusations of violation of RS parliament conclusions (RTRS)
Mektic: I believe we should return to institutions and introduce moratorium to difficult political topics (O Kanal)
Palmer: We would like to see limited changes of Constitution (FTV/VoA/Vecernji list/Hayat)
Domestic politicians present different stances on Palmer’s announcement on election reform (EuroBlic)
Delegation of UK parliament visits B&H, meets delegation of B&H parliament (Oslobodenje)

Croatia is against simplification of Dayton peace accords (Hina)
Milanovic: I talked with Izetbegovic about relations between B&H and Croatia, primarily between Bosniaks and Croats (N1)
Grlic-Radman: Bosniak ethnic minority is ‘precious to Croatia’ (Hina)

Becic welcomes Ursula von der Leyen: Welcome to the next EU member state (CdM)
Von der Leyen: Montenegro not forced to do anything; Djukanovic: WB stability being tested (CdM)
Krivokapic, Von der Leyen: Montenegro remains unreservedly and consistently committed to its European path (Gov. Press service)
Montenegro is a leader in the region (Gov. Press service)
Republic of North Macedonia

Commissioner Varhelyi’s quiet visit to Macedonia (Republika)

An attempt of Serbia to dominate Western Balkans (ADN)
DP to submit request on continuing electoral reform to parliament (ADN)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 30, 2021

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 30, 2021

Albanian Language Media:

• Miroslav Lajcak: We have reached an agreement (media)
• Lajcak thanks Escobar: EU-US unity for Western Balkans success (RTK)
• Borell welcomes agreement reached between Kosovo and Serbia (RTK)
• Godfrey calls Brussels Agreement excellent news (media)
• Kurti: the era when Serbia gets used to reciprocity, begins now (media)
• Albania welcomes agreement reached between Kosovo and Serbia (Klan)
• LVV: Bislim’s statement was deliberately misunderstood (Koha)
• Vehicle Registration Center in Zubin Potok reopens (Klan)
• The EU confirms that there are meetings of dialogue delegations today (Klan)
• Special unit with patrols also on mountain roads around Brnjak (Klan)
• Konjufca receives KFOR Commander Franco Frederici (RTK)
• Hoti: Kosovo applied the agreement, but Kurti failed to coordinate with partners (euronews.al)
• Human remains from Rezalla massacre return to Kosovo (media)
• Kandic: Vucic and Brnabic are lying to Serbs in Kosovo (media)
• COVID-19: Four deaths, 45 new cases (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Covid-19: 34 new cases in Serbian areas in Kosovo (Kontakt plus radio)
• Vucic: Serbian side accepted the compromise proposal for de-escalation of the situation in Kosovo (media)
• EU welcomes Belgrade-Pristina agreement, “calls for ZSO implementation” (Tanjug, Kosovo Online)
• Petkovic-Lajcak talks in Brussels ended, deal made (RTS)
• “Citizens suffer because of election games” (Radio KIM)
• Ursula von der Leyen: Important to find a sustainable friendly solution to the crisis in Kosovo (media)
• Protests in northern Kosovo continue (RTS)
• Ambassador Godfrey: Great news, anything is possible through a serious and dedicated dialogue (Kosovo Online)
• EC denied Reuters allegations: EC firmly committed to advancing the accession process of the Western Balkan countries (N1, FoNet, VoA)
• Dacic rejects possible foreign military engagement in Kosovo (N1)
• Principled position of Spain not to recognize Kosovo (Kosovo-online)


• Von der Leyen urges end to Serbia-Kosovo border tensions (politico.eu)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, September 30, 2021

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• What does agreement with Serbia on license plates contain? (RTK)
• “Settlement on license plates reached, but no final deal” (Euronews.al)
• Stano: Negotiations to solve crisis in the north to continue (media)
• Talks on the license plates to continue, sources say (Radio Free Europe)
• Serbia withdraws armored vehicles from Kosovo border (Euronews.al)
• Protesters and Police maintain uneasy stand-off at Kosovo border (BIRN)
• Kosovo PM Kurti interview with HRT (media)
• Serbia helping Russia create trouble in the Balkans, Serwer says (Express)
• Visions of the dialogue (II) (Kosovo 2.0)
• PDK: Government to immediately approve U.S.-funded gas project (media)
• Kosovo FM Gervalla meets EC President von der Leyen (media)
• COVID-19: Two deaths, 66 new cases (media)

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